My local Anthropologie had it’s Spring Fashion Show on Thursday and I was excited to go. It was such a fun event and the models looked like they had a lot of fun. Here are just a few snaps from the event. I’ll be back with what I was able to try on.

~ Schatz Sleeveless TurtleneckPintura Ball Skirt ~

The is the stores personal stylist and that’s her dog she adopted at one of Anthro’s Adopt-a-Pet events. 

Local Anthro card holders were invited to the event. They even picked some customers to be models. How exciting!

Have a Great Evening!

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We’ve had our everyday dinnerware for about 10 years and they were really not my style. They were red and black and very masculine looking. We also have an 8-piece set of our wedding china that could be used as everyday dinnerware but Husband didn’t want to use them. I’ve slowly incorporated them for use other than special occasions but knew I wanted to get a new everyday set. Of course, I turned to Anthropologie. I wish our Home section was bigger but there’s enough in-store to get you going.

Back in July, armed with a gift card, I went in search of my new plates. I was glad I waited to use the gift card since an Anthro Day came along. Husband has been talking of down-sizing our “stuff” so I also went in planning on buying only a 4-piece place setting and not the standard eight. We had our china for guests and special occasions and with The Boy in college we didn’t need 8 pieces of each.

Originally, only the Mint color was available, which was fine by me. Now the Old Havana collection comes in Moss and White. Another criteria was that the dinner plate could not be busy where the food would be placed. The rim decoration was ok but that optical illusion of something still being on the plate but it’s actually the design or pattern kind of bothers me. 
I had planned on getting a complete matching set but the SA suggested I try something different from the main pattern. The Glenna Side Plate in white looked so good with the Old Havana Dinner Plate so I chose that instead of the Old Havana Side Plate. I still think I would have purchased this one and not the Old Havana Side Plate in White, if that color had been available. I was a little worried Husband would be bothered that it didn’t match. He got over it fairly quickly though. 
~ Old Havana Bowl, Mint ~
I did stick with the Old Havana Bowl to round out my 4-piece place setting. The bowl is fairly tall and deep and holds a nice big bowl of cereal or a whole can of Spaghetti O’s. 
Though I only wanted the 4-piece setting Husband insisted I go back and get another 4. I waited for a few weeks and, YAY!, another Anthro Day came along. 
The Glenna Collection also has serveware. The Old Havana doesn’t but the Point Duchesse Serveware Collection in Moss looks very similar in color and style to the Old Havana Collection. And, I already have several pieces of the Molly Hatch Peony Collection. 
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Other Dinnerware picks…
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*Photo Cred: Anthropologie
So, we didn’t down-size any in the dinnerware section but I did get some new plates I love using!

Have a Great Sunday!

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Here’s the second set of reviews with some dresses and denim.

Embroidered Bleuet Midi Top & Pencil Skirt, by Moulinette Soeurs ~ 

The top in this pic is a size 6 and the skirt is an 8. I loved this when it originally showed up online but was a little worried the top was too cropped. It works well with the skirt though. The top is too snug and cut in at the shoulders and arms.

The skirt in the size 8 was perfect, though could use just a little Spanxing. There’s a little ruffle on the back of the skirt that I hadn’t noticed until I took the side shot. It just makes the skirt even more unique.

This is a size 10 top. There wasn’t a size 8 to try-on but I really liked the fit of the 10. Much better looking than the size 6.

Sweetwater Dress, Size 8, by Yoana Baraschi ~ 

I really wanted this dress to work but I couldn’t even get the back zipped all the way up. That’s usually the case for me with strapless dresses. The print is beautiful and I would be tempted to buy it on sale and have it made into a skirt. It’s just so lovely and will look wonderful on anyone else but me. Oh well, not everything is going to work. That’s what try-ons are for.

Rhododendron Dress, Size 8, by Moulinette Soeurs ~ 

I was immediately attracted to this lovely bright pink dress. The size 8 was perfect. Not too snug across the chest and a little wiggle room in the waist. And it has pockets! A beautiful dress for a Summer wedding and would work for the office with a little cardigan.

Because all jeans fit differently, when I find a pair that fits off the rack, without alterations, I usually buy them. These were also on sale, so for me a no-brainer to add to my closet. As much as I hate to admit it, jeans are a big part of my daily uniform in Fall and Winter.

AG Stevie Ankle Jean, Size 29 ~ 

These were a good fit but would need to be hemmed. The ankle opening was also a little small. I know the Stevie is a popular item but I can never find a pair I feel great in. I think with these, I need a darker wash and a higher rise, like the Ankle High-Rise Jean.

I did place an order last Saturday during Anthro Day so I’ll have a review of those items as soon as they arrive.
What have you been shopping at Anthro lately? 

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The last item I ordered on Anthro Day was the Terah Heels. I have been on the look-out for a nice brown leather heel that wasn’t a sandal. These looked interesting enough online to order. They also come in Gold.

~ Terah Heels, Size 7, by Klub Nico ~

The shoe and insole are leather while the heel is synthetic. At first glance I was afraid my foot was not going to fit inside the shoe. It looked really narrow. Then I thought if my foot did go in it would be really tight.  But my foot did slide right and and the shoe was immediately comfortable. The elastic on the sides didn’t even stretch that much either.

I am a size 7 and rarely size down. Though the description says these are true-to-size they come in whole sizes only. Unfortunately I don’t know what to say or guess on what half sizes need to do.   

Overall, I am really happy I was able to order these. They are comfortable and will be a lovely addition to my shoe wall.

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I was trying to pass the time and days while my guys were still on vacation so I made plenty of window-shopping/try-on trips to the mall. Anthropologie, of course, is always a stop when I’m at the mall so I grabbed some full-price and sale items to try on.

Vegan Leather Fox Tee, Size 8 ~ 

This blouse made it to my wishlist when it showed up online. I was never able to try it on until it went to the sale section. There was a lone size 8 waiting for me on the rack. The vegan leather felt very comfortable and not stiff. The shirt is perforated all over so it could use a came underneath, depending on where you wear this. Overall, I ended up passing on it as it was a little to cutesy.

Noyo Tee, Small, Ivory, by Akemi + Kin ~ 

This looked really cute on the hanger but I knew it would be really full and blousey, even sizing down. It’s meant to be swingy and full but that a little much for me. I’d want to cover it up with a cardi and belt it. It’s probably meant more for those with a smaller chest than me.

Cartography Buttondown, Size 10, by Maeve ~ 

At the time, the size 6 & 8 were in the dressing room with other ladies. I can see why. Even with the size 10, I loved the fit, feel and the map print of this blouse. I originally thought it was a silk blend but turns out it’s made of rayon. I would size to a 6.

Astoria Tank, Medium, by Dolan ~ 

This looked interesting on the rack in the sale section but I wasn’t a fan once I tried it on. I would need to size to a Small for a better fit. The back is draped and open and would need a low-back bra. A pass for me but I’d love to try this brand again.

Shawl Moto Jacket, Medium, by Saturday/Sunday ~ 
Online reviews stated to size down in this jacket but the Medium fit me just fine. A Small would have been snug in the arms. Overall a pass for me.
Obi Wanita Kenobi
I have a few more pieces tomorrow, some dresses and jeans. It’s mid-Summer and Fall items are slowly arriving. I usually prefer Spring and Summer arrivals to Fall and Winter at Anthropologie. I just wear those items more. 

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