I tried the Sunday Slim Chinos on last week and loved the feel of them. They feel like I’ve already washed them a thousand times. The fit is a little weird. There was only a size 6 as the biggest size in the Baked Terracotta. I tried them on and they fit. They are just a tiny bit snug but from current experience and the reviews online, they do stretch some. The size 8 would have stretched out way too much. I usually wear a size 8 in pants so I recommend you size down one. They come in Petite and Tall as well as Metallic Trim and Painted. Really???

I wanted to share with you how I recently styled the Sunday Slim Chinos for both day and night. The Perfect Shirt in Linen is one of my favorites and I had to replace the white one I had from a few years ago that got a hole in the shoulder. I use it now for a swim cover-up when we have guests over. I added my Tory Burch Tortoise Thora Sandals that I bought several years ago. I wore my Thora Sandals constantly every Summer, until I found my current Birks. I rolled these three times but may get them hemmed to regular length so the cuff doesn’t look so bulky.

 I swapped my Thora’s for the Factory Isabelle Raffia Pumps and added the Tortoise Flower Necklace to meet Husband for dinner that evening. Super easy swap and I still look nicely put together.
And I wanted to share with you my new sunglasses from Loft – the Ombre Retro Sunglasses. I wear my sunglasses daily and needed a new pair. I found these for $16 at the Loft a few weeks ago and love them. They are just the right amount of dark and both the frames and lenses go from dark to clear.
Sadly, the Sunday Slim Chinos are not included in the current J Crew promo of 30% off your purchase over $125. I do plan on getting at least one more pair but am just deciding on a color.

Have you tried the Sunday Slim Chino?

It seems I am a little obsessed with Tory Burch shoes so I thought I would share with you how it all started.

Thora. Thora started it all. She is a flip-flop but not just any flip-flop. She’s classy and immediately dresses up any outfit, including shorts.

I started with the most amazing pair, a Leopard print. I wore these every other day that Summer.

The following year I grabbed the Black Patent, with the black insole. There is also a Tumbled Leather in Black but the insole is brown. I prefer the matching insole for this color.

I bought the Tan in the Tumbled Leather the following year and also found Navy Blue. The Patent Thora 2 are similar to mine. I can’t determine a difference between the Thora and Thora 2 and my sales person said something so silly I can’t even remember.

You can see that the insole has some discoloration from wear. I guess it’s because these are a lighter color on the insole.

These are a flip-flop so there is no support, cushion or heel of any kind. I love that the “T” logo, in gold or silver depending on the shoe color, makes these nicer than any others I’ve owned. 

Now you know what started the Tory Burch obsession. Though a little pricey around $125 for the pair, the cost-per-wear drops quickly for me as I wear these all Summer long.

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I realized I’ve been getting dressed but haven’t posted any Que Bella’s. These two outfits are some favorites!

I couldn’t wait to wear this top and a friend’s Birthday Happy Hour was the perfect opportunity. I was a copy-cat pairing it with white shorts like the model from the Anthropologie Fashion Show.

~ Nimbin Peasant Blouse, Anthropologie by Tolani, (XS) ~
~ Thora in Lizard, Tory Burch(7) ~
~ Maccaw Clutch, Kate Spade Outlet ~

Another outfit that I LOVED was blatantly copied from Classy Girls Wear Pearls. Loved it on Sarah and on me! I wore this to the #JCrewStyleSession. I didn’t want to go full on Crew and the shorts did the trick. The necklace seems to be an in-store only item and a pendant version of the Crystal Compilation Necklace in Sunwashed Aqua.

Shorts: Milly Silk Pelican (8)
Necklace: J Crew Deco Pendant (in-store only)

I felt very boho in the first outfit and very chic in the second. 

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I’ve had the Fire Ants Maxi Dress since December, having purchased it during the half off sale on Black Friday at Anthropologie. I originally bought a size 6 and it was too tight in the torso/rib cage area so I had to size to an 8. Both sizes were too long and after a feeble attempt to hem this dress on my own, I finally took it to Ms. Alvina, my tailor. She is such a sweet lady and when she calls to let you know your items are ready she calls you “honey” or “dear”. I’m so glad to have found her and both she and her daughter do a great job. I now have several “new again” items I can wear without worrying about the fit or length.

I am very happy with the results and wore this dress on it’s own with no other accessories. I even wore flip-flops (Tory Burch Thora) instead of heels. I felt this dress was enough without anything else including height. 
The hem is now perfect! For the Fall/Winter, I’ll add a red cardigan and my red Cece Suede Ballet Flats. I only wish this dress had pockets but it fits great now from top to bottom.
Hope you are having a Great long weekend! Today felt like a Sunday for me so I’m happy I still have two more days off. 

Here are some recent OOTDs.

Loving the Perfect Linen shirts from J Crew. I am taking a 6 in all of them even though my normal size in the perfect shirts is an 8. The Summerweight Bermuda Shorts are my all-time favorite shorts. With the newer styles I take a size 8. The Look Through Wedges had an accident the day I wore these. A piece of wood chipped off! From the front! I think if I dirty that spot up a little it will blend in with the rest of the shoe. This was only the second time to wear them so I am quite disappointed.

Shirt: J Crew Perfect Linen Shirt in Navy, 6
Shorts: J Crew Summerweight Bermuda Shorts (’08) (similar), 6

Looking at this picture I think the tee might be the crewneck not v-neck. Either way it is the Vintage Cotton Tee which are another yearly staple for me. The Apothecary skirt has been one of my favorites and I love all the colors through-out it. The shoes were just a bad purchase. They fit weird and the back strap falls down a lot, even though it’s buckled on the last hole. There are just some shoes not meant for “Shoes-day”.

Tee: J Crew Vintage Cotton V-Neck, OPA Orange ?, M

Another new staple in my summer wardrobe has been linen tees. I have a few from J Crew, which are quite see through. I recommend a tank top underneath. The ones from Zara are thin as well but can be worn without a tank underneath. I love this purple and it goes well with the purple in the Waterlily Floral Soiree Skirt. This skirt, in both colors, has been another happy purchase. Like the Apothecary skirt, there are so many colors in both skirts that sometimes it is hard to pick a top to wear with it. I think I will have brought the CPW of these Tory Burch flip-flops down to mere pennies by the end of the summer.

Tee: Zara Linen T-Shirt, Dark Magenta, S
Skirt: J Crew Soiree Skirt inWaterlily Floral, 6 (in-store sale $59.99)

I have been trying to wear skirts and dresses this summer. They are just so quick and easy to wear and if you find some like the ones above, with many colors in them, you’ll have endless options to pair with them.

Have a great day!