This weekend Talbots is having their Friends & Family event, with 30% off your purchase. I received the latest catalog on Thursday and there was the Wild Flower Shirtdress that had the most beautiful print.

I checked online and was going to have it reserved for me in the store today but all sizes but 10 & 12 were sold out. I went to the store anyway and found one of each regular size, including the size 8. The fit was great in that size. I think if I sized to a 6 the chest would be a little tight. The 8 Petite might have made it a little shorter as the regular size 8 hits just below the knee.

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More in this print…I saw the espadrilles and they were super cute.

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The background is cream and not white and the print is just as pretty in person. I’ll update this post with some IRLs tomorrow. I wanted to let you know because it’s just too pretty not to share (and it’s included in the 30% off).

Have a Great Evening!

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Last Wednesday was our 15th Wedding Anniversary. Unfortunately, Husband had to leave for San Francisco early in the morning so we were unable to celebrate until he returned on Friday. We had dinner on the Riverwalk and went to see John Mulaney later that night. As soon as I tried on the Drapey Crepe Oxford Jumpsuit, I knew that I wanted to wear it for our night out.

It was pretty warm and humid that evening so the sleeveless worked well. I laughed so much in the theater that it kept me warm enough. The jumpsuit was long so I did a quick hem with double-sided Hollywood tape. I love the length and dropped it off at the tailor to get it properly hemmed. 

I chose the Shilling Bib Necklace, which I bought on a whim after seeing it styled in the store. The bracelets are the Sparrow Cuff and a C.Wonder initial cuff. The clutch is actually a wallet/cross-body from Tory Burch that I purchased during the SPRING event. The cross-body strap came in very handy when we were walking around downtown.

The shoes are Talbot’s from a few years ago. They were the worst to wear! The front of the criss-cross strap dug into the top of my toes causing blisters. Husband said the restaurant and theater were near each other when they were actually several blocks from each other. I’ll have to find another pair that are similar, since I really like them.

Despite the shoe issues, I really loved this outfit and the anniversary celebration was wonderful.

I came up with a few outfits, planned all via my Stylebook app. This first one is super casual with Gladiator Flats and a denim jacket. This is actually a great outfit for my trip next week to San Diego. Husband has a work trip and I’m tagging along. What should I do with my time during the day?

~ Tassel Giza Necklace, Madewell ~ 

I knew I wanted to pair Leopard with this Jumpsuit as well and I already have the Lillian Wedge Sandal in Calf-Hair from J Crew. I love the turquoise-colored stone necklace to bring some unexpected color on top of the black. The Cross-body ties all the colors together.

~ Kerrington Wallet Cross-body, Diamond Combo, Tory Burch ~
~ Lillian Wedge Sandal, J Crew (Seychelles, Loeffler Randall, J Crew)

Of course Espadrilles like the Sevilles from J Crew will work well too. I wore the Metallic Espadrilles in the fitting room and it worked. I think the Bright Citrus from last year will look great with the Jumpsuit too.

Any thoughts on how you would style the Drapey Crepe Oxford Jumpsuit? I’d love to hear them.

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I’m sure you are all wondering what outfit I chose to wear for New Year’s Eve. I chose the top portion of outfit #3 with the Gold Stripe Mini Skirt as the bottom portion. BUT! I forgot the most important rule of outfit planning…

Make sure your clothes are CLEAN!

The Ruffled Rhinestone Top was dirty but I couldn’t tell until after I had ironed it. So, with some help from Husband, I decided on outfit #4, minus the necklace. I wasn’t able to get very many good pics of the full outfit but here’s the Instagram pic.

Catalina and I with one of the party Hostesses.

I accessorized with my Kate Spade Pop, Fizz, Clink Idiom Bangle, C. Wonder Stencil Initial Letter Cuff and J Crew Crystal Shimmer Earrings.

So next time I’m outfit planning I will do laundry first!

Have a Great Day!

We’ve been invited to a New Year’s Eve party and the dress requested is “Black and White”. You might as well have told me to wear a potato sack. I know it’s classy and can be chic but for someone who likes color and who already had her outfit picked out I am in a bit of a dilemma.

Here’s what I’ve put together on my Stylebook app of items I already own. I have some dressy wool black J Crew shorts but Husband nixed those so pants it is.

1) J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Black, J Crew Stretch Perfect Shirt, Talbots Satin Pants, Sloane Velvet Crisscross Pumps, Grande Crystal Drops Necklace

2) J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Black, J Crew Tipped Silk Tee in Windowpane, Talbots Satin Pants, Sloane Velvet Crisscross Pumps

3) J Crew Sequin Shawl Collar Sweater, J Crew Ruffled Rhinestone Top, Talbots Satin Pants, Sloane Velvet Crisscross Pumps

4) J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Black, Kate Spade Shannon Top, Talbots Satin Pants, Sloane Velvet Crisscross Pumps

So I need your help. Which outfit should I wear? I haven’t put any of these on together so the Schoolboy Blazer may not work with the Satin Pants or the Satin Pants not go with the Sloane Velvet Pumps. 
Do you have any other ideas for Black and White outfits? I have the Scalloped Dress in Black and the Fluted Skirt in Double Crepe in Black but would definitely wear tights with either of them. Of course, my original outfit was built around the Gold Stripe Mini Skirt

**Perfect timing for this as Talbots now has 30% off for their Friends & Family event until 11/17.

I made my way to Talbots last weekend to return the Curvy Duopioni Ankle Pants in Candy Apple. I assessed my party-wear and it just didn’t make the cut. The Black were a better choice to keep. That’s not to say I won’t reconsider if they go on sale. MamaBella found her pants this Summer on a very deep discount, less than $40 I think. Since I was there I tried on a few things that caught my eye.

Bunny Sweater, Medium Petite – This cute little Bunny Sweater will be good until Easter. I liked the fit of the Petite as the sleeves were just right and the length was not too long.

Buffalo Plaid Skirt, 8 Petite – I love the colors of this skirt. The Cobalt Blue mixes well with the grays and black. 8 Petite is definitely my Talbots size for bottoms.

Houndstooth Pencil Skirt, 8 Petite (on sale) – I really really liked this Houndstooth skirt. I’m so used to seeing Black/White in this pattern and love the Brown and Camel mix instead.

Plaid A-Line Skirt, 8 Petite (on sale) – This A-Line skirt only had a slight A-Line shape. I originally thought it was a pencil skirt. Loving the brown tones in this skirt.

Plaid Pencil Skirt, 8 Petite – The teal was very vibrant in this skirt but the 8 Petite was really tight in the hips. It seems like it might have been mis-sized. I don’t have a need for any of these skirts but they were great to try on and confirm my size at Talbots. 

Medallion Matelasse’ Skirt, 8 Petite – I saw this skirt in the regular section and went back to the Petites to find it. It’s so beautiful and a perfect fit. I will have this hemmed about an inch or to and then it will be perfect.


Castle Plaid Puffer Vest, Medium Petite – This vest immediately caught my eye as I walked in the store. I knew I wouldn’t be leaving without it. I love that the Princess seams give an illusion of curves instead of a straight boxy look.

What do you think of these items from Talbots? Have you been shopping there lately?