I’m so glad I was finally able to wear this sweater. As soon as I saw it online during the Early Access I clicked as fast as I could to buy it. Just a few weekends before I had seen the Crewcuts version and was so sad it wouldn’t fit me. She has a crown! And the Leggings…I die! I can’t wait to dress my besties girls in Crewcuts! They can’t say no. I’m a free babysitter.

~ Intarsia Dachshund Sweater, J Crew Factory (Scottie Dog, Free People, Holiday Doxie)~
~ Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Check, J Crew (F21, Mango, Land’s End) ~
~ Plaza Skirt in Glen Plaid, J Crew (Factory 1, Factory 2, Talbots) ~
~ Cece Ballet Flats, J Crew ~

Apparently, everyone else loves Doxies too because this sweater as well as the Tee and other Sweater have sold out and are now just popbacks. The sweater fit TTS in a Medium for me. Especially since I knew I was going to layer under it. I chose to stay with the black-and-white theme throughout, using past retail items for the rest of the outfit.


Out of all the Gingham shirts I own this Crinkle Boy Shirt has received the most use. And this Plaza Skirt in Glen Plaid was my favorite out of all the ones offered last year. I love my Cece’s. They are the most comfortable ballet flats I own. I have several colors including the basics – black, navy and tan. They go with everything.



My style was pretty boring during the Summer being mostly shorts and tees. You’ll still see a basic style throughout the Fall, but being able to wear pants and skirts with tights is so much more fun to see.

I am lucky enough that I am able to work-from-home most of the year. I usually have to visit the office once or twice a month. It’s not required, but sometimes a project or meeting needs my actual presence, not my virtual one.

I love my Plaza Skirt in Glen Plaid and couldn’t wait to wear it again. This time I pattern-mixed it with the Tory Burch Peg Shell (now on sale). I was in a rush and didn’t have time for a great pic. I’ll wear this again though as I absolutely loved this pairing!

Hover over the hearts on the image for the rest of the outfit details.

I wanted to be casual but chic on my Wednesday visit and chose the same colors from my Old Navy post. The blazer came off around lunch since it wasn’t as cool by the afternoon. I probably could have done a darker wash jean but I love the Toothpick Jean in Miller Wash. They are so stretchy and comfortable.
These are two of my favorite outfits. I can’t wait to style something similar again!

We traveled to visit The Boy last weekend at college and I packed some items I couldn’t wait to wear. Unfortunately, I only took a pic of this outfit, but it was one of my favorites. Even Husband liked it with all it’s crazy pattern mixing. He really liked the skirt, I think the flare is what he thought was flattering.


~ Merino Cardigan, J Crew (sim) ~
~ Martina Wedges by way of JCF, J Crew ~
Happy Momma!
I hadn’t seen him in over 6 weeks but he did not change any. He’s doing good and involved in various activities. I was a little concerned that he would be really homesick since none of his friends are at the same college or even nearby but I shouldn’t have worried. He’s made a lot of friends, including two young men who are from my small hometown. How crazy is it that he moves a few hundred miles away and his new best friend is from the town he spent his Summers!
He was busy, even knowing we were coming, but he was able to get in a few good meals and find a blazer and new tennis shoes. And of course, the obligatory extra cash from mom “for emergencies”…or dates. 😉
I am going to try my best to have some Factory reviews first thing in the morning. Everything in-store and online is currently 50% off. The only exclusion in-store that mattered to me was the Excursion Vest. That was only 30% off.

Have a Great Evening!

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*Doing a little interactive picture thing to see how it goes. 

Rounding out my last visit to J Crew are few pieces to make an outfit.

~ Sleeveless Blouse in Graphic Plaid, size 6 ~

This blouse was a new item in the roll-out that immediately went on my wishlist. I was surprised to see it was Poly and not Silk, since it is is the same style as the  Silk Sleeveless Blouse. The size 6 fit well in this style. I was drawn to the black and ivory plaid, which are lacking in my closet. 
This sweater has been on my radar and wishlist for a while. It’s silly, I know. A sweater telling you where you are. I was able to get this on sale plus 40% off, in-store, making it final. The Small fit very well so I do think it runs big. You’ve got that dropped shoulder going on, in case you are not a fan. 
I was sad that J Crew did away with the Fluted Skirt style and brought in the Plaza Skirt. But after trying it on, I have a new skirt I love. The flounce at the bottom give just enough swing. When you walk, it has just a little kick or bounce to it, like the Pleated Lattice Skirt. The size 8 was a perfect fit and now I need to decide if I want the Wool Pinstripe or the Stripe Tweed
And here are a few quick outfits with the Plaza Skirt in Glen Plaid. 
~ Alani D’Orsay Flat, Deep Chestnut, Banana Republic ~

This next outfit looks even better with the shirt untucked but I forgot to snap a pic.

Have you tried the Plaza Skirt yet? The solid is now on sale. 
Have a Great Day! 

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