After not shopping for two weeks I was ready to shop for pretty things without doing a conversion rate. It didn’t take me two days to walk into J Crew. I was lucky enough to still find a few items during the 30% off sale in-stores after I returned from our trip.

Pom-Pom Shell, Sz 6 – This isn’t on sale but I had tried it on that day. This is a tight in the bust for me so I would size to an 8. It’s not for me but I have a feeling if I saw it in the Yellow or Blue I would re-consider. It would depend on how saturated they really are online compared to IRL.

Ella Dress in Garden Floral, Sz 8, $198, $99.99, $69.99 in-store – I really liked this print on both the dress and skirt. This dress hit sale pretty quick, before I left, but I passed. When I saw it during my visit it had dropped in price again AND this was the only larger size left, in my size. It was meant to be for me. It’s silk and lovely and the colors are gorgeous and vibrant. I think this will be my birthday dress to run errands and shop ’cause turning 40 deserves a beautiful dress.

Linen Cable-Knit Sweater, Sz S, $79.50, $34.99, $24.99 in-store, Flax – I have almost every color of this sweater. Multiples? Yes please! I can get away without a cami under this color. These have been great lightweight sweaters to throw on with anything.

White Denim Mini, Sz 31, $69.50, $39.99 in-store – As I was getting dressed Saturday morning I thought to myself that I needed a White Denim Mini Skirt. Then I walked into JC and found it, on sale. I could have worn a 29 or 30 but those sizes were sold out. This size is great because I can wear it a little lower on my hips and it doesn’t feel so short, because this is SHORT. But I love it! 

And some of my favorites

Garment Dyed Linen Cable-Knit Sweater, Sz S, $79.50, $39.99, Neon Azalea
Cafe’ Capri in Sovereign Paisley, Sz 6, $148, $79.99 –  I love my paisley pants and can’t wait to wear them again.
Mona Suede Pumps, Sz 6 1/2 (purchased a 7 a month ago), $198, $54 (!), Wild Berry – So this color is back to full price but there was a color that was $54. The leather and patent Mona’s are also on sale.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Garden Floral, Sz 6, $138, $89.99 – A gorgeous printed skirt that I would have snatched up had it been in my size on sale, in-store. Wearing it with the Naomi Top in Polka Dot.

Classic Mini in Double-Serge Cotton, Sz 8, $89.50, $79.50, Bright Spearmint & Brilliant Blue – I love this mini and this color. I am seriously contemplating the Blue.


Ella Dress in Porcelain Paisley, Sz 8, $298 $199.99 – This is such a beautiful dress but I have the pencil skirt and have been able to dress it down so it is a pass for me. 

Director Dress in Bi-Stretch Wool, Sz 6,Bright Dahlia, $188 $148 – This was a good fit all over but it looks like only the Black is left in limited sizes.

Midsummer Maxi Dress in Raj Paisley, Sz 8, $198, $119.99 – I bought this before my vacation and didn’t get a percent off but this dress served me well on my vacation. I wore it on the plane with a denim jacket and my Birkenstock’s. I wore it in this pic with my navy striped Soludos. If my Chambray Soludos hadn’t torn I would have worn it with those too. This one is cotton so I’m not sure how the Solid Linen will fit but this size is perfect for me.


And that wraps up my J Crew sale picks and purchases. What did you score?

Have a GREAT day!

I really wanted to wear this skirt as soon as possible and didn’t want to wait for another go-into-the-office day (since I won’t have one for three weeks!!). So I decided to try my options to see which one I liked best for running errands on Friday. My goal was to keep things simple and let the skirt shine.

First, I paired the Porcelain Paisley Skirt with a J Crew Factory Favorite Fit Tank in Navy (similar here) and my trusty Stuart Weitzman Nude Wedges. For the hot day we had the tank was perfect.

Next, I added a J Crew Cotton Cardigan, from 08/09, in Navy (similar here). A nice pairing but I didn’t like the longer length covering the print of this skirt, at least for today. 
I swapped the wedges for the Cece Suede Ballet Flats in Wild Berry, making the outfit a little more casual, with a pop of color.
I swapped the Navy cardigan with a Factory Jackie in White (similar here) and the Mona Heels in Wild Berry. I love the pop of pink. 
Finally, I swapped the heels for the Chambray Soludos. I quite like this for a super casual look. It was the one I went with today and ended up not wearing the cardigan since it was so hot today. 
So tell me…what do you think of these pairings? I must confess I was going to wear a red tank but it was too big on me so I had to go for a smaller one. How will you style this skirt? 

Hey there! Hope everyone had a great weekend and wonderful weather like we’ve been experiencing in South Texas. I’ve had a busy week followed by an even busier weekend. I have a little weekend break this weekend but then it will be non-stop for the next 9 weekends. I did manage to swing by our lovely outdoor mall yesterday and do a little shopping. Of course, I stopped in at J Crew and picked up an unexpected item, on sale of course.

I really hadn’t been participating in any of the sales lately as I am really trying to cull my closet to have clothes I love. I know there will be the occasional “gotta have that” buy but for the most part I’ve been meticulous about what I buy. I have been trying to stay away from any new pencil skirts as I have amassed quite a few. Mini-skirts need to be fun but pass the bend-over test and I’m starting to find and wear more dresses lately. Shirtdresses have become my newest obession. You’ll see a few in the coming days (Girl Scout Promise!).

Anyway, a few weeks ago I tried on the No. 2 Long Pencil Skirt in Sovereign Paisley and fell in love with the print. Unfortunately, the skirt was too long so I passed on it. I’ve been thinking about that print since then and knew my store had plenty of the Cafe’ Capris in that print on sale. Now, I tried on, purchased and returned the solid version in Bright Dahlia from the Spring as the fit was weird on me. The size 6 was a teensy bit snug in the booty but the 8 was saggy. Because of this, I hadn’t tried on any other of the Cafe’ Capris, including the printed versions. I decided to give them a try to see how they compared in fit with the solid color.
Here they are in a Size 6.
I must say they are a perfect fit. I didn’t even bother with a size 8. I cuffed them twice to see how they would look hemmed and LOVEIT!! I paired them with the Garment Dyed Linen Cable-Knit Sweater in Neon Azalea and the Suede Mona Pumps in Wild Berry. All three items were on sale plus the 30% off. The pants had a tag of $109.99 and I was resigned to purchasing them at that price, less the 30% off. When it rang up they were actually $79.99, plus 30% off! The sweater was $54.99 and there were all sizes and colors on sale. I am wearing an XS here but sized up to a Small (which is really down a size from my normal Medium). I also have this in Green, White and Navy. If they make it to a second cut on sale I’ll grab the rest of the colors. The Mona’s were $99.99.
And since I was in the dressing room already, I also tried on the Cafe’ Capri in Seersucker, Size 6. My SA gave me the Perfect Shirt in Stripe Linen to try with it along with the Patent Leather Belt in Bright Dahlia. I added the Mona’s and absolutely loved the look. I am wearing a size 4 in the shirt but would size to a 6 for a little bit more comfort in the arms, shoulders and chest. Again, I cuffed the pants to a true “capri” length. The pants fit well and sizing up would have made them baggy and less fitted.
I hope my willpower holds out until these pants go on sale but they almost seem too perfect to pass up at full price. Actually, the whole outfit does. 
Have a Great Day!

I have to say June was the “Month of Shoes” for me from different brands and price points. I think there’s a little something in here for everyone (including your boys and hubby’s). This is picture and link heavy so I apologize if the post takes a little longer to load.

I teased you with my new TOMS that are the prettiest color of sunshine yellow with that Sperry Topsider accent.

Size 7 1/2

Nike® for J.Crew Vintage Collection Cortez® Sneakers

Size 5 1/2 (Men’s), Chalk- To determine your size go down 1 and a half sizes from your normal size. I am a 7 in Women’s. These come complete with the exposed foam tongue, just like back-in-the-day. The Boy saw these on the back of the catalog I had laying around and FREAKED OUT! He proceeded to beg beg BEG for these in the Anthracite (Blue/Green). He is a HUGE fan of the Nike Cortez and has several pairs in various colors. He has some all white leather and is very careful to not scuff them or get them dirty. He now asks every week or so if any new colors have come out on the J Crew site. I’ll have him drinking the “crewlade” soon. Muah-ha-ha… 

Size 37
I have some Corso Como Espadrilles in red but I couldn’t pass up Louboutin’s on sale, in my size! I bought these at Neiman’s and they had some lovely blue Gingham flats, but sadly not in my size.

Tory Burch Tevray Huarache Wedge Sandal
Size 7
Again, another Neiman’s sale find, plus an additional 20% off! You may also be able to find them in black and white.

LANVIN!!! My first pair. Had I known it would come in this lovely box I would have looked for some sooner. It will be a present every time I open the box to wear the shoes.

Lanvin Black Patent Espadrille Wedge
Size 37
Loving Neiman’s as these were on sale, plus the additional 20% off. I love that the jute is a darker brown, which will easily transition to fall. I’ve seen these floating around in a Coral/Peach color too.

Prada Pointed Toe Sling-back Pump
Size 36 1/2
Sweet baby pink Prada’s!!! The pictures do not do this shoe justice regarding the color. I am not a “ballerina pink” girl but these were too beautiful to pass up. The link is to a different color on Polyvore. I’m thinking skinny jeans, a white tee and fitted motorcycle jacket with these.

Talbots times two!
Patent Leather Lucite-Heel City Sandals
Size 7
Black & Plaster – Now on sale for $44.39! The Suede in Bordeaux and Leather in Golden Haze/Yellow are just as pretty if you are put off by the “dancer-ish clear heels” and on sale too! See them on Gigi.

Size 7
Black & Warm Taupe
I didn’t get the black but took this picture of them when I was in the store. I tried on the 6 1/2 and found them tight around the widest part of my foot, around the ball. The 7’s were a better fit when I tried them on and 7 is my normal J Crew shoe size. I haven’t worn these yet as it’s just too hot for anything but sandals. They also come in Pale Peacock, Dusty Clay and Brick Red.
Warm Taupe
Here is the color comparison with my Ann Taylor Perfect Pump in Porcini. Those are patent and a little more on the gray side.

J Crew Mona Suede Pumps
Size 7
Wild Berry
Y’all know I love me some J Crew Wild Berry so I had to see these IRL, EVEN THOUGH I also have the Cece Suede Ballet Flats in the same color. They also come in Black, Burnt Sienna, and Slate. I won’t be purchasing the other colors and here’s why. I am not a fan of Black suede. I prefer Black in patent. The Burnt Sienna is about the same color as the Julienne‘s I found on ebay. And I have the Coddington in Cobblestone.

Cece Suede Ballet Flats
Size 7
Wild Berry
I have seen the Sapphire & Tropical Green IRL and they are true to the color online.

Now, do I keep the Mona and exchange the Cece for another color like the Sapphire or Tropical Green? Or do I keep both in the same color? I will certainly wear the flats more but the heels will be great for that little POP for Girls Night Out or Date Night. I’m still debating that one.

OK…so that’s “Super Shoes-day”. I hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great evening!