I saw the Embroidered Stitchtake Dress in the window of my local Madewell a few weeks ago and just had to go in and try it on. It comes in Onyx and Bright Ivory, which is what I saw in-store. This looked large on the hanger so I grabbed a Small. The fit is great in the Small and, for the shift silhouette, doesn’t look too roomy. I know I would have been swallowed up in the Medium. Those of you taller ladies will want to watch out for the short length. I am comfortable with it, at my 5’2″ height.

I love easy dresses like this; just throw-on-and-go. The embroidery is so beautiful and I love the blue contrast against the Ivory background. I think to be a little different the Onyx might be nice to buy instead. And as a bonus, it does have pockets!

The dress wasn’t included in the dresses promo when I saw it a few weeks ago and is not included in the 30% COOLOFF promo either. But I do think this is one that I could purchase at full-price knowing I would probably wear it once a week or so. Below are a few other dresses I would try, and the Silk Embroidered V-Neck Tunic Dress is included in the COOLOFF promo.

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Have you tried the Embroidered Stitchtake Dress? Which color would you get?

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I found a few Madewell pics on my camera from a few weeks ago.

~ Shirred Maxi Dress, Dark Plum, Medium ~
This was on my wishlist early but made me look huge once I tried it on. The size is wrong and I should have grabbed a Small. The belt was also missing. Belted would give it a better shape on me. The color isn’t right for Spring either. It’s a Fall/Winter color. I do like that the slip only goes to the knee and not to the floor. I find a longer slip/lining only sticks to me and make me hotter.
~ Eyelet-Hem Stitched Peasant Top, Dusty Burgundy, Small ~
This looked cute on the hanger and I’m a sucker for Peasant Tops but this one was not a good fit. I think the sleeves don’t work with the top, for me and the pleating at the neckline only seems to add bulk on the lower part of the shirt. Maybe an Extra Small would work but overall, I don’t see myself wearing this on a consistent basis.

~ Geo-Lace Eyelet Tank, White, Medium ~
Oh to be young and hip enough to pull off wearing this tank. But I’m not so it was just fun to try it on. The Medium did fit well and I’d add a cami under, of course. There’s always the Geo-Lace Eyelet Dress

I know there is a new roll-out and I hope to get to the store soon to see what they have. 

Have a Great Day!

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I was able to swing by Madewell and try a few items on. I have never tried on their jeans and have to say that if and when I need a new pair, I will definitely go to Madewell first.

~ Slim Boyjean, size 29 ~

I really would like a new boyfriend jean. The ones I have are too long and I don’t like them enough to get them hemmed. The Slim Boyjean are just a little slimmer than regular boyfriend jeans and I like that. The are just baggy enough and if you want even slouchier you can go up a size. I like that Madewell has complimentary hemming if you buy in-store, which is what I would have done to these. 

The size 29 was a great fit. I doubt that even if I lost weight, the 28 would fit across the hips. I like the lighter wash on these too.

I tried on the Crop Tee thinking maybe I could pull it off. It was almost long enough to do the trend but maybe with a higher rise jean it would work better for me. I have on a Small which was a nice fit. I like the basic of the gray also. 

~ Skinny Skinny Crop, size 30 ~

Story of my life…Crop jeans that are normal length on me. These are actually PERFECT for regular length on me (left pic, left leg). I would probably have them hemmed to what the right leg shows so that they are cropped. I sized up to a 30 in these and they are a great fit. I think I might want a darker wash without the fading and light whiskering though. 
A great first time for me with Madewell Jeans. I don’t need any right now and am trying to get rid of a few more pair but both the Slim Boyjean and Skinny Skinny Crop are next on my list when I do need jeans. 
Do you have a favorite Madewell Jean to recommend? 

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I was excited to finally have a little time to stop by Madewell and try on a few items. I didn’t have a whole lot of time so I grabbed items I was visually interested in and not necessary items that would also flatter. The Silk Journey Dress in Porcelain Floral was the first item I found. I’ve been waiting to see this dress in person since I originally put it on my wishlist. 
I definitely need a Small in this dress. The Medium was overwhelming, running large in the chest, armholes and elastic waist. The Small will be a much better fit. The length in the Medium hit me right at the knee. I don’t expect the Small but an inch shorter. 

The blue on the dress is very pretty and bright. The border on the chest, hem and split of the skirt break up the floral print. There are buttons on the top portion of the dress which I didn’t notice due to the size I grabbed.

Overall, this dress did not disappoint me. I know I’ll need a Small and it will be so nice to slip this on in the Summer with some pretty sandals.

Have a Great Day!

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Madewell had their March roll-out this week. From what I’ve been told in the past, they have new arrivals a week after J Crew. I’ve been more interested in Madewell since we had a store open late last year. I try to at least walk-through when I stop at J Crew since it is right across the street.

I like the Medallion Print but have tried on a similar styled tee before from Madewell that fit awful. The arms were way too tight and sizing up only made the body even bigger. That won’t stop me from trying on the Silk Refined Tee in Medallion Print.

Can we get a YAY for wide-leg pants please? I have always loved them, especially when they are cropped so I’m really hoping the Highsmith Trousers work for me. I probably look really short in them but with heels I think they are fabulous.

The Shirred Maxi Dress looks so promising. I think because of the shirring and pleating I’ll be able to size to a Small. I like that the lining stops at the knee, though I’m not sure how sheer the white dress will look.

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I have yet to add a pair of Madewell shoes to my closet but The Thea Sandal in Suede and the Vivian D’Orsay Loafer both look promising. 

What’s caught your eye in the Madewell March roll-out?

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