I’ve had this little made-up corny joke in my head all day after seeing myself in the mirror.

“Yellow. Owl You Doin’?”
“Oh, Spicy but a little Blue.”

Told you it was corny but it does sum up the outfit I wore to the office today. As soon as I knew I had to head in today I planned on wearing my No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Ultra Eyelet in Chili. (That would be the “Spicy”.) This was the first opportunity to wear it and I couldn’t decide which top to pair it with. It was either going to be the Stripe Sequin Tank with my Featherweight Cotton Cardigan in Yellow or my Lemon Liftoff Blouse (That would be the “Yellow. Owl You Doin’?”) with my Short-Sleeved V-Neck Cardigan in Navy (“a little Blue”).

At first I went with the Juliets in Poppy but they kept slipping off my feet so I switched them to my Simple 70 Louboutin’s in Navy. As you can see I went with the Lemon Liftoff Blouse and Navy Cardigan. I felt great and received soooo many compliments today in this outfit. The second pic was taken at the end of the day, when I got home, while the first was taken this morning. I had no idea my make-up really wore off that much by the end of the day. And no, your eyes are not deceiving you. My hair is different because I did stop and get a haircut at the end of the day. You’ll see it styled much better, soon.

Do you like this outfit with or without the blue?

Just another gorgeous day around here. Great for layering one of my new favorite blouses and a favorite cardigan.

J Crew Jackie in Burnished Olive
GAP Curvy Jeans
Cece Suede Ballet Flats in Bright Flame

I was able to find another pair of Cece Ballet Flats on ebay, this time in the Bright Flame. They are not as red as they show online but still great for a subtle pop of color. The Retro Lemon has now caught my eye. As for the Lemon Liftoff Blouse, my Anthropologie (La Cantera San Antonio) is having the 40% off sale items and there were a few of these blouses still available, if you are looking for one.

Enjoy your day!

Normally I pass on Anthropologie sales but something I really wanted from my wishlist went on sale along with two recent purchases. And the bonus was an additional 25% off.

You’ve seen me in the Lemon Liftoff Blouse by Girls from Savoy here. There was only one left in a size 10 when I went by Tuesday. I was able to get a price adjustment and the 25% off.  I am really surprised at the deep price reduction on this blouse, especially after seeing it on Glee last week, but I guess people don’t get the owls.

Havana Fresca Skirt by Maeve – I bought this last week in a Small and wore it Friday out to dinner with an older blouse by Bordeaux and my Lanvin Espadrilles. I love the red even though it looks more pink in the outfit pic below. This is very comfortable and just feels chic. I was able to get a PA and the additional 25% off on this one too.

Arced Crosshatch Blouse from JJ by Julie Haus – The pattern and flowiness of this blouse originally peaked my interest when I saw it a few weeks ago in the store. But because of the boxiness I wasn’t sure how to style it. Luckily Anthropologie had it layered under the Contoured Crewneck sweater and tucked into the High IQ Cords.

Whirligig Dress by Velvet – Before I left the sale room I scoped out anything I might have missed originally. I found the Whirligig Dress in Dark Orange. I missed this dress completely when it was regular price and originally noticed the Medium Pink which looks more like a Wine color. The Small fit well and I think this is going to be a great Fall transition dress. The Velvet brand has always been a favorite of mine.
So, because of the 2 PAs and the additional % off I only spent $23 on the two new purchases! I can’t wait to wear my new dress and blouse. 
But first, I have to decide on what to wear to meet TIM GUNN this Saturday!!! 

I had to head in to one of my local offices today and absolutely knew I wanted to wear this blouse. The Owl print is just so darling and I received lots of compliments today about it. I kept this outfit pretty simple since it’s a printed blouse.

Blouse: Lemon Liftoff Blouse by Girls From Savoy, 8
Jeans: GAP Essential, 8
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple 85 in Peacock, 37

I decided to do a single knot as opposed to a bow. I ended up un-buttoning the sleeves since they were a bit tight. Girls from Savoy is one of my favorite brands at Anthropologie and I am always excited to see their new pieces.

The hair is getting pretty long isn’t it? I have a salon appointment in two weeks and cannot wait. I’ve had short hair for so long I have no idea how to style it at this length.

So now a styling question. What would you wear with the Lemon Liftoff Blouse?

I am drawn to kimono/dolman/butterfly sleeves on blouses. I feel like floating away in those tops. Seems that Anthropologie knows of my weakness as they have two styles of blouses with these sleeves currently.

Tsuru Blouse by Maeve – Size 8, Comes in Wine and Navy. I sized up to an 8 only because the lower part of the blouse was a little snug but I do recommend getting your normal size in this. The top part fits well across my chest and doesn’t pull. it has a side zipper. Purchase

Geo-Feather Blouse by Fei – Sz M. Again, I sized up to a Medium due to the snugness at the waist. I like the colors and pattern on this one but $98 for “dry-clean poly” is a bit much. I’ll be returning this and waiting for it to go to sale to purchase because I do like it. Sees the Sale Wishlist

Hip Cinched Blouse by Maeve – Size 6, Comes in Green and Gold. I never paid attention to this blouse online because the feature color is Gold. The yellow seemed kind of bland to me from the online picture but I saw the green on the rack behind the gold and was drawn to it because of the color. I like the “hip cinch” but I’m not sure about the bow. Also, this is very loose on top while the waist is cut a little slimmer. Because of this, the top portion does slip down and doesn’t stay put. The color is gorgeous and I like silhouette. I’m think I’ll wait for a sale on this one though. STS Wishlist
Lemon Liftoff Blouse by Girls from Savoy – Sz 8, I am a huge fan of GFS. This cute owl-print blouse with the neck tie is adorable and whimsy. I consistently wear a size 6 in GFS but had to size up to an 8 due to the tightness around my arms. That’s my only complaint. It fit everywhere else in the size 6 so take your normal size. Will purchase soon

Flori Dress by Girls from Savoy – Sz 6, This is such a beautiful, floaty, flowy “old-school” style dress. I do wish it was about two inches shorter for me (5’2”) but it will love even more lovely on those who are taller than me. Pass

Are you interested in any of these?