Friday brought a crazy cold spell with the high temp happening at 1 a.m. and then dropping from there. It also brought rain which made the day cold and dreary. But, I was happy that I could finally bundle up, layer, wear sweaters and boots!

I added a cozy cashmere scarf, the Cashmere Double-Faced Plaid Scarf, and the Excursion Vest in Black to finish out my layering. 

Bundled Bella…that’s me!

Have a Great Evening! Stay bundled!

To take advantage of the 40% off J Crew Factory Gilt City coupon, I headed over to take a look at the new arrivals. Gigi has been posting away this weekend with Factory reviews. Before the reviews are the current in-store promos.

$5 OFF
Excursion Vests – $5 off (All colors, including Herringbone available in my outlet.)

20% OFF
Beaded Oxford Shirt
Knit Sweatshirts: Beaded Sweatshirt
Peter Pan Collar Tops
The “Gigi” Pant: aka Pixie Pant
Knit Dresses
Ballet Flats

30% OFF
Embellished Sweaters: Jeweled Collar Sweater
The Charley Sweater: both Solid and Novelty – Parisienne & Frenchie
Novelty Sweaters: Fair Isle, Polka Dot/Stripe
Merino Long Cardigans

Toothpick Jeans
Skimmer Pants

40% OFF
Chambray Shirts
Women’s Belts

50% OFF
Button-Down Shirts
Toothpick Cord
Matchstick Cords

Factory Polka Dot Sweater, #02582, Medium, HND, $88 plus 30% off – This was very comfortable on. I don’t know what the material was but it’s a blend. And, you get Stripes and Polka Dots!00

Gigi Faux Leather Jodhpur Pants, #02052, 8, Black, $98 plus 20% off – I liked the fit of these though they seems to be a little low-waisted. I don’t think I’d size down to a 6 in these like I would the retail version. I cuffed the right leg (your left).


The panel does feel fake but better than something you might find at F21.

Jeweled Sweatshirt, #02073, Medium, Black, $88 plus 20% off – I loved this sweatshirt,. The Medium fit well on me and I wouldn’t size down because I like it slouchy. Also comes in Gray. See on Gigi.

Jeweled-Collar Sweater, #01246, Small, CBC, $118 plus 30% off – The Small fit great. This wasn’t as itchy as the retail version.  There are less jewels on this as well. I like this black/carbon color. Also comes in Burgundy. 37% Viscose, 35% Nylon, 28% Merino Wool.

Polka Dot Tee, #02057, Medium, Black, $98 plus 20% off – See on Gigi, my Fit Twin, also trying a Medium. Loved this tee much better than the retail version. This has short-sleeves not elbow length and is a little longer than the retail version. An imaginary life of weekend parties would have put this in my closet. Loved it though!

Striped Charley Sweater,#02100, Medium, ANA, $74.50 plus 30% off – I had the retail Tippi in a Small and got rid of it because it was too small for me. I loved it but didn’t get this version. I have way too many Tippi’s.

Crystal Lattice Necklace,#07245, $69.50 plus 40% off – Great little necklace if you missed out on the retail necklace.

Houndstooth Skimmer Pants, #02657, 6, BIV Black Ivory, $89.50 plus 30% off – Loved these but I could only find a size 6. It fit OK but a little tight across the hips. I’d get an 8 for more comfort. I can’t recall if these were lined but I know they didn’t feel itchy.


La Parisienne Sweater, #02104, Small, NGL, $88 plus 30% off – I think I didn’t like the retail version because it was a Camel background. I think she looks better on Gray. The touch of pink in the gloves will allow it to pair well with the Excursion Vest in the pink colorway. The Small fit well but I like the slouchier fit of the medium, below.

Frenchie Bulldog Sweater, #02103, Medium, NGD – Love it! I like the Navy better than the Heather Gray from retail. The Medium is slouchy but would allow room for layering. 

Peter Pan Collar Shirt, #02058, Medium, HSE, $68 plus 20% off – This was a good fit but seemed a little short in length.

Polka Dot Pencil Skirt, #02555, 8, DNA Dark Navy – I’ve been eyeing this skirt for weeks. The 8 was the right size for this Poly/Rayon blend. Loved this but again, no fabulous parties every weekend to attend. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find it on Final Sale in a month. Then it will have been meant-to-be.

Crepe Jeweled Blouse,8 – I forgot to take a pic of the tag for this one. The 8 was the right size for this boxy blouse. The arms were just snug enough so a 6 would not have fit. Size up in this one.

Marled Funnel-neck Sweatshirt, # , Small, $88 plus 20% off, Marled Green – This was so cozy on. I originally tried on a Large which was super cozy and very big. I settled on the Medium to come home with me. Also comes in Camel and either Gray or Blue. 

Jeweled Oxford, #04503, White – I didn’t try it on but it did catch my eye so I wanted to share with you. 
Whew! I know why my Girl Gigi does one at a time posts. The loved the Houndstooth print. It also came in a Pencil Skirt (no size for me to try-on, sad face), Sweater (Gigi) and Blazer (Loved!!). 
I believe we will see a Factory First email Tuesday and new arrivals on Wednesday but that could shift to Wednesday/Thursday. Be on the look-out. The Gilt offer of 25% ends next Sunday. The 40% off was great to use this weekend and the SA was surprised to see it. 
I do have to say my experience today at the store was bad. There were three guys working when I arrived and they were not helping anyone but the young college girls. I carried around an armful of about 10 items before I was finally able to get someone’s attention and get a dressing room. I wasn’t the only one. Normally, someone will ask if I want a dressing room started, but not this time. I’ve never had any issues before at the Factory Store before, even though they are mostly college hires. I almost walked out but the 40% off coupon made me stay. While in the dressing room, a female SA arrived and assistance got a little better.I got the “I’m sorry.” when asked if I was helped by anyone and said no. Men! LOL! 
I really should now be “set” for Fall but have a feeling new Retail arrivals will change my mind. Hope you enjoyed these reviews/IRLs.