Everyone remembers Jenna in these pants right?

They are expected in the next roll-out or two and are in the May Style Guide as well. For those of us (everyone really) who won’t be able to afford them here is a more reasonable option for that print in a scarf.

The Printed Linen Scarf in Emerald Pool is beautiful, lightweight and a vibrant Emerald Green.

Even the pinks and yellows on the scarf pop out at you. The material is a viscose, linen blend so less wrinkles but does that even matter with a scarf? As you can see, the scarf is very sheer so it’s perfect for those light breezy days or offices with a chilly A/C.

What do you think of this scarf print? Honestly, I wish J Crew would make a scarf in every beautiful print they have, especially if the print is used in a Collection piece at $300+. Yes, I’m sure the Factory Store will eventually have one but sometimes it’s not the actual item for me as much as it is the print. 
Have a Great Day!

Last Saturday, I spent a foggy, drizzly day at a beautiful family wedding in Austin. There was an early ceremony and then a break until the dinner and reception. Most of us “youngins” hung out in the bar while our parents were in the father-of-the-bride’s suite.

UT Tower: Just as pretty in the fog.
Me, my Aunts and Cousins chilling in the bar.

As you can see, I wore the Jules in Botanical. I was lucky enough to find this in a size 8 when the 40% off was still going on, making it $120. I spent another $30 on alterations and I just love it. The 8 is a perfect fit in the arms and shoulders. The length is just at the knee, very non-Jules. I had the sleeves shortened to 3/4-length and the sides taken in to give it some shape with a slight curve. It came out perfect! I added just my Pave’ link bracelet and my trusty Babette heels to finish the look. 
Tons of compliments on the dress, and whole outfit, along with a great band with lots of dancing made for a fabulous wedding. I love spending time with my family! We are a crazy bunch!

I stopped by J Crew today, first visit of the year, and saw a few new Resort items to try on. This is a tunic in the same fabric as the Maritime Dresses but it is more of a tunic and not a dress. There is a deep V-Neck requiring a tank underneath, a little bit shorter length and the sides don’t have a zipper. This blue is a Small. The Ivory below is a Medium. The style # is 69609 and is priced at $78. The blue is BIN, blue indigo maybe? I do like the fit of the Small. The Ivory would be versatile now with colored leggings and a colored tissue Turtleneck and/or belted.

Next up is the Rosie Dress in Colorblock in a size 6. This is pretty short, even by my standards, so I’d recommend this as a tunic. The silk was pretty static-y and was snug in the shoulders and arms. The ruffled trim at the end of the sleeves is a little long. I think if it was just and inch or two it would look feminine but not girlie. I’ll pass on this.
Lastly, is the Jules Dress in Scroll Print. The first image is a size 6 and the second is an 8. This fits like all the other Jules dresses and it seems that although the length bothers a lot of people there is only a size 2 left, not shipping until February.
This is truly a gorgeous print. I wish it would come out in a regular or Petite length skirt or a cardigan. The print on the sleeves match up to the print on the body of the dress. The side seams on both also match up pretty well too. The yellow is not as bright as my pictures show. There are side, not front pockets, and a back button at the top, no zipper anywhere.
Are you interested in any of these dresses/tunics?
Happy New Year! Have a Great Evening!

Last Friday, Husband and I attended one of his Christmas Dinner Party’s. Of course, it was super casual and I was going to be over-dressed in what I originally planned to wear.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party by audreybella featuring short sleeve shirts

So I had to change my outfit at the last minute and chose this instead.
I paired the Metallic Lace Tee from Anthropologie with old J Crew Wool Tuxedo Shorts and Kate Spade Blaire Glitter Peep-Toe Heels. First, the online image of this blouse does not do it justice. It is just as pretty as the catalog image. I would not have given this a second look if I had not seen this in-store. I have on a 6 and the fit is perfect. There was a matching Metallic Tulle Skirt and Moulinette Soeurs has the Glitzen Lace Peplum Top that uses the same lace in this top. So pretty!
The shoes I have been eyeing forever and when they finally went on sale they sold out in my size pretty quick. I really really wanted to try them so I ordered what was left, a 6 1/2 and am glad I did. These don’t fit like the Karolina heels, which I find TTS, but a little bigger. I ended up finding the size 7 as well which fit OK but I knew they would slip off since they were a little big. There is one flaw with these shoes, although I somewhat expected it since I’ve seen some of the other Kate Spade glitter products IRL. The glitter rubs off. You certainly don’t need a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way home…just follow the glitter. But I LOVE these shoes and am so happy I found them. And, a pair of Party Pumps were on my Fall shopping list.
I have another dinner party tonight and these will definitely be on my feet
What would you wear to a “casual” Christmas Party? Which, honestly, unless the invite says Pajamas, no Christmas Party should be “casual-wear”. Something sparkly should always be involved, don’t you agree?
Have a Great Day!

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! I can’t put it any simpler than that. When I first saw this image on Pinterest I knew, just knew, I had to re-create it.
Tartan and Leopard…such an unexpected combination but it works. Honestly, I have no words on how to describe how I felt wearing this outfit other than love. I would wear it every day. The Polka Dot Flock dress is so very comfortable. The Tartan shirt looks great with it and I just LOVE my MacAlister  booties.

Apples and Pencil Skirt has tried Tartan and Leopard too.

Have a Great Evening!