…see these clutches.

J Crew Roulette Clutch – Parsley Sprig – The description says this reverses to Apple Green but I think the Parsley Sprig is the interior and the Apple Green the exterior. I think the pic online shows the Apple Green. (Don’t mind me…I’m just trying to use some logic since parsley is dark in color the interior is a darker green.)

The suede to patent effect is seamless. You can only tell by running your hand across the body of the purse.

Inside…still the “ombre effect” with the suede and patent. You can also reverse the clutch and show this as the outside. (See…dark green = the color of parsley)

Without flash – Close to the true interior flap color.
Clutch Style

With the strap lengthened.

Mosaique Clutch – The pink is neon pink. The material is tweed. It’s the same concept as the Roulette Clutch.
Without flash

With flash

Interior – You could reverse the clutch so the jewels are on the inside and this is the outside. Although I wouldn’t want to hide the jewels.

What do you think?