Sweater: J Crew Factory (get an extra 30% off right now)
Shirt: Anthropologie Pink Cottage Blouse
Keeping with the green theme for a casual dinner with The Boy’s soccer team. I prefer the Factory “Clare” Cardigans over the retail Jackie’s because they are 100% Cotton and not a blend. And they are so much cheaper. This was on sale in the store, an extra 40%, plus I had a 20% off my total over $125. I bought a Navy one as well. They had so many lovely bright  colors that it was hard to choose. I had to stalk the Pink Cottage blouse on ebay. Luckily I scored it for near the sale price. Lastly, these jeans are the awesome. I took a size 28/6 mostly because they are button-fly. They are just a little bit torn/ripped but a nice darker wash that help make it casual. My favorite Gap ones are seeing an end. I had another pair rip on me and my last pair is almost there. 
Have a Great Evening!

A quick trip to the office today was a good reason to break out my new Carousel Blouse. I used the teal from the blouse as color accents throughout the outfit. The cardigan is from J Crew Factory. I am so happy that I made it a point to have these Cafe’ Capri’s hemmed last Fall. I wear them so much more now! I added the Resin Frog Bracelet and my Louboutin’s in Peacock. This shoe is so gorgeous IRL.

I got a haircut about a week ago and am struggling a bit on styling it. The bangs are fine but I am not used to long hair. I wish I had my hairdresser with me daily. Then I’d never have to worry about it. Wouldn’t that be nice?
Have a Great Evening!