Little by little I’m piecing together another, and hopefully FINAL, wardrobe for my trip. This past weekend I was in search of a floppy straw hat. I have a plethora of baseball caps but I knew they wouldn’t do for this trip. Of course, J Crew was my go-to place but I saw plenty of straw hats online at various stores and price points including Forever 21, Kohl’s and Charlotte Russe.

I thought my decision would be easy when I saw the Crocheted Straw Hat at J Crew last week and it has been at the top of my mind when searching online for hats. It helped that J Crew (in-stores) had 25% off all hats last weekend.
Then I saw the Marietta Sunhat in the May Anthropologie Catalog. Now I had to make some decisions. 
Although I think the print on the Marietta Sunhat is darling it does look a little more delicate than the Crocheted Straw Hat. Also, my store did not have it so I was unable to see it IRL. The 25% off hats promo was still going on at J Crew and the price was lower than I originally remembered ($68 vs $45). 
I love the coloring on it and was preferring to a darker hat as opposed to the lighter straw. The brim is nice and wide and will cover all of my face and neck and some of my shoulders. 
What do you think of the Crocheted Straw Hat? Do you have a straw hat you use during the summer?