Here are just a few images, expanded from the posts by Slastena and Alexis, from the February catalog. This is not the whole catalog but just some items that intrigued me. I have no idea when any of these items will be showing up in-store or online.

Cashmere Waffle Cardigan
Cashmere Plaited Sweatshirt
Candy Confetti Tweed Skirt

No. 2 Pencil Skirt – l to r: Warm Jade, Basketweave Grass Green, Citron, Light Rose, Gardenshade Floral in Admiral Blue, Casablanca Blue, Fanfare in Blue Orchard, Natural, Basketweave Marine Blue, Black

I thought this was a dress at first but it’s actually a Boy Shirt and Jardin Skirt. Don’t you love it? It would have been nice to see this in a dress like the Blythe Shirtdress but with short-sleeves.
Heart Throb Collection: Silk Boy Shirt #72214, $135; Pleated Jardin Skirt #64011, $128
Martina Calf Hair Wedges

Classic Merino Cardigan
Sequin Cami #52184, $420 in Pale Aloe & Azalea
Basketweave Tweed Short #64002, $79.50

The Café Capri: Black, Bright Dahlia, Waterfloral in Glamour Pink, Natural, Desert, Warm Jade, Fresco Floral Sateen in Midnight Green (#60162, $228), Casablanca Blue, Navy, Morse Code Jacquard in Midnight Ivory (#67544, $118)
The Fresco Floral Sateen Midnight Green print also comes in a Peplum Top #66184, $350. We saw it in the Spring Preview.

Ripplestitch Sweater, No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Sequins #52186, $695 in Azalea and Caribbean Green. We’ve seen this skirt (or something very similar) on Jenna.

Heels! Lots of styles and colors.
Mona: Oxford, Dreamweaver in Black/White, Adobe/Champagne, Cobalt/Tan (#64481, $278), Leather (new Golden Sunflower and Brocade Blue), Suede, Patent
Evie Fleurette Peep Toe
Drea Patent Peep Toe
Drea Leopard Patent Peep Toe
Evei Striped Peep Toe

Jules Dress in Fanfare, color Black, #70216, $188

Ballet Flats
Classic Leather, Cece Suede, Quorra, Dreamweaver, Cece Studded, Mila Snakeskin Toe Cap (next image, top row on the end), Lula Patent Leather, Cece Leather, Classic Metallic Leather, Mila (Neon Peach, Last row, 2nd), Lula Metallic, Lula Bow

Loving the new Schoolboy Blazer in Chili and Neon Pink
Schoolboy Blazer: Wool-Navy #28233, $198; Herringbone-Casablanca Blue, Aged Driftwood, Bright Sun, Neon Pink, Chili #38984, $175; Chambray-Cool Blue (third from top) #70611, $158

My favorite of the catalog.
Crinkle Chiffon Skirt #72299, $118 – Sharp Pink Warm Peacock, Navy
Lined and also comes in Petites #74118

Lillian Dress in Watercolor Floral: color Admiral Blue #73878, $198

Perfect Shirts in a variety of colors, gingham and Liberty Prints.

What do you think of what’s to come for February?

**This post will be text and image heavy.

Who wants to see a few images from the January catalog? I was able to get one while in the store yesterday, where it is down to slim pickin’s, let me tell ya. Even the full price items were running a bit bare. It was the same at Anthropologie. I wasn’t able to scan this and had to use my camera so the colors aren’t as bright as they appear in the catalog.

Garment-Dyed Twill: #62443, $108 – Festival Green, Blue Grotto, Light Citron, Bright Papaya, Neon Persimmon

Ankle Stretch in Classic Rinse: #46240, $125

Ankle Stretch in White Denim: #59424, $98
You’ve seen me in the Light Citron here. I am not sure if the Warm Jade will be an in-store only or will show up later in the month online. I caught a glimpse of the Bright Papaya in-store and it looks like a great color for my skin tone.

Ripplestitch Sweater in Stripe: #62111, $88 – Ruby/Chalk, Shallow Sea/Navy, Navy/Chalk, Heather Grey/Navy
Cutler and Gross Round Sunglasses Collection: #52953, $495
Toothpick Jean in Festival Green
Jayne T-Strap Ballet Flats: #57117 – Bronzed Beige, Black
Tillary Purse: #63033, $148 – Warm Sienna, Collegiate Green, Dark Poppy
The Ripplestitch Sweater description states: ‘Like daughter, like mother. Due to popular demand, we took one of our most popular crewcuts sweaters and updated it just for you.’
The Jayne T-Strap Flats look very cute and the t-strap seems to have some sort of embellishment on it.

Keeper Chambray Popover: #44875, $78
Pleated A-Line Skirt in Ashbury Floral: #61602, $198, Silk, Fully lined – Bright Blue
Biella Metallic Penny Loafers
You’ve seen me in the Perfect Shirt and Jules Dress in this print. It doesn’t state the length of the skirt but it looks to be a midi.

High-Waisted Buckle Short: #60118, $68 – Shadow
Cashmere Shell & Cardigan in Heather Henna
Tillary Purse – Collegiate Green
Bubble Necklace (It’s back in more colors!): #92687, $150 – Turquoise
More colors of the ever popular Bubble Necklace. I am loving the Tillary Purse in Green too!

No. 2 Pencil Skirt
-Double-Serge Cotton: #59369, $110 – Natural, Citron, Black, Warm Jade, Casablanca Blue
-Basket-Weave Tweed: #63598, $128 – Grass Green, Marine Blue

-Waterfloral Collection: #60160, $228 – Glamour Pink
Now, I need another pencil skirt like I need a new pair of shoes but if I had to pick only one thing I would grab the cotton in Warm Jade. It speaks to me and is saying “AudreyBella, buy me first.”

The Downtown Field Jacket: #19034, $148 – Mossy Brown, Black
Cashmere V-Neck Sweater: Heather Blush
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Basket-Weave Tweed: Grass Green
Viv Flats: Henna
Edie Purse
Shrunken Fisherman Sweater: #41313, $88 – Beechwood, Cerise, Byzantine Blue
Minnie Pant in Stretch Twill: #18850, $79.50
Bubble Necklace: Either Coral or Papaya
Drea Patent Peep-Toe Pump: #64452, $198 – Neon Peach 
The Shrunken Fisherman Sweater was one of my favorites from the early Fall. I had the Beechwood in my closet for several months and just wore it recently with my Navy Flair Skirt. Absolutely love it. Now, I can’t wait for the Byzantine Blue. I’d love to find it in White. Maybe that will be brought back later in the Spring.
So the Drea Peep-Toe Pumps are not quite the Joley Peep-Toe but the colors look gorgeous. I have a Kate Spade pump in a similar color of the Byzantine Blue but I’d love to see the Neon Azalea. 

Drea Patent Peep-Toe Pump: #64452, $198 – Neon Peach, Wild Mushroom, Casablanca Blue, Black, Neon Azalea 

Lucca Suede Sandals: #37224, $198 – Apricot Mist, Heritage Green, Soft Fuchsia, Navy, Espresso
Jackie Pullover: #65341, $65 – Canvas, Creamy Peach, Byzantine Blue, Warm Jade, Bright Violet, Vibrant Flame, Navy, Black
So the Jackie is coming in a pullover. I guess the popularity of the Tippi Sweater convinced TPTB to bring it in a cotton. The Warm Jade and the Canvas would be my first two picks.
The Tillary Collection
Bucket Bag: #63024, $198 – Warm Sienna, Dark Poppy (no Green! boo hoo!)
Purse: #63033, $148 – Warm Sienna, Collegiate Green, Dark Poppy
The Bucket Bag reminds me of the (and I’m dating myself) Dooney and Burke buckets that were so popular waaaaay back when. I love the green and wish it came in the bucket bag. The red looks very striking as well. I’d love to see it IRL.
Café Capri
Solid: #57064, $79.50 – Warm Jade, Casablanca Blue, Black, Natural, Desert
Italian Basket-Weave Collection: #60162, $228 – Glamour Pink – It’s on Net-a-Porter here.
Green is my favorite color if you haven’t guessed and this Warm Jade looks amazing. I really can’t wait to see it IRL. I’ve only see the Casablanca Blue in-store so far. 
Blythe Blouse in Silk: #37871, $98 – Alabaster, Neon Azalea, Maraschino Cherry, Fiesta Purple, Royal, Black
Café Capri in Italian Basket-Weave
Tillary Bucket Bag: Dark Poppy
I wish I could have captured a better image of the Bucket Bag in Dark Poppy. It looks to be a gorgeous red in the catalog. I hope it’s the same IRL.
Jules Dress in Waterfloral Collection: #60743, $285 – Glamour Pink
Biella Patent Loafers
The description says this Jules Dress is in the basket-weave cotton, like the Café Capri and No. 2 Pencil skirt in this print. This print looks amazing and almost tie-dye-ish.
Of course, this isn’t the entire catalog and only looks to be a glimpse of what Resort/Spring 2012 will bring. I’m not sure when we will see these, if it’s tomorrow or in a few weeks. There were Classic ballet flats and Cece ballet flats in various bright colors. Shorts and button-down shirts in new Spring colors too.  
What do you think of the new items?