I love Central/South Texas Fall weather, when it finally arrives. It
means that it’s now cool enough to wear some light layering and BOOTS! I
have become very picky with my boots selection making sure I have the
right style, color and that, most importantly, they fit over my thick
calves. It’s so disappointing to try on a pair I’ve fallen in love with
only to find they won’t zip all the way up. Pull-on styles are the worst
for me as I eventually will split the seam. But when I do find the
right ones I’m excited to wear them as much as I can.

was an office visit day. With the weather having cooled significantly
(90 to 60 overnight!) I was happy to break out the wool and boots. Of
course, this being Texas, you have to dress for the temps to heat up by
mid-day, so light layering really is required.

My love for the JC Blythe Blouse is Polka-Dot is undying. I think the shade of white and the light gray dots are perfect. Any darker and it might not have worked. I don’t think I would have like any other colors together either. If I could get away with wearing this daily I would. It’s perfect alone or layered under every color or pattern, IMO. I added the Tippi Sweater in Navy. Not sure why I never originally owned it in this color but Gigi discussed it at one point (sorry can’t find the link) and I realized I did need it. I have the S/S Cashmere Tee in Navy but that’s a little thicker. The Tippi is thinner and great for laying or wearing alone.

I also couldn’t wait to break out my JC Wool Pencil Skirt in Viridian Green. Such a gorgeous shade of green going well with Navy. I added my new Corso Como Samual Boots in Brandy, purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. My go-to Classic Pavé Link Bracelet and Loft Link Necklace finished the look. I wear this bracelet ALL.THE.TIME. The CPW is coming down almost daily.

I did something different in dressing too. I tucked in both my blouse and sweater. I am not a “tucker-inner” type, especially with an outer layering piece. I always feel like a belt is needed when I tuck but I think this looks nice and possibly lean.

Have a Great Day!

I had a personal shopping appointment Saturday at J Crew and my PS did not disappoint. She pulled some great items for me and I may have changed my mind about not needing anything from the First Fall roll-out. She has a great eye for mixing prints and colors. There is just so much that I tried on I’ll start with an anticipated item for me, the Zig Zag Sequin Tee.

Blythe Blouse in Polka Dot, Pale Graphite, Sz 8 – I’ve said my piece many times about this blouse. It’s a great silk blouse and always comes in wonderful colors but I always have to size to my bigger top size due to the shoulders. Then the body of the shirt is too big. For me, this blouse is better as a layering piece. Wishlisted
Zig Zag Sequin Tee, Natural, Sz M – This also comes in Mint. This “tee” has a nice weight to it and lots of sparkle, unfortunately wearing it alone, without a layering piece is bothersome (last pic below). Every time I moved I wanted to scratch. A long-sleeved tissue tee will be best underneath this sequin tee. Or you can layer it like I have here. I think the combination of the two prints and the colors go well together. I’d like to see this blouse underneath the Mint colorway. Wishlisted-Mint
Minnie Pants in Stetch Twill, Boulevard Green, Sz 8 –  I had several pairs of Minnie Pants when they first came out and eventually sold them all as I had stopped wearing pants, especially body hugging ones. But I like the dark green of these and they are the perfect ballet flat length on me. Wishlisted-Green and Navy
Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel, Modern Red, Sz 6 – Blazers have been my winter coat the last several years due to the mild winters we’ve had. The size 6 is a bit tight, especially with the layering underneath so I would go with an 8 to be more comfortable. I have so many blazers and a coral tweed one from a few years ago so this one is a Pass.
I’ll have lots of shirts and sweater layering combinations coming in the next few days. Other than the dresses those were probably my favorites.
Have a Great day!