As retailers start bringing in Resort and Spring Collections, in the middle of Winter, it’s a good time to take a look in your closet to see what you do have that might be similar. I don’t have my Spring Shopping list put together but I do know of a few items I don’t need (from my favorite retailer) since I do have very similar items to what is now being offered. Take a look and see what I’ve found already in my closet.

The Voile Skirt in Stripe looks very pretty and I like the red and blue/black stripe but I do already have and LOVE the Gimlet Skirt in Coaster Stripe. I am not sure if the few inches of flat panel before the pleats would feel tight across the hips or not. Also, the length on the Voile Skirt is 23 inches, several inches below my knee. I have found I prefer above the knee or all the way maxi for my skirt lengths; I’m not a midi- girl. That still doesn’t stop me from wanting to see it, either IRL or on someone’s blog.

The Blythe Blouse in Pale Graphite is another one of my favorites. So much that I bought another one, just in case. It’s very rare that I will buy the exact same item as a back-up but I love it that much. Now, for Resort/Early Spring, there is a Soft Sand color with darker Polka Dots. I’m not so much a fan of the darker spots. For me, I think the appeal of the original from Fall was that the Polka Dots were in Gray/Graphite which blended slightly with the base color of the shirt. The darker spots are not doing it for me. I also think they should have switched these two…the Soft Sand for Fall/Winter because of the darker spots and the Pale Graphite for Resort/Spring. Makes sense in my head. Of course, if I see it IRL I’ll probably change my mind. But for now, definitely off my list.
I have similar variations of the Silk Short-Sleeve Blouse. I have the Striped Tee from a year or two ago and the Raindrop Lace Top in Navy. I wore my Striped Tee constantly after the initial purchase for several months and haven’t worn it since, maybe a year to 14 months. The Raindrop Lace Top fills a void of Spring/Summer Navy blouse and it’s Cotton, making it easier to wear than Silk. I’m sure the Silk Short-Sleeve Blouse is pretty IRL and the Warm Ivory would fill a void in my closet but it’s not a have-to-have. If it makes it to sale with a % off I’ll probably get it, that is, if the fit is right.
I have enough Striped Sweaters to last me a while. The Jackie Cardigan in Stripe is very similar to the Factory version I purchased last Spring. I have an Ann Taylor Loft green striped cardigan that will fill the void of the V-Neck Sweater in Stripe. If anything, I need two or three solid colors of the Jackie.
Shorts! I live in these all Summer and have quite a few pairs. I started trying to wear skirts more this Summer but still need a good reliable pair (or 10) of shorts. But I have found that these Anchor Shorts are  at the Factory Store every Spring/Summer. That goes for the Denim Shorts. I found mine last year at the Factory and they were exactly like the Retail version that was offered this past Summer, which is the same pair being offered now. The only difference is that mine are darker, which I like. Also, the Factory comes out with lots of colors in the 3-, 5- inch and Bermuda Shorts, so I’ll look there first before the Retail store.
I couldn’t forget the Double-Serge Pencil Skirts, could I? J Crew pencil skirts are my favorite and they fit me very well but this year I’ll be looking for a special print, like the Porcelain Paisley from last Summer, before making a purchase. I have very similar solid Pencil skirts already to substitute for the pretty new colors being offered now. And, two of the colors I wanted last year went to sale I was able to get them for a really really good price.
First, instead of Indigo Blue, I have the Factory Casablanca Blue and the Retail Mini in Brilliant Blue. I am sure the Indigo Blue will be very vibrant but I doubt it will be that much of a brightness to make me change my mind. Next up, is the Spearmint colorway, and I am sure it’s super gorgeous IRL. But I do have the Bright Spearmint Double-Serge Mini, the Jardin Maxi in the Morning Aqua, the Cafe’ Capri in the Tropical Aqua and the Sterling Skirt in Mint to fill the Winter void. Lastly, is the Melon color. Oh, it’s sooo pretty online and is definitely going on my list. I have the Sterling Skirt in Autumn Coral. I suspect the Melon will be slightly lighter and definitely pretty for Spring and Summer.
So, picking one of the three colors isn’t bad. The Fresh Pear looks pretty but I wasn’t too much of a fan of the Kiwi so I doubt I’ll be attracted to it. And, I have the Natural from last year that I purchase for about $24. A good staple color to have.
Jewelry is last to discuss. The latest incarnation of the Frog Critter bracelet is pretty, especially with the gold links but I have the Summer 2012 version and like the resin better. It’s more playful, IMO. I love my Flower Lattice necklace in Multicolor and was oh so tempted to get it in the Crystal but I really wouldn’t wear it very much. It’s more for a dressy occasion and not every day, at least for me. That, and I’d rather spend $228 on something else.
With each rollout I will be looking to my closet to see if I have a similar version. I really am looking for those special pieces now, like the Jules in Scroll Print. Having a list for Fall helped me so much. I didn’t stray very far from it and really looked for the items I had on my list and found a few of them on sale, including my two Kate Spade pieces. So I may be paying more, but I will be consuming less.
You’ll also notice I didn’t discuss shoes or bags. Those really are special pieces for me. I may be more selective in my purchases and already have two very specific items on my list. Once it is finalized I will share it with you.
So, do you have anything new from your favorites stores that you might already have in your closet?

**Hmm, what’s that Kate? You have something you want me to see? Oh this too?

We had another Christmas Dinner Party last night at an amazing Italian Restaurant in town, Paesano’s. Husband and I have eaten there before for our anniversary. Prizes, food, drinks and fun people made for a great party. Husband said the attire was casual, again, but I knew that restaurant and certainly wasn’t going casual. I wore this dress last time I went to the restaurant.

The Silk Taffeta Parlour Skirt is very bright in Electric Blue but was the perfect skirt for this party. I thought finding a top for it would be hard but I grabbed a Cashmere Tee in Neon Fuchsia and it was so bright and beautiful paired with the skirt. I added my Kate Spade Queen of the Nile Clutch (love the camel on top), the Blaire heels, of course, and the Flower Lattice Necklace.

Have a Great Day!

This post could also be titled “Nothing fits!” I’ve been really busy travelling for work and trying to get hired on that I haven’t had any time for blogging, shopping or relaxing in general. I have so many Que Bella’s to post but I have to start with what I wore Wednesday.

This is what I ended up wearing, taking the picture at the end of the day, with bags under my eyes and a crooked belt. I have my lovely Lace Tee from J Crew along with the Ann Taylor Lace Pencil Skirt from a few years ago. This has been sitting in my closest since I purchased it. Because it was a crochet lace I couldn’t figure out how to wear it but when I kept going through my closet purges I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. I finally had enough and ripped the tags off and put it on. Of course, that was after I found out that nothing fit me.
J Crew Leather Belt
J Crew Sydney Patent Sandals
J Crew Flower Lattice Necklace
I was originally going to wear my sweet Gathering Breeze Dress (aka Tim Gunn Dress) from Anthropologie. I had a dark pink cardigan and my Ann Taylor Porcini Pumps ready to be paired up with this dress. But when I put it on and started walking around it slipped down enough to make me say “WTH!” It didn’t fit! I have apparently toned up enough that I don’t have the boobage to hold up this dress. Yay for losing weight and toning up. Boo Hoo Hoo for my most favorite dress not fitting. 
“OK. Fine.” I said to myself and went back upstairs to my closet and picked out another dress. This time it was the Bike Lane Dress from Anthropologie. And one I haven’t worn. I now had a blue cardigan and the JC Sydney sandals ready to wear with this dress. I put it on and “Mother Effer!” It didn’t fit. It was too loose in the bust and waist. Now I have to take another dress to get altered. 
Up the stairs I went and grabbed the Crochet Lace Pencil Skirt. I added the J Crew Cotton-Linen Striped Shirt, JC Necklace and Sydney Patent sandals. I even took an outfit pic. So I finally finish getting ready and walk out the door when two buttons pop open. “Son-of-a-b****!” This is seriously not my day to get dressed. 
By this time I was ready to toss my whole closet out but I was now running late so I grabbed the Lace Tee, tucked it in and went on my way. But, my clothing calamity didn’t end there. The belt ended up being too small and I kept having to tuck my shirt back into the back of the skirt every time I stood up. 
Needless to say, I’m wearing shorts and a tee today. But really, Yay for losing weight and toning up. I just hope I can salvage my dresses.
Have a Great Evening! Like I said I have quite a few outfits to post and am happy to have a long weekend so be on the look-out. 

Next up we have Jules Dresses.

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Jules Dress in Stripe Silk Twill, Navy, #96940, $188, Sz 6 – This is the same shape as the Jules dress but has on-seam pockets not front pockets. This is red, white and blue, with the red stripe very thin and subtle. This is lined and a wonderful silk twill. The web-site says this has 3/4-sleeves but they are full sleeves on me. Also, please note the length on me. I like it but it will be shorter on taller ladies. Wishlisted
The size 8 only added bulk not length. I’d stay with the 6 which is my Jules Dress size.
Jules Dress in Snowcat, Black, #11330, $188, Sz 6 (says the tag) –  So the tag on this specific dress said “6” but when I showed my PS she said, “That dress is huge on you!” She found a size 4 and another size 6. Turns out this should be at least a size 8, maybe a 10,  and was mis-tagged as a 6. Pass since I have the Wildcat print.
Here’s the correct size 6. I am a fan of the Jules Dress. This one is lined in the body but not the arms. I like that as the Wildcat and Fanfare prints were not lined. 
This is the size 4, which wasn’t a bad fit either. It didn’t shorten the sleeves any and the length came up just a little. Size 6 was the best fit.
Jules Dress in Wool, Retro Jade, #90748, $198, Sz 6 – This print is GORGEOUS!! And look how lovely the Flower Lattice Necklace pairs with it. I hope there are other colors but I think this one will be my favorite. Wishlisted
The Flower Lattice Necklace is uber-gorgeous. I have been lusting after it since seeing it on DaniBP. Though she returned hers, this came home with me. As much as I like the colors of the Bubble Necklace, it is a bit too long for me. I need something closer to my neck, but not choker-ish.
What are your thoughts on these Jules Dresses?