I’m so glad I was finally able to wear this sweater. As soon as I saw it online during the Early Access I clicked as fast as I could to buy it. Just a few weekends before I had seen the Crewcuts version and was so sad it wouldn’t fit me. She has a crown! And the Leggings…I die! I can’t wait to dress my besties girls in Crewcuts! They can’t say no. I’m a free babysitter.

~ Intarsia Dachshund Sweater, J Crew Factory (Scottie Dog, Free People, Holiday Doxie)~
~ Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Check, J Crew (F21, Mango, Land’s End) ~
~ Plaza Skirt in Glen Plaid, J Crew (Factory 1, Factory 2, Talbots) ~
~ Cece Ballet Flats, J Crew ~

Apparently, everyone else loves Doxies too because this sweater as well as the Tee and other Sweater have sold out and are now just popbacks. The sweater fit TTS in a Medium for me. Especially since I knew I was going to layer under it. I chose to stay with the black-and-white theme throughout, using past retail items for the rest of the outfit.


Out of all the Gingham shirts I own this Crinkle Boy Shirt has received the most use. And this Plaza Skirt in Glen Plaid was my favorite out of all the ones offered last year. I love my Cece’s. They are the most comfortable ballet flats I own. I have several colors including the basics – black, navy and tan. They go with everything.



My style was pretty boring during the Summer being mostly shorts and tees. You’ll still see a basic style throughout the Fall, but being able to wear pants and skirts with tights is so much more fun to see.

Do any of you find it harder to style clothes in Winter, especially when it’s freezing outside? When all you want to do is stay in warm leggings or joggers and cozy sweaters? Or in bed? As you know, I work from home and I have this problem. I can’t imagine how those of you who leave the house to go to your job in freezing weather do it. You ladies are brave, and I’m pretty sure stylish too!

I layer to stay warm and since sweatshirts are trendy, I can now grab one of those instead of a sweater. The Andie Chinos are a little thicker than jeans and help keep the cold from my legs. If I’m going out, booties and warm socks are the way to go for me. Otherwise I’m in my slippers or Chalet Boots. I have the Epic Sweatshirt layered over last year’s Crinkle Boy Shirt but the Factory Suckered Gingham is the same version.
Both the sweatshirt and Andie Chinos were still NWT in my closet. I like both of them but I was grabbing other items over these to wear. I have a few more NWT I need to pull out and style so you will hopefully see those soon!
Have a Great Day! Sending thoughts of warm sandy beaches your way!

Quite a few of my favorite purchases are currently on sale, plus the 30% 40% off Sale can be applied at checkout. There are some great deals to be had and all not Final Sale…yet!

Gold Stripe Mini Skirt, Size 8, $99
Cashmere Tee, Medium, Black (not on sale but 30%)

Mini-Bows Sweatshirt, Medium, $79.99 – Easily dressed up or down, I’m tempted to get another as a back-up.

Merino Fair Isle Sweater, Medium, Black/Natural, $79.99
Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Check, 8, $79.50
Matchstick Cord, 29, Sunwashed Sand, $69.99 (other colors are varied in price)

Embroidered Peasant Top in Green Plaid, 8P, $79.99

Italian Silk Secretary Blouse in Tapestry Print, 8, $199.99 – I don’t regret this full-price (with a discount) purchase but lucky you who will get this at sale price and 30% off, with no Final Sale.

Medallion Tie-Silk Skirt, 8, $99.99
Cece Leather Ballet Flats, 7, Black, $89.99 – Another item I’m considering ordering as a back-up. I wear flats so much and black flats are a necessary item in anyone’s closet.

Schoolboy Blazer in English Tweed, 10, $219.99
Ruffled Rhinestone Top, 6, White, $79.99

Silk Gingham Top, 6, $79.99 – Don’t accidentally put this in the wash as the silk will shrink and the Polyester lining will not. Not that I might have done that. Just giving you a little tip.

Collection Embroidered Neon Floral Skirt, 8, $169.99 – I cannot wait for Spring to wear this again. I thought about a Black Cashmere Tee but that seemed a little harsh against the neon bottom. If I figure out a way to wear this for Winter I’ll post the Que Bella.

And finally, this is not on sale but I am SO HAPPY I purchased the Tuxedo Topcoat!
Those are my “no regrets” sale items. Just a few of my favorite things this year.
Happy Shopping!

As promised, here are a couple more outfits that never made it to the camera for a full length shot.

I wore this when we took a trip to Dallas with The Boy to visit one of the Universities he is considering.
Andie Chino in Navy, 8
Silk Secretary Blouse in Hummingbird Floral, 8 (ebay find!)
Classic Schoolboy Blazer in Navy, 8
Cece Ballet Flats in Navy, 7
Michael Kors Crossbody

Crinkle Boy Shirt in Blackwatch Plaid, 8 (on sale!)
Cashmere Tee in Pack Green, Medium
Andie Chinos in Navy, 8
Short Chalet Shearling Boots, 7

Le Bal d’Hiver Tee (old)
C. Wonder Stretch Skinny Blackwatch Jeans, 29
Darby Loafers in Calf-Hair Leopard, 7
This has been one of my favorite pairings and can’t wait to duplicate it once the weather is a little nicer. This would be super cute for our casual Christmas Eve or even New Year’s Eve during the day.

Have a Great Day!

In case you missed these on Instagram here are a few outfits I’ve been wearing but never fully photographed.

Embroidered Peasant Top, 8 Petite
Loft Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, 6/28
Converse Shoreline in Black, 7 – I have to give some mad love to these shoes. These are not your regular laced low-top Classic Converse. These have a little elastic in the back at the heel so you can slip them on. Or step on them and wear them as mules if you need to be quick out the door. Also, the laces are short and already tied in a knot so they won’t come un-done. If you’re tired of ballet flats and want some Sneaks GET THESE!!

I bought a White pair towards the end of the Summer and they were on my feet non-stop. Yes, they got dirty but were (and are) so easy to just throw in the wash to whiten them back up. Then I found out there was a Gray color and I searched high-and-low for them but never could find my size. So I settled on the Black color. That was until I received a F&F coupon to Converse and found out you can MAKE.YOUR.OWN! For only $70!!! My coupon was 30% off and usually those don’t apply to the Custom or Nike ID but it did this time. (Are you reading this S?) So now I have my Gray pair. I regret it now but did not add an ID to it. You can customize the entire shoe down to the interior lining (I added little black polka dots) and laces (gray instead of white). (Shout out to Ema too who loves her laced Converse. I know you were complaining about your laces.)

Here are they Gray ones I created along with a pair of The Boy’s many Nikes.

My Bundled Bella post was just the start of several days of bundling. Here are the other two days, one blue, one black.
Perfect Shirt in Navy Check, 8 (current one in Striped)
Tippi Sweater in Houndstooth, Medium
Cashmere Plaid Scarf in Blue/Gray Plaid
I was wearing my Matchstick Cords in Sea Salt which I wore again the next day. (Nobody saw me.)

Crinkle Boy Shirt in Black Check, 8
Merino Fair Isle Sweater in Black, Medium
Cashmere Double-Faced Plaid Scarf
Excursion Vest in Black (last year), Small

Yup, the Matchstick in Sea Salt and my Harper Leather Boots. The purse is Michael Kors I found at TJ Maxx. It’s small enough but big enough, YKWIM?

I have a few more Insta-Outfits coming soon.

Have a Great Day!