Sorry I’ve been MIA. Sometimes the work-life balance leans a little too much to the work side. But I have been getting dressed so here are some outfits I wore recently.

Tank: J Crew Perfect Fit Folded Flower Tank in Faded Cobblestone
Skirt: J Crew Surf Tweed Charter Skirt
Shoes: Steve Madden Trouser in Grey Leather
Lunch with The Boy and Husband – Husband HATED this outfit. He kept saying, “It doesn’t match. It doesn’t match. It doesn’t look good.” Coming from the man who’s main closet staple is navy shirts.
Top: J Crew Indigo Floral Blouse
Shorts: J Crew Jakarta Shorts
Shoes: Steve Madden Trouser

Working at home – Not sure if the tee really works but I didn’t go out in public so no matter.

Tee: J Crew Vintage Cotton V-Neck in aqua blue
Skirt: J Crew Surf Tweed Charter Skirt
Shoes: Steve Madden Trouser
Belt: J Crew Leather Skinny Belt in Grey

I wore this to take The Boy to get his high school (eek!) ID.

Movie Night: Saw THE OTHER GUYS – The Boy was dying to see this and it was funny. I couldn’t get over Mark Wahlberg’s hair. It was a little too full. It bugged me. The theater we went to showed clips of “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” and old Will Ferrell SNL skits. The “Marky Mark” stuff was really funny to see. I told The Boy he was probably one of the first to wear his “pants on the ground” and was “The Situation” before “The Situation”.
Top: J Crew Silk Tiered Ruffle Cami
Jeans: GAP Distressed Boyfriend
Shoes: Steve Madden Trouser
Necklace: J Crew (in-store only)
So, you’ll notice a recurring item. I’ve been wearing these shoes every chance I get. Probably not the best choice when it’s 100 + degrees outside but I really like them.
Steve Madden Trouser in Grey Leather – They also come in Black, Brown and Navy Leather and Black Patent. The Grey is a nice neutral. They do come with laces but are comfortable without as well. I’ve been looking for a pair of oxfords-sans laces- for a while and found these at a reasonable price ($69.99). Once fall really hits I’m sure these will be my go-to shoe.


Have a great weekend!

I’m trying really hard to shop my closet as best I can. I haven’t worn the Potpourri Mini since Spring and warm weather arrived and the Tiered Silk Cami in Papaya has been sitting in my closet waiting patiently for the tags to come off. I don’t have any thing other than work (from home) today but this isn’t too much for just around the house.

When this top first showed up in stores I didn’t like the fit. The tiers looked to add extra weight but I did try on the 8 only. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon until two months ago when I saw how great yogagirl looked in one of hers. So then I stalked pop-backs and ebay not really knowing my size. Turns out the 8 is too big, the 6 is loose but fits but I can also wear the size 4 and 2. How’s that for vanity sizing? I was able to get the Papaya, Light Berry, Antique Stone and the Toffee in those random sizes. I’d love the Deep Violet/Purple yogagirl is wearing but I am satisfied with the ones I have. And the yellow is so bright and pretty too!

Blouse: J Crew Silk Tiered Cami
Skirt: J Crew Potpourri Mini
Shoes: Target Merona Essie Espadrilles (just like the J Crew Caribe)
A pretty good match.
Here’s the J Crew Trevi Shell that I changed into for the NJHS Induction Ceremony. I didn’t wear the little belt it comes with.

It’s taking all my will power to NOT go to Anthropologie to see their sale items. And J Crew should have more new arrivals in-store this week. ACK! Hopefully, the new outdoor furniture we are getting this week should be enough to satisfy my shopping cravings.

Enjoy your day!

Last week I think I did pretty well getting dressed in more than just shorts and tees (even though I didn’t post many pics of the outfits). So I decided I would try it again this week. Especially since I’m back to eating better and will, hopefully, incorporate some exercise this time. I’ve got 10 lbs. to lose.

(Amazing how slow it is to lose them and they find their way back so quickly.)

Today, I’ll start off with the Canterbury Bells Pencil Skirt from J Crew. The top is a jersey knit cowl-neck with a v-back (I guess it could be reversible).

Blouse: Bordeaux from Anthropologie (similar here)
Shoes: Miss Trish for Target Seahorse Sandal
I know it is somewhat of a cop-out to wear white with the skirt but I wanted the focus on the skirt today. I’ll be trading out the top for the J Crew Trevi Shell for this evening. 
The Boy will be inducted into NJHS tonight. We are very proud considering the ordeal we went through with him for this special honor.
Have a Great Monday! 

You knew I couldn’t pass up the Canterbury Bells Pencil Skirt. I bought the mini (Style #26581) in a size 6 but I really wanted to try the pencil skirt.

Canterbury Bells Pencil Skirt – Style #26359 – $98.00 – Size 0-14 – The length is supposed to be the “slightly shorter 21″ length for summer” according to J Crew. So let’s take a look and compare it.


Compared with two other recent J Crew Pencil Skirts, the Watercolor Garden Pencil Skirt and Turkish Delight Pencil Skirt. Notice the length difference…3″.

Silly Bella!

And now compared to the mini skirt. The difference in length is 5 inches. The mini is 16″ and the pencil skirt is 21″. But 

So, this is one duplicate print I won’t be keeping. I’m returning the mini because I’ll get more use out of the pencil skirt. I do love the “new summer length” though. I know some of you taller ladies may not but it saves us shorties a trip to the tailor.

Oh, and look how my Paper Poplin shirt was packaged. It was tied in a knot. Weird huh?

Have a great weekend!