Wow! Lots and lots of stuff showed up on sale atuesday atbAnthro. My wishlist emails kept coming. With a birthday gift card burning a hole in my pocket I ventured over to Anthro Tuesday afternoon to see what I could find.

North Coast Skirt by HD in Paris, Sz 8 – I tried this skirt on a month or so ago in a 6 and never showed pics as it was waaaay too tight. The size 8 fit well and the Lobster on the front is cool. 
Leadlight Cropped Top, Sz 8; Leadlight Maxi Skirt, Sz 8P – I’ve had the skirt for a while but haven’t worn it. I took it with me debating on whether to return it or not. I decided to try it with the Cropped Top expecting to not like it as my body is not in “crop-top shape” but, as you can see, it’s not bad. The skirt sits higher on the waist, almost meeting the bottom of the top, showing very little mid-section. The cut-outs, on the other hand, are very va-va-voom. I’m still debating on keeping both of them but, as one of the SAs stated, it’s “a patio outfit” and I do have one of those. 
Musa Dress, Sz 6 – I tried the top in this print a few weeks ago and was disappointed that it didn’t work out for me. The dress though, fit surprisingly well, considering I was told it might be tight in the bust or under the arms. I am always a fan of bat-wing/kimono/butterfly sleeves. 
Fern & Flower Dress by HD in Paris, Sz 6 – This dress has such a casual vibe to it and is perfect for summer. It’s silky and comfortable and just an easy dress to wear. 
Bike Lane Dress, Sz 8 – Probably the 3rd time I’ve tried this dress on. And even for $75 I still left it at the store. I think it’s just too whimsical for me. Maybe if it was just a skirt? I don’t know. 
And what I wore Tuesday. Though it’s way hot I still felt comfortable and cool in the Jardin Maxi Skirt. By adding the Sequin Anchor Top and my Valentino Bow Flip-Flops I contributed to the keeping cool factor. 
What did you find at the Anthropologie sale? 

Here are a few outfits from the week. First is a great wrap dress from the GAP, the Dotted Wrap Dress. I ordered this without trying it on but based on the reviews and Rose’s post, from One More Shopping Blog, I sized down one to a Small. I’m glad I did. This fits great and is very comfortable. I added a lace cami from Banana Republic and my Lanvin Espadrilles, as I had a board meeting that evening.

Next is what I wore Wednesday. This is the Draped Snail Tank by from Anthropologie. I love the little snail print all over. As you can see this is a pretty wide blouse. I’m wearing a size 6. It will certainly look better layered under a cardigan to tone done the a-line shape of the blouse. The jeans are from 2006(!) and are from Express. The shoes are the J Crew Joley flats. 
I did tuck in the shirt to give myself a better shape and you can see that it made a difference. I forgot to add a belt but would have added a yellow one for just another small touch of color. 
I was so happy to find the Oroya Dress, by Eva Franco from ,Anthropologie on ebay in my size. I had bought it before, on sale no less, and returned it for some ridiculous reason. I’ve been pining for it ever since. I added some new Target Mossimo Espadrille Wedges and a cami I’ve had for years from The Limited. The yellow cami paired nicely with the colors in the dress. I met a friend Thursday evening for “Margaritas and Manis” at the Westin La Cantera Hotel. We had a great time enjoying a yummy delicious margarita and a mini-manicure. 
The wedges are Mossimo Pollie Strappy Espadrille. I took a size 7 and they were quite comfortable. I normally stay away from ankle strapped shoes but these don’t contrast too badly with my skintone to cut me off at the ankle. 
Have a Great Day!

I was blessed to celebrate my birthday yesterday with my family yesterday. We had lunch at one of my favorite places in SATX, La Gloria. Husband and I went there last year for my birthday and loved it. They have these great life-sized metal art figures in the front. Perfect picture taking spots. They also just added an outdoor, fully-stocked bar.


Menu Board complete with metal Ants crawling around it.

My regular…Pollo en Escabeche Sopes

I’m wearing an Eddie Bauer Crinkle Dress in Plaid. I am in my normal size 6. It was nice and casual and cool for the day. I added a Cole Haan purse I received for Christmas and my new Christian Louboutin Brown Espadrilles.

MamaBella, AudreyBella, La Senora-one of the art figures, MomoBella

Husband and The Boy shopped at Anthropologie for my presents this year and they did good.

Lunar Cycles Top in Dark Orange

Here’s a teaser for “Super Shoes-day” next week…While shopping at one of the little boutiques in Boerne, a small town nearby, I found these TOMS. They are the Bimini Stitchouts in Yellow. Unfortunately the TOMS site only has two sizes left in the red. I love the yellow and the Top-sider accent. I took a 7 1/2 for three reasons. 1) I really wanted them but this was the smallest size they had left. That immediately told me they were very popular and I would be hard-pressed to find this color in my size elsewhere. 2) They run slightly smaller than my Black Glitters, which are a 7. 3) I really wanted them. I read in some of the reviews that a lot of people are going a half to a full size up in these.

Have a Great Day! I have a busy day and weekend ahead of me preparing for our party tomorrow. See you “Shoes-day”!

Oh…and Feliz cumpleaños to Gigi and Dina!!! Have a wonderful birthday!

I really haven’t been to Anthropologie in a while. J Crew has been taking all my shopping time but I did have the afternoon to myself so I stopped by. I took a quick tour around the store and nothing really caught my eye so I headed to the sale section. Lots of stuff on sale and great stuff too! (See my Arribada Current Dress purchase below.)

Here are the rest of my purchases, all on sale.

Drifting Jasmine Skirt – $49.95, Size 6 – This is high-waisted on me but I don’t mind it. The length is perfect and the pattern is so vibrant IRL.

Elevenses Snapshot Jacket – $39.95 – Gigi just reviewed this comparing it with the J Crew Dauphine Jacket.
Size 8 – This fits me well in the shoulders and waist (when buttoned). A 6 would have been too small, as most jackets are for me.

Girls from Savoy Bindwood Blouse – $49.95, Size 6 – The detail on it has tiny holes throughout (I’m wearing a nude bra although you’d think it was white). This is a pull-over with no zip or button on it. I do like it but I’m still debating on whether or not to keep it.

Also, from J Crew, the Canterbury Bells Mini skirt. This print is on a pencil skirt (and cardi) online and I debated which one I should get. I may still get the pencil skirt and I’ll need the will-power to stay away from shorts in this pattern if they make it. When I love a pattern I buy multiples (Cocodrillo-pencil skirt, shorts; Watercolor Pastiche – pencil skirt, shorts, heels!;  Rose Vines – perfect shirt, shorts)…see what I mean.

Size 6 – Style #26581, $69.50 – This is like most of J Crew’s mini skirts. The back zipper is exposed like the Nori Jacquard mini and I measured the length down the middle front at 15 3/4-16 inches. I love the pattern on this. It would look great in a flow-y skirt, like the Monterrey or Shirred Deco. I tried on the 8 but the length was only about a 1/4 inch difference and it bunched in the front when I walked.

Close-up of the basket-weave and pattern.

Have a great day!