The Cashmere Cody Cardigan that is.

We are having a family date day to celebrate The Boy’s Straight AAAAA’s. He’s been begging to go to this Brazilian steakhouse so we’ll be doing that after an afternoon movie. I’ve decided I may not want to put myself in a “meat coma” like I did on our anniversary two years ago so I may stick with the awesome salad bar and sneak a little piece here and there from Husband. The smell of beef made me nauseous for days.

Here’s Day 6…

Tee: J Crew Vintage Cotton Sequin Henley (Size S – A little snug in this size. I should have gotten the Medium.)
Caridgan: J Crew Cashmere Cody in Matisse Blue (Isn’t this color gorgeous?)
Jeans: GAP Curvy
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Pump

I am not a nail person. I get pedi’s all the time but I have always had a bad habit of biting my nails. After I saw this gorgeous purple color by Chanel (Paradoxal), I had to have it. And my nails are thanking me for it. They are growing and I am not biting them. I broke on on the other hand so as soon as it grows a little longer I’ll get a manicure. I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend!

So here are some IRL pics from my last post of recent purchases.

J Crew Bici Tee – Size S – I usually take a Medium in the tees but have started to size down with different materials.

Sequined/Beaded spokes

Ann Taylor Tiered Shirt with Grosgrain Trim in Smokey Mauve Yarn, Size MP – A little fitted through the bust but I’ll be wearing a cardi or blazer with this.

J Crew Marled Pullover Hoodie – Size S – I love this hoodie! I can’t wait for the weather to get even remotely cool so I can wear it. It’s so comfy and soft. I missed out on the Marled sweater last year and still regret it. It’s a little tight in the arms for me (but most tops are in a Small) but the Medium was too big. I don’t plan on layering much under this hoodie so the Small is fine.

J Crew Plaid Boyfriend Cardigan – Size Small – There were no Mediums left so I grabbed a Small. Again the tight arms thing but I was not leaving the store without this sweater.

Anthropologie Alma Mater Blazer – Size 6 – Worn with Frances Cami. I love the texture, fit and contrast of this blazer. FREAKING CUTE!

J Crew Bi-Stretch Wool Minnie – Size 6 – I really like the Minnie pants and will be wearing this with a long cardi or sweater and boots.

Have a great evening!

I want to apologize. I have not been in the mood for blogging. September always seems to be the one month I can’t get it together and everything just sucks. But we’re half-way through, right? So forgive me if I don’t finish out the month strong. Ok?

Here’s what I recently purchased when “attempting” to make some returns at J Crew. You all know how that goes right? Especially on “new roll-out” day?

I returned these.

(I returned this because I love my Alma Mater blazer from Anthropologie. I also recently purchased the J Crew Outlet version of the Eden blazer in Iris and have the Wool Schoolboy Blazer in Redwood that I have yet to wear.)

(I bought this in Mink also and kept that one. $59.99 in store)

And brought home these.

Bici Tee (very cute, spokes are sequined)

Then I stopped by Ann Taylor to see if they had the matching belt to my Perfect Pumps in Porcini. They did.

And I also bought the Tiered Shirt with Grosgrain Trim in Smokey Mauve Yarn to get 25% off. I really wanted another pair of their Perfect Pumps but don’t need them so I held off.

Have a great day!

P.S. – I had a “mini-stop” at the J Crew Outlet on Sunday and saw they had the “Paris Tee” the “All Spice” Tee (from this post) and the Flower Sketch Tee in Olive Moss. All direct from the retail store and not an “outlet” version. I don’t recall pricing, sorry, but there was a % off all tees.