J.Crew is having a promo off sale items with code SHOPSALE. They have a small batch in their 50% off section that’s worth taking a look at. If I knew these snakeskin boots had a wide-calf I’d order them. If you are looking for a glittery shoe that won’t leave sparkle everywhere you should try the high-rated Coated Glitter Pumps. They net $100 and are still available in all sizes. Coated glitter is so much better. I have some Kate Spade glitter pumps and you can follow my trail of glitter to find me.

I know J.Crew had a really really bad day-after Christmas with all sites and stores being down most of the day. I was a bit put off by it but am glad I didn’t chance ordering anything that day. The gift card I received isn’t quite burning a hole in my pocket yet. Right before Christmas I was able to purchase the Wolfstooth Dress, which was on sale and had a 40% off promo. I’m excited to wear that for New Year’s and then again in February for a party.

Happy Shopping!