Sunday Shopping: J Crew “Stripesick”

Hola and Happy New Year! I have been enjoying my time off but am ready to get back into my hobby. I visited some fitting rooms over the weekend and found myself channeling Gigi and getting a bit “stripesick”. Stripes need to be a certain spacing for me or I won’t wear the item. The Boy won’t wear them at all. Ever since he was old enough to speak he fussed over having to wear stripes, and that included plaid. He’s opened up to plaid but don’t even suggest a striped shirt. Kids are so odd.

I liked the Midweight Boatneck Striped Tee in Cherry because, well, it was not Navy, which I always choose over any other color. Other than a Tippi and a pair of jeans I have no red in my closet. The Striped Tee w/Back Zip also has faux leather going down the length of each sleeve. There’s also a Navy version with wider stripes, the Rugby Striped T-Shirt with Back Zip.

IRL, I preferred the Ivory/Black/Gray over the Blueberry/Burgundy/Navy of the Mixed Striped Tee. The Burgundy is the back of the tee and almost doesn’t seem to match. My store did not have the Oversized Stripe Turtleneck which I wanted to see. I’m picky about turtlenecks as I don’t want them to be overly tight at the neck.

I’m excited for the new year though I don’t have anything big planned yet. I’ll be back tomorrow with some of my “stripesick” reviews.