Jewelry Storage

How do you store your jewelry? I currently have mine on my two dressers on separate accessory stands and vases and trays. I’ve been purchasing more jewelry from J Crew that I’m actually wearing. I’ve got other pieces that I hardly ever wear.

Some of these are actual jewelry holders while other are trays, vases and bowls I purchased at TJ Maxx.

I like this but I have more that I’d like to display (so that I know I have it and will wear it) and I’m not sure how to do it. I don’t want it to seem too cluttered. I’d love to add drawer knobs to the wall to hang the necklaces but husband still has visions of re-painting the walls.

I have minimal bathroom counter space and the closet is mostly husband’s while mine is the guest room closet. I’ll have another post on the before and after of that closet but can you imagine working with a 13 x 6 x 8 (I’m loving the 13 feet length).

I digress…I’m curious how you store your jewelry? In the boxes, bags they came in? Jewelry holders? Displayed out or in drawers?


  1. Anonymous
    December 27, 2009 / 12:33 pm

    I bought a corkboard from Walmart and use push pins as hooks. I hang my necklaces and bracelets on it, and the board is on the wall in my closet. As I dress, I can pick the jewelry I need. My earrings are in a jewelry tray in my dresser (tray came with it). HTH!!

  2. December 27, 2009 / 2:04 pm

    That is exactly what I was going to suggest! Also, even if Husband is planning to paint, you could still install the knobs because it is an item that you would put right back up after the painting. No need to fill the holes, just like rehanging up pictures.

    You have a very nice collection!

  3. December 27, 2009 / 4:47 pm

    I have a wood wall hanging I got on clearance from TJ Maxx and had hubs drill holes and add hooks. Great necklace storage. Will send pics if you want.

  4. Anonymous
    December 27, 2009 / 6:45 pm

    I have kind of a weird – not as attractive – way of storing my jewelry. Most of it is in plastic sandwich bags on the hanger of the item I am most likely to wear it with. My closet is color-coded so this helps because I tend to wear the same jewelry with the same colors – not that I have a lot of color in my closet (black, grey, shades of blue and purple are 99% of it). It is odd, as I said, but it helps. I'm always afraid of forgetting that I will overlook things or be uninspired when I dress.

  5. AnneG
    December 28, 2009 / 1:34 pm

    Early last year I bought several decorative cork boards from Ballard Designs. They have some really beautiful ones — almost like frames but without the glass. I hang all my necklaces on them and therefore can see them all and it looks like art on the wall! Check these out at

  6. December 28, 2009 / 2:28 pm

    Thanks everyone. I'm loving all the ideas. I have a closet build-out I'm doing next weekend so I may be able to use knobs there. I really like the cork board ideas too. I'll have finished pics up next week!

  7. December 28, 2009 / 11:16 pm

    my husband bought me a jewelery armoire a few Christmas's ago in cherry wood, and i love it! i just cleaned it out to make more room for all the new jewelery that i've purchased over the past few months (jcrew especially). i love it…finally something that holds EVERYTHING!

  8. January 3, 2010 / 3:43 pm

    I love how your jewelry is displayed – it looks so pretty!