I’m not seeing a whole lot of reviews for some of these items online, so if you’re looking at them, here are my thoughts and pics.

~ Collection Gingham Cardigan in Gauzy Cotton, Small ~

I couldn’t decide between the Tippi Sweater in Blue-Emerald Gingham or this Collection Cardigan. I should have chosen the Tippi sweater. I did not like this cardigan at all. It is over-sized so take a size down from your normal size. But that wasn’t the problem. The gauzy cotton material was…blech! I don’t have a word to describe it but I didn’t like the look or feel of the material. It was gauzy, maybe a little thicker than medical gauze. I think it may have been that this is not 100% Cotton but is blended with nylon. I like the gingham and I like the length but other than that, it was immediately returned.


~ Tippi Sweater, Berry Melange, Medium Petite ~

I’ve finally found my real Tippi size, Medium Petite. That size has the arms at 3/4 length and the overall length is a little shorter than the Medium I’ve been wearing. The color is very pretty IRL, with hints of blue/purple throughout. The Tippi Sweater and Tippi Sweater with Ruffles are both 20% off with code NEWCLOTHES.


~ Gazebo Pant in Market Stripe, size 8 ~

I have been stalking these ever since they showed up on the website. They sold out pretty quick, especially in my size. I wasn’t able to catch them again until they were on sale with a great promo. I haven’t worn them yet but they are really nice pants. A great linen with an almost chambray stripe look to them. I’m really happy I was able to finally snag them on a pop-back.


~ Sloan Gingham Leather D’Orsay Flats, size 6 1/2 ~

The flats are just adorable. I originally thought they were printed canvas, silk or cotton but they are printed leather. The colors are similar to the Tippi. I wear a 6 1/2 in the Sloan and these are no different in sizing, even with the all leather outer and inner lining. They did crease almost immediately, just from trying them on and walking around for a short time. I always put the little tissue back after wearing my shoes to smooth things like that out. If you prefer, there’s also the heel.






~ Mixed Gingham Sandal with Ankle Straps, size 7 ~

I really debated whether or not to get these fun looking shoes. I was very leery about the ankle strap and how to get them to stay tied without cutting off circulation to my feet. I’m so glad I decided to order them. They are really fun sandals and the colors all pop. The size 7 was perfect, making these TTS. I tied them with a bow slightly to the side and love the way it looks. Even though I have plenty of white bottoms to wear with these, I’m looking at a few white dresses to wear with them too.







Here are a few 40-60% off sale picks with code NEWCLOTHES.

I think I am pretty much done with shopping Spring and Summer sale items. What about you?

During one of the promos a few weeks ago, I noticed that a few of my wishlist shoes went on sale. I had to try them to see if I really wanted them so I placed a really big order. Let’s see how they all worked out.

~ Elsie Pumps in Mixed Plaid, size 7 ~

These are not on sale but I wanted to try them before they sold out. I love the colors of this plaid and I have the shirt-dress in this print. I am a 7 in most J Crew shoes but am a 6 1/2 in the Elsie. That size was sold out so I ordered the 7, knowing it would be a little big. I would need an insert to make sure they didn’t fall off while I walked but otherwise they felt fine. These are really cute IRL and the heel is a blue plaid. Unfortunately, I really think the 6 1/2 is the better fit in the Elsie and so these were returned.




~ Elsie Plaid Pumps with Bow, size 6 1/2 ~

I was in love with these the moment I saw them online. The print is one of my favorites and there are several shoe styles to choose from (espadrille, flat, slides, sandals) in this print. The size 6 1/2 in these Elsie Pumps are a much better fit. The little bow is set off to the side giving the pump a little sass, IMO. I did end up returning these, even though they were gorgeous IRl, but only because of the next shoe.




~ Printed Multi-Strap Sandals, size 7 ~

These babies are lovely. Surprisingly, I don’t have a lot of heeled sandals. Espadrille wedges or flat sandals are what I usually wear in Summer. But these are perfect for jeans, skirts, shorts, everything! I chose the size 7 because I was afraid the 6 1/2 would be too tight across the toe. These are perfect at that point thought a little on the long side, as you can see from the slight gap at the heel. The straps around the ankle are a little short and could be about a quarter inch longer with one more notch to buckle.




I wearing these today with some cropped jean and they have been comfortable so far, with the exception of the strap, which I moved to the last notch.


~ Gemma Tortoise Flats, size 6 1/2 ~

I’ve finally found some Tortoise shoes I will wear. The Gemma are a PVC upper with leather lining and sole. There are three little holes at the arch, for a little airflow I’m sure. There’s a little protector at the toe tip inside the shoe that you can barely notice. The size 6 1/2 works for me in the Gemma. I slip out of the size 7s. I haven’t worn these yet and am worried about one reviewer online who said that hers started cracking. I’ll certainly report back if there are any issues found after wearing them for a bit.




I kept both the Printed Multi-Strap Sandals and the Gemma Tortoise Flats as they were at the top of my wishlist. I tend to wear solid-colored heels and didn’t think I would get enough wear from the Elsie Pumps in Mixed Plaid and Elsie Plaid Pumps with Bow.

Happy Shoes-Day!

Don’t you just love Spring? Birds are out. Weather is warming up. Flowers are blooming. And allergies are abundant. I was hit again with allergy issues when something blew in Monday evening. One minute I am perfectly fine. The next, I can’t stop sneezing. It’s windy today so all that does it swirl around all the pollen goodies to make everything worse. Yay Spring! But I’ll take it over cold and dreary any day.

~ Elsie Leopard Pumps, size 6 1/2 ~

I really love the Elsie and originally bought the size 7 in the Jeweled Feather Print. They fit me just fine. At least I thought they did until I tried on the Leopard in a 6 1/2. That half size down is a much better fit. This Leopard print is in Satin and the pair I tried on had the print almost matching on each shoe. The heel, though at almost 4 inches, is pretty comfortable to walk in. Unfortunately, the Jeweled Feather Print were final sale so I’ll need to make them work. I did get them at $150 and they are truly gorgeous.





~ Elsie Fabric Knotted D’Orsay Pumps, 6 1/2 ~

Because I tried the 6 1/2 in the Leopard, I ordered the same size in the D’Orsay Pumps. I really loved this print and the knotted bow was a nice detail. I thought these would go well with dark jeans and my new LBD. But in the d’orsay, I need to size back up to my normal 7. They were really tight across the top. I knew no amount of stretching or walking in them to stretch them out would make them fit. It makes sense as there’s no toe cleavage on these, like there is on the Leopard Pump. I had to return them.





~ Sloan Plaid D’Orsay Flats w/Bow, size 6 1/2 ~

I loved these Sloan flats. It’s actually the print as I want the Elsie Pump in the same print desperately. Surprisingly, the 6 1/2 fit really well. I think because my foot is not being forced to the front of the shoe by gravity. This wasn’t tight across the top at all. I’d stick with the 6 1/2.




~ Plaid Espadrille, size 7 ~

I was really hoping these espadrilles would work in place of the Sloan Flats. And, I wanted to take them on my trip with me. But the size 7 were really tight across the top of the foot. I know the cotton wouldn’t stretch enough to make the Plaid Espadrille more comfortable. They don’t come in half sizes and the size 8 would be too long so I had to return them. The sole is not all rubber so if you step in water, the jute will swell for a bit until it dries out.



~ J Crew Factory Gingham Espadrille, 6 1/2 ~

I bought these with the Gilt City coupon and couldn’t be happier with them. They are just like the retail Seville Espadrilles and I ordered a 6 1/2. Perfect fit! I wear my Seville’s all Summer long. They are so comfortable to walk in and great for date night with a pair of bermuda shorts or fun skirt. The bottom on these is all rubber. This is probably the only thing I’ll get in the Gingham.


I returned the Walkway Sweater Dress but made a walk around the store before completing the transaction. I found the Orson Loafer and really liked them.

~ Orson Loafer in Leopard, size 6 1/2 ~

They are a different print and colors from the Darby Loafers that I have from J Crew. The shoe itself looks a bit more masculine and the tongue comes up a bit higher on the foot. I will say they are a stiffer and may need a little breaking in.


I tried on both the 6 1/2 and 7 in the Orson Loafer and found the size 7 to be a bit loose and long in the toe box. I chose the 6 1/2, which is a 1/2 size smaller than my normal size. I only tried them on but they felt comfortable in that brief amount of time. I’ll report back once I wear them for a longer period of time.


The calf hair is very fine and the pattern looks printed on satin instead of tiny hairs. It’s only until you touch it that you realize it’s calf hair.


I’m excited to wear these soon. The Darby Loafers I have are a tan and brown pattern, very different from these camel and black.


Shop other flats at Madewell…

I also like these boots too.

Have you tried the Orson Loafer? Currently, you can take 25%off with code YOUGOTTHIS on these and all my picks above.

During the Black Friday weekend Asos had a pretty good promo so I finally ordered the Minkie Loafer in Tortoise. I didn’t want them to be alone in the box and have been looking for a flat black bootie so I also ordered the Airbound Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots.

~ Minkie Loafer in Tortoise, size 7 ~

I’m so very sad as this size was too small. I knew as soon as I pulled them out of the box that they wouldn’t fit. I put on the left shoe and the Minkie Loafer was so tight. They don’t come in half sizes so I would have to size to a 38. I think they would be fine in that size though and not loose at all. Especially considering how tight they really felt.


Oh, but I love the coloring of the patent. I like the lighter brown and tan as opposed to the darker colors of the Collins Tortoise Loafer. And the effect looks like a watercolor painting. The patent finish didn’t look cheap or plastic. The sole is a little thick but still flat. From what I could tell when I had the shoe on, it was really comfortable.


They are only $51 so I will re-order them in the size 8. Asos only allows returns, not exchanges. You have to re-order if you need another size. In hindsight, I should have ordered two sizes, especially since I had not tried shoes from Asos before. They also come in Black Croc and Tan.


~ Asos Collection Asos Airbound Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot, size 7 ~

So these were a better fit in the size 7 and they do come in half sizes. I was already disappointed about the Minkie Loafer not fitting so I wasn’t as excited about these as I could have been. These area  pull-on bootie and the upper is real leather. Originally, I was worried my foot wouldn’t slide down into the bootie but because the sides have some elastic they did stretch.


I’m really not sure what type of flat black bootie I want but these were just a little too plain, I think, for my style.


I should have gone for the Riddles or the Oasis Premium boots.


So, I re-ordered the Minkie Loafer, size up, and returned the Chelsea Boots, true-to size. I will keep Asos in mind when looking for shoes.