Hope everyone has a day filled with treats and no tricks. Here’s what Husband and I dress up as for a little costume party.

He was “Blondie” from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 
My accessories.

This is actually the first time I’ve dressed up as Audrey Hepburn (or a character she played). Odd that I never thought of it before.

Oh…and one of the most original costumes I’ve seen.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

The thing about seeing people you haven’t seen in 20 years is that some people do not change. And there are others who have done a complete 180. I apparently was the latter. I was a shy, naive and didn’t voice my opinion very much. I’m the complete opposite now. (Guess I have to be if I have a blog, huh?) There were people who didn’t recognize me (it was the hair) until they saw my badge with my Senior picture on it. I had fun but people also acted exactly as I expected. So, like I said, some things never change. Especially in a small town.

I got Husband’s opinion on a few dresses and picked this LDB.

But then Husband didn’t get to the cleaners in time so he was going to wear jeans. I didn’t want to be too over-dressed so I switched to dark jeans and the J Crew Tiered Vintage Fleur Cami, GAP Essential Jeans and my red Louboutin’s.
Not the best smile but I had two “yahoos” doing bunny ears to each other. CRAZY!

I had fun.

Now, anyone know where my fairy god-mother is? Either her or those mice from Cinderella. I have guests this weekend and a wrecked house!

My 20-year high school reunion is starting now with a little tail-gating before the football game. I’m not there. I won’t go until the PAR-TAY tomorrow. And I’m stressing. Big time. I’m sure y’all can figure out why.

Closet full of clothes…

Nothing to wear!!!

I Polyvored these…

And I also bought this as an option.

AND…I have this too…


…You wash some clothes that are “dry-clean” or “hand-wash” only in your machine that has a “Hand-wash” setting?

Everything comes out great. The Silk Tiered Camis didn’t fray. The pencil skirts didn’t shrink. The beading on the tees didn’t fall off.

Now…what happens when you add this dress along with your light colors?

And toss in a few white items. Yes I said white.

Favorite Bermuda shorts

Great summer skirt

An ebay purchase I haven’t even worn yet.

Double HTF! (But I have another in a different size.)

And let’s throw in my favorite color Jackie.


Did I mention I also had these in the wash?

I really did cry.

Any way…This all happened before my birthday and party and family visiting. So I re-washed as quickly as I could with bleach. All, except for the whites, came out of the 2nd wash with no green or barely noticeable in natural light.

As for the whites, I was finally able to soak them in a water/bleach mixture today and re-wash with more bleach. (I know…very bad.) But everything now seems to be it’s original color. I took all of them outside for a good sun-dry and don’t see a spot of green anywhere.

Lesson learned.

But I’m glad to know I can wash those “dry-clean only” items in the machine on the “Hand-Wash” setting. I’ll just make sure to stick with the same colors. Even if that means washing one item at a time.

Have a great evening!