Not only can I not believe it’s December but that 2014 is almost over. I have just a few more gifts to wrap as well as decorate and put up the tree. Most stores last week had their Black Friday offerings early so I was able to grab a few items from Madewell last Monday.

~ Gemscape Layering Necklace ~

I am really into wearing layering necklaces right now. And if those necklaces are already layered for me, it’s even better. I like the rock and fringe mix of the Gemscape Layering Necklace. There are 3 jump rings to adjust the length as needed. 

~ Ensign Necklace ~

I would love to get the Ensign Necklace engraved with my initials. For now the plain flat surface will work, especially when layered with the Gemscape Necklace. This is one length, with no additional jump rings for adjusting.

~ Curvature Cuff Bracelet ~

I love the look of the Curvature Cuff Bracelet and spent about 15 minutes trying to find another bracelet that would be the best match with it. I settled on the Studded Rail Cuff Bracelet.

~ Triangle Ponytail Clip ~

I find it difficult to find cute clips or ponytail holders that I like. If I am going to be lazy and put my hair up I want to look cute doing it. These ponytail clips are perfect and so far, seem to hold all my hair without issue. I think there might be some issue if you have thinner hair, at least with the Triangle Ponytail Clip

I love these pieces as well. 
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In-Store, there was 25% off jewelry and the Early Black Friday promo of 25% off was stacked on top of it. 
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First off, I have to say I am one happy Momma right now. The Boy is home! I’ve missed him so much and it has been so hard to not have him close by. He says he’s doing well, made lots of new friends, as well as being accepted into the Fraternity he pledged. We went shopping yesterday! He said he needed a few more nicer clothes for his Chapter meetings and I was more than happy to oblige and spoil him. My heart is full!

Here is the most spot on SNL skit from this past Saturday, that rings true for not only The Boy, but all his friends coming home for Thanksgiving. Husband and I were half asleep when it came on but could not stop quoting what we could remember. As soon as we woke up this morning we searched for it online to watch it several more times. I give you “Back Home Ballers”. Use headphones and LOL!

I have been wanting a Transport Tote from Madewell for over a year. I just couldn’t decide on a color and wanted to try and get one with a promo or on sale. This year, there were several colors and styles offered including the Textured Transport Tote in Rock.

The tote was on promo and then an additional 30% off. It’s now been changed back to full-price so I was very lucky to get it. 
I love the color with the contrasting handles. I’ve been using it quite a bit filling it with everything. I took it on our beer tasting and stuffed it full with glasses, a scarf, gloves, water and other items. It was like Mary Poppins bag and never got full. 

There a single pocket on the interior that’s deep enough to hold a cell phone, lipstick, keys and a few other small items.

I am so glad I was able to find this tote. I love the color and isn’t like any color I already have. I don’t even mind the sagging at the bottom but eventually may look for an insert to put in the bottom. The only thing I regret was not being able to get it monogrammed. I’ll have to wait until the next one. 
Do you have a Transport Tote? Do you have a insert for it or just deal with the sagging on the bottom? 

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I was finally able to see the Transport Tote and Berliner Satchel in person. The Dark Cabernet is a gorgeous color and so well suited for my wardrobe. I would need to keep it organized though as a Tote is always a bottomless pit when I use it.

The Textured Transport Tote is on my wishlist. Almost all of my bags are made of a smooth or Saffiano leather. I think only one, my Bisbee Satchel, is pebbled leather. As you can see these two are the same color, Rock, but the leather color varies. The one in front looks more olive while the second looks like the color of a wet rock.

The Berliner Satchel is a nice in person in the English Saddle color. It’s nice and roomy on the inside. The difference between this and my Bisbee Satchel is that it has an exterior pocket on either side. One side is a flap pocket and the other a zip.

Right now, I have been very minimal in my bag usage, only carrying around my Tory Burch York Wristlet. Once I start holiday shopping I’ll switch back to a bigger bag.
Do you own either of these bags? How is the sagging on the bottom of the Transport Tote? 

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Husband and I went to see Bob at Sam’s last night. It was so much fun. We’ve seen him before with a band but he was solo this time around. So along with a yummy burger and tots we saw a great live show.

Sam’s Burger Joint is a cool little venue to hear some of your favorite singers. They have a music hall separate from the dining area but you can always order food during the show too. We saw Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison over the Summer. That was a great show too. They had their kids with them selling tees and CDs and such. Bruce is soooo tall and Kelly is just adorable. Not to mention, great artists.

Two pieces in my outfit are the last of my Madewell reviews from my visit Tuesday. The Madewell Leather Pocket T-Shirt Dress was perfect for a small concert.

I wore the dress with my Vintage Denim Jacket from J Crew and Old Navy Booties. I felt stylish and comfortable. I’m glad I brought the jacket because the venue was a little chilly. 

The dress is so lovely. It’s a poly/spandex blend and feels a little like crepe. The SA recommended I size down to a Small and he was right. The arms are just a bit snug but the fit is perfect everywhere else. The dress has a shirttail hem so the back is just a little longer than the front.

The Halfmoon Layering Necklace was longer than I thought it would be. I think I was expecting a shorter more delicate necklace. I’m glad it’s not. There are three jump rings to adjust the length. I have it on the very last one, to make it as long as possible. Necklaces like this one make it so easy to wear one every day. No deciding which necklace to layer with pearls or to select a short necklace to go with a longer one. Simple and easy. I like it!

Have a Great Saturday!

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This next set from Madewell include some random tops.

I like the look of this hoodie on the hanger but on me I thinks it’s a mess. I didn’t feel like me or very comfortable. It has too many things going on with it. The hoodie, which I forgot all about; the front pouch pocket; the short zipper in front along with the flap you can bring up and button. Not to mention the dropped shoulders that at least have the Fair Isle pattern matching with.

I liked the fit of this flannel shirt along with the gray and blue check pattern. It was just your standard fit, TTS. I’m not really into flannel shirts and currently don’t own any but I thinks it’s a good one to get. 

Linen for Fall is still weird to me. Both Madewell and J Crew are doing it and I’m not sure why. If not cared for properly the linen will shrink to doll-size. I should know as I’ve done it plenty of times. This shirt was just ok for me in general. As far as fit, you can see how tight the arms are but they are plenty long. I’d say this runs small but then sizing up one more would make the length and arms longer. The Linen Curveball Tee is meant for someone who’s not built like me.
~ Noir Sweatshirt, size??? ~
I forgot to take a picture of the tag but I want to say this is a Small. These looked pretty oversized on the hanger. I liked not only the comfort of this sweatshirt but the price. The dark gray is a nice color too. The “Noir” I think was faux leather but I wasn’t paying attention. sorry   Adding faux leather to the collar would have been a nice touch but probably would have jacked up the price about $30. 

Currently online only, Madewell is having a 25% off  “Wear Now” styles. Of the items I’ve reviewed, only the Boulevard Skirt is included in the promo. The Charley Boot in Night Vision is that navy boot I’ve been searching for. I also like the Texturework Cardigan in Marled Black as well as The Stockholm Tour Crop Sweatshirt. Lastly, I’d add the Silk Spotlight Shirt in Warm Bluegrass to my closet. I like quick and easy tops to wear alone or under cardis or sweaters. 

Have a Great Day!

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