I realized I’ve been getting dressed but haven’t posted any Que Bella’s. These two outfits are some favorites!

I couldn’t wait to wear this top and a friend’s Birthday Happy Hour was the perfect opportunity. I was a copy-cat pairing it with white shorts like the model from the Anthropologie Fashion Show.

~ Nimbin Peasant Blouse, Anthropologie by Tolani, (XS) ~
~ Thora in Lizard, Tory Burch(7) ~
~ Maccaw Clutch, Kate Spade Outlet ~

Another outfit that I LOVED was blatantly copied from Classy Girls Wear Pearls. Loved it on Sarah and on me! I wore this to the #JCrewStyleSession. I didn’t want to go full on Crew and the shorts did the trick. The necklace seems to be an in-store only item and a pendant version of the Crystal Compilation Necklace in Sunwashed Aqua.

Shorts: Milly Silk Pelican (8)
Necklace: J Crew Deco Pendant (in-store only)

I felt very boho in the first outfit and very chic in the second. 

I’m off to NYC right now! Follow me on Instagram @audreybellatx to see pics
from the trip. They will be on my side-bar as well if you don’t have IG. 

I thought I’d share the current bag I’m carrying with all my goodies inside. I used to prefer bags with lots of pockets but found that my purse ended up messy a lot. I would end up cleaning out all the trash and stuff every week. Then, I went with smaller purses so I wouldn’t accumulate a lot inside but realized I need more room so I needed a new strategy.

I immediately fell in lust with this true Navy Tory Burch Robinson Dome. It’s Saffiano leather with silver accents and patent leather handles and corners. Inside it is lined in jacquard and has a zip and two open pockets.
A peek inside…
Laying it all out for you. To stay organized I have several smaller bags for my stuff.
*Liberty Floral Zip Pouch (sold out but similar here) for make-up, lotion, and safety pins
*Kleenex, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bel Ami (LOVE THIS COLOR!), pen, favorite Trident gum
*Lacoste pouch for those monthly “visits” – I remove this and re-stock it immediately so I’m not scrambling around the next month.
*Kate Spade Made in the Shade Sunglasses Coin Purse – see below
*Keys with J Crew Lobster keychain
*Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviators – I keep these in one of the open pockets.
*Bottle opener – You never know when you’ll need one, especially if you find a cold bottled Coke on a hot summer day.
*Kate Spade Pasadena Neda Wallet (from the outlet) – similar
*Shoe keychain with store bonus/reward cards
*Kate Spade metallic pouch for receipts (from the outlet) – Love having my receipts in one place, especially when I’ve decided to return an item. This is the only thing I clean out each month. This smaller than the Gia…love the Comic Gia on sale now.
*Prayer card from my dad’s funeral
I stalked this lovely Kate Spade coin purse online for months. I waited and waited but couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Suddenly one day, last week, it disappeared from the main listing page. I immediately checked Sale and there it was. I was so happy because I also had a 15% off coupon. Yay for patience! Both the Key Fob and the Clutch are on sale too.

If I use a clutch I just take my ID, debit card, and lipstick and tuck in in there. I don’t need anything else for a clutch because I’m usually using it for a dressy or special occasion.

How do you organize your bag?

Last Friday, Husband and I attended one of his Christmas Dinner Party’s. Of course, it was super casual and I was going to be over-dressed in what I originally planned to wear.

Christmas Party

Christmas Party by audreybella featuring short sleeve shirts

So I had to change my outfit at the last minute and chose this instead.
I paired the Metallic Lace Tee from Anthropologie with old J Crew Wool Tuxedo Shorts and Kate Spade Blaire Glitter Peep-Toe Heels. First, the online image of this blouse does not do it justice. It is just as pretty as the catalog image. I would not have given this a second look if I had not seen this in-store. I have on a 6 and the fit is perfect. There was a matching Metallic Tulle Skirt and Moulinette Soeurs has the Glitzen Lace Peplum Top that uses the same lace in this top. So pretty!
The shoes I have been eyeing forever and when they finally went on sale they sold out in my size pretty quick. I really really wanted to try them so I ordered what was left, a 6 1/2 and am glad I did. These don’t fit like the Karolina heels, which I find TTS, but a little bigger. I ended up finding the size 7 as well which fit OK but I knew they would slip off since they were a little big. There is one flaw with these shoes, although I somewhat expected it since I’ve seen some of the other Kate Spade glitter products IRL. The glitter rubs off. You certainly don’t need a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way home…just follow the glitter. But I LOVE these shoes and am so happy I found them. And, a pair of Party Pumps were on my Fall shopping list.
I have another dinner party tonight and these will definitely be on my feet
What would you wear to a “casual” Christmas Party? Which, honestly, unless the invite says Pajamas, no Christmas Party should be “casual-wear”. Something sparkly should always be involved, don’t you agree?
Have a Great Day!

Just a quick post for today. I wore this to the office recently. Normally I wear a dress or a pencil skirt but felt like wearing jeans, albeit nice jeans, jeans none-the-less.

Jeans: Lucky Brand Legend High-Rise Trousers
Blouse: Kate Spade Striped Blaise Top, Size 8
Cardigan: J Crew Jackie in Beechwood
Shoes: J Crew Biella Heeled Loafer (first time wearing these)
The jeans have some stretch to them and due to the high-waist make me look taller, which is always a plus. The heels help with the new height of course. Talbots has a similar top called the Audrey-Collar Top in both solid and a pink-and-black stripe. I love the name too! But the difference is that the Talbots top is a Polyester Satin while the Kate Spade is Silk. 
Have a Great Day!

I posted my first item for sale on ebay last night. A pair of Christian Louboutin Ballerina Flats. I love them but have never worn them since they don’t fit. I know I shouldn’t have bought them but I had been coveting them for so long and when I found them at the outlet I had to have them. Size was something I could work out. But, alas, that was not the case.

Of course, I did this after I spent too much money shopping today. I was only going to J Crew to try on a dress and order the other color it came in. But, J Crew is in the mall and I had a coupon for Victoria’s Secret (free panty) and Banana Republic (25% off $100 or more) and wanted to stop by Sak’s to see if they had the Nanette Lepore dress.
J Crew: I tried on the Embossed Cotton Dip-Dye Lorelei dress in Papaya and the Ombre’ Lorelei dress in Mineral Grey. I ordered the Dip-Dye Lorelei dress in Navy.

They were both very pretty and summery. I don’t know if J Crew does this for all their strapless dresses but there was a band in the back, like on a bra, that you hooked for more support. I’m always worried with strapless dresses that I will not have enough support to keep it held up and it will fall at the most in-opportune time. But this was supportive and I did remember to wear a strapless bra with it too. I don’t have any fears that this will fall off me.
V/S: Naturally, some more undergarment staples-bras and panties. I did buy two of their Bio-Fit bras – a regular one and the 7-way one but I haven’t tried them on yet.
Banana Republic: I bought a silver multi-chain necklace and a halter giraffe print top.

Sak’s: This is the other upscale department store we have in the area. It was here way before the Neiman Marcus showed up and has a much better shoe salon (IMO). They also had a 30% off sale. I breezed through the women’s and shoe side before heading to J Crew knowing I’d have to go back through on my way out. I’m glad I did. I found some pretty, royal blue Kate Spade heels on sale. I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow with my yellow Tabitha tunic I bought at Anthropologie. I found some nice Cole Haan’s for my mom – a late mother’s day present. I saw all the beautiful Louboutin’s they had along with Jimmy Choo’s! I did look for my Nanette Lepore dress I wanted but couldn’t find it there.


This is the Nanette Lepore dress I’m lusting over. It’s called the Helios Tunic Dress

 I ended up ordering it online from Neiman Marcus. I didn’t want it to “get away” because I know I won’t be able to find it again. I hope it’s just a gorgeous in real life and that it fits!
NOW I have to be done with shopping, right? I do have to work in the office tomorrow so I might stop by the outlet mall and check out Barney’s and NM Last Call.
We shall see!