About every 6 weeks or so I find myself without Husband and The Boy for the day and evening. Some of those days I’ll just relax and stay home and enjoy doing nothing. Other days I’ll go shopping, spending more time in a store taking IRL pics than I normally would. These days are always unexpected and sometimes I don’t know until that day that I’ll be all by myself.

This past Saturday was one of those days so I ventured to the Outlet Mall to check out the new arrivals at the J Crew Factory and a few other stores, including Kate Spade. Most of the store was 50% off, including clothes and shoes and the rest was 40%.

I found the Grove Court Lainey in a beautiful Aqua color. It reminds me of the J Crew Biennial Tricolore Medium Satchel without the middle zipper. I like that the middle is open and the two side-zip areas can keep your wallet secure.


There is plenty of storage and not only does the middle section have two side pocket but so does one of the zipper sections.

I’ve been needing a new travel case and this one was 40% off $95. It’s similar to the current Carlisle Street Large Marit. It comes with a separate case that fits inside. Perfect for make-up, make-up brushes or those liquid items that might leak.

This Martini Gia is made for the Factory as the retail version was patent faux leather and this is canvas. It was 50% making it $24.50.

You should know by now that I’m obsessed with the coin purses that come out and I was able to find the Champagne Bottle Coin Purse and the Cat Mask Coin Purse. Both were 50% off. The Champagne Bottle was the only one left in the store. I have the Sunglasses and the Owl as well.


I’ve also needed a new card holder for a while and this one is perfect. I use a wallet daily but switch to something like this for travel or going out. Again, it was also 50% off and came in a few colors such as Ivory and Hot Pink.

The Bubbles theme was one of my favorites of December. I have the phone case and my iPad wallpaper is also the same print. I found this Lacey wallet, again 50% off, and love that the coin section is multi-pocketed as well.

This little pouch is perfect for receipts. I already have a gold one and will be gifting this to a family member.

Lastly, the jewelry was buy more save more. I found a Rose Gold Hand in Hand Idiom Bangle that will go with my Pop Fizz Clink bangle. The Boys Make Passes Idiom Bangle is pairs well with my Goreski Glasses Bracelet.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my Factory Finds!

I’m sure you are all wondering what outfit I chose to wear for New Year’s Eve. I chose the top portion of outfit #3 with the Gold Stripe Mini Skirt as the bottom portion. BUT! I forgot the most important rule of outfit planning…

Make sure your clothes are CLEAN!

The Ruffled Rhinestone Top was dirty but I couldn’t tell until after I had ironed it. So, with some help from Husband, I decided on outfit #4, minus the necklace. I wasn’t able to get very many good pics of the full outfit but here’s the Instagram pic.

Catalina and I with one of the party Hostesses.

I accessorized with my Kate Spade Pop, Fizz, Clink Idiom Bangle, C. Wonder Stencil Initial Letter Cuff and J Crew Crystal Shimmer Earrings.

So next time I’m outfit planning I will do laundry first!

Have a Great Day!

This year I tried my best to post a lot more outfits aka Que Bella’s. Here are some of my favorites.

January – I loved pairing the City Mini in Dublin Tartan with the Navy Tippi. It made is less of a Christmas skirt.

February – Best thing I ever did was have these Cafe’ Capri Pants hemmed.

March – March was as blur as Dad had just passed away. I think this was my first real outfit of the month.

April – This was my anniversary outfit. I’ve since sold the dress in favor of the skirt and the heels are Louboutin.

May – Another outfit that didn’t make it to the blog but was one of my very favorites of the year.
Tipped Linen Schoolboy Blazer, Embroidered Eyelet Tank, Matchstick Ankle Jeans, Seville Wedges, Elephant Necklace

June – This Deco Pendant had such wonderful colors in it. Some of my favorite jewelry pieces this year weren’t issued online.

June New York Trip – The Tipped Linen Schoolboy and the Embroidered Eyelet Tank make their appearance again, this time with a Seersucker Pencil Skirt and Cece Ballet Flats. I had a Short-Sleeve Cardigan under the blazer which was perfect for the afternoon.

August – My first Madewell purchase which prompted me to get another in October while in California. This skirt is so very neon and the shape is beautiful.

September – Simple Navy and Ivory is what made this a favorite for September.

October – Everything about this outfit is comfortable but I felt so chic in it.

October Vegas Trip – A snapshot of these two made it to Instagram.
1) Lucky Brand Leather Tee, Fluted Skirt, Kate Spade Clutch, Janey Flats
2) Sequin Scoopneck Tee, Cafe’ Capri in Tile Jacquard, Janey Flats
October California Trip  – An all gray day on Halloween

November – The Schoolboy Blazer in Black is a fast favorite in my closet along with the in-store only Dorado Necklace.

December One and Two – There were two outfits that I loved!

I promised I put on decent clothes in July but I think I lived mostly in shorts, tee and swimsuits.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this year in review. I cannot wait to style for next year!

Happy New Year!

Kate Spade is having 30% off your entire purchase through Sunday. This is for all brands and includes the Outlet stores. Below are my picks, some I’ve already purchased and others I’m mulling over before Sunday.

Cinema City Samira – I found this at the Outlet last month and it was perfect for my Vegas trip. 
No Sleep Til Brooklyn Bangle – This is my favorite and my Fit Twin has it too! 
Shoe in Charm Bracelet – Why would I NOT get this? 
Required Reading Bon ShopperShopWithM reviewed this and I love it too! It is on my Wishlist. 
Charm Heels in Leopard – The Charm Heels are always adorable with their slingback strap, peep-toe and bow in front. 
Square Tote in Windowpane – I have this in White and it was the perfect travel companion fitting my Mini-Brompton, Snacks, Magazines, Umbrella and Scarf. I’m considering the Olive color now. It has two side pockets that fit a rolled magazine, water bottle, yoga mat, etc.

I’m a skirt person and the Perfect Circle Mini in Wool is a serious contender to be added to my closet. Just need to decide on a color…Moss or Blue?

And I can’t forget The Boy and Husband.

Have you taken a look at the Kate Spade family offerings? Sale items +30% off are really good deals. 

With Kate Spade having a promo last week, (ended Sunday) on both regular priced items and sale I placed an order and then a second when I found a few other items I wanted to see.

Goreski Glasses Ring – I missed out on this ring last Spring so I was happy to see it back in the Fall. I saw the Bracelet in-store and thought it was just adorable. This is about as Hipster as I’m going to get.

Dictionary Phone Book for iPhone – I preferred this in the Blue as opposed to the Brown but this didn’t work for me for one small reason. If you will notice in the 2nd and 3rd pics below there is a hole for the camera but it’s not wide enough for the flash. I use my phone for pictures all the time and use the flash quite a bit as well. I’d have to take the phone out of the case to take a pic with flash which defeats the purpose for me. I’m so sad because I love the color and it has a cute little Owl on it. This is perfect to slip a few cards and cash in and head out.

Owl Coin Purse – I used my Made in the Shade Coin Purse through the Spring and Summer so I decided to get a new one for Fall and Winter. This little Owl is perfect for whatever change I might carry around.

Cobble Hill Brandice – Lastly, I found this micro-mini cross-body bag that fits my phone, cards and some cash…maybe my lipstick too. After my trip to Las Vegas using the Brompton Mini-Hobo I realized I needed something just a bit smaller. I love my mini-Bromptons but this smaller cross-body will be perfect for shopping and it fits inside my Brompton.

Did you get anything from the Kate Spade sales?