First off…CONGRATS TO THE TEXAS RANGERS!!! World Series – Here we come!

Now on to the reviews and pics. I’ve collaged the pics and will try to do these in groups. Since I started with skirts (Taffeta Marvelle Mini) I’ll continue with them.
Crinkled Tier Mini – Very cute. I liked the fit of the 8 a little better since there is no give in the waistband. Online it looks like the skirt was steamed and more poofy. As you can see there isn’t too much difference in length between the 6 & 8. Would look really cute with tights. 

Silk Bubble Mini – Tried on in the Olive Moss and it also comes in Warm Taupe. I loved this. I bought the Bubble Paisley Mini over the summer and wore it constantly. It looks cute with the Lisette Lace Shell and the Drapey Sequin Tank. I’m wearing the Medium and it fits great. It has an elastic waistband so you can adjust to wear it lower on your waist/hips.

Moss Tweed Mini – Cute but WAY TOO SHORT! I’m sure it would look cute with tights but a pass for me. Almost no difference in length between the 6 and 8. Also, the waist, for me, was a little snug in the 6.

Sunnie Pencil Skirt – Online description – The perfect cubicle-to-cocktails piece, our famously slimming pencil skirt in a richly textured, mellow-yellow tweed (a warmer alternative to winter’s starker shades of blacks, whites and greys).” This is a golden color online. As you can see with the middle picture (taken with flash), the golden yellow is very subdued on the skirt IRL. But I loved the skirt. It’s a shorter length (22 inches according to online) and the fit was amazing. The color on the tag was the same color online, so from what I can figure out there is not an “in-store” vs. “online” color. (Unless GMU also means Gray Multi and not Gold Multi.)

More to come over the weekend as I have time. I have tees, camis/tops, and a few dresses coming up.

Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence. Work has been, well, work. So much that I needed to make an office trip Wednesday. I haven’t been in to my office since the end of April so I was due to go in for a day. Going in meant two things. 1)..Wearing a new item, particularly one of my new pencil skirts; and 2) Stopping by the J’Crewlet, where dina found some goodies I had to see in person.

So the first part will be taken care of below. I will post later today or tomorrow the outlet finds.

Here’s the Polyvore.

And how I wore it.

(I don’t have the bag but I saw it IRL and it is gorgeous!)

I am so happy with this outfit, except for one thing. The tank had a rouge ribbon that stuck straight out in the most inappropriate place. AND, it was right where it could be covered by the cardi, or not. So I need to do a little stitching to lay that sucker back down.

Have a great day!

Every post should probably have that title. I think I go by my store at least once a week. There were a few new arrivals I tried on today.

But first…my first OOTD.

Dress: Picked up in a boutique in Chattanooga
Shoes: Miss Trish of Capri for Target
Then, OMG!, so freaking HOT! Long story short, our “older” car has no A/C. In Texas, that’s considered a sin in some parts. It’s really not so bad until you stop and wait at a light. So, I changed into this when I got home.
Shirt: Max & Molly Tee J Crew
Skirt: Cotton Cavalry Skirt J Crew
Belt: J Crew
Shoes: J Crew Caribe

Now on to the IRLs.

Ruffled Carly Dress – This comes in Navy and White. I’ve been looking for a white casual dress and this is so cute. The Navy is a 6 and the White is a 4. I like the fit of the 6 but the 4 would work as well (there was no size 6 in store in the White).

Flourette Pencil Skirt – Size 6 – This is a great print in a linen/silk blend. Size up at least one size maybe two; this runs tight on the hips. See it on dinagideon.

Ink Blossom Pencil Skirt – Size 6 – This is my normal size and the fit is great. If I didn’t have the Wildcat Ombre I would have bought this.

Island Paisley Perfect Shirt – Size 8 – With all of the J Crew “vanity sizing” going on, the perfect shirts are always the same. I have to get an 8 to accommodate my shoulders. The 6 is tight and I’ll either pop a button or a sleeve seam (LOL!).

Island Paisley Pocket Cardigan & Cotton Calvary Skirt (Sales $19.99 in store, at least mine) – Size M, Cardi; Size 6, Skirt – I almost never size down in cardis or sweaters. Medium is always my size. Cute print, just like the Perfect Shirt but a little more saturated.

Island Paisley Bubble Skirt & Perfect Fit Stripe Boatneck – Skirt/Shirt – Size M – Run to get this shirt. OMG! This is so comfy and soft. I love it. See it on Debye. The skirt is short. Shorter than the standard minis but it is just too cute. All the SAs said it would be fine, so I brought it home with me to try it out. The waistband is elastic but doesn’t really look right sitting directly on the hips. I am still unsure about this skirt but, OMG!, TOO CUTE.

See what I mean!

My store had tons of stuff on sale. Starfish print shorts, lots of tees, lots of scarves, lots of cardis (no Jackies),  Frankie Mini Dress (see it on yogagirl), just tons of stuff. I bought the Calvary Skirt and the Watercolor Garden Shell. And I just went for a return. 🙂

Have a GREAT evening!

Readers – I’ve been so busy I haven’t been very good about getting dressed for the day. I’ve been all about the shorts and tees. (But not Nike shorts. Those are for working out only.)

I’ve been waiting to wear this skirt since I purchased it and actually tried on this shirt with the skirt in the store. One of the make SA’s gave me the same color belt, but skinny, to try with it.

Tee: J Crew
Skirt: J Crew Wildcat Ombre Pencil Skirt
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Miss Sixty
The shirt is the Vintage Cotton Tee and is truly NEON PINK. It doesn’t really look that way in the pics but trust me. I was glowing without a black-light. I do like the belt with it and Husband actually liked the whole outfit, which is not normal. The only part I don’t really like are the shoes. I’m still on the hunt for some black sling-back heels of some kind.
Have a great day!

I sure do. Especially when you have been waiting for a specific skirt or shirt to reach that sale price, whatever it might be, so long as it is not anywhere near the full price.

J Crew has updated their sale section and I finally was able to grab the Surf Tweed Charter Skirt for $79.99 (not including the 20% off) down from $138.

I also purchased the Coral Reef Tank in Ivory ($39.99 from $110).

The Torque Moto Cardigan in Navy ($39.99 from $118).
AND, the Sequin Starland Tank in Neon Quartz ($99.99 from $138). I know this has been on sale for a while but I finally pulled the trigger with the 20% off so it was actually $79.99.
Happy Shopping!