I really haven’t been to Anthropologie in a while. J Crew has been taking all my shopping time but I did have the afternoon to myself so I stopped by. I took a quick tour around the store and nothing really caught my eye so I headed to the sale section. Lots of stuff on sale and great stuff too! (See my Arribada Current Dress purchase below.)

Here are the rest of my purchases, all on sale.

Drifting Jasmine Skirt – $49.95, Size 6 – This is high-waisted on me but I don’t mind it. The length is perfect and the pattern is so vibrant IRL.

Elevenses Snapshot Jacket – $39.95 – Gigi just reviewed this comparing it with the J Crew Dauphine Jacket.
Size 8 – This fits me well in the shoulders and waist (when buttoned). A 6 would have been too small, as most jackets are for me.

Girls from Savoy Bindwood Blouse – $49.95, Size 6 – The detail on it has tiny holes throughout (I’m wearing a nude bra although you’d think it was white). This is a pull-over with no zip or button on it. I do like it but I’m still debating on whether or not to keep it.

Also, from J Crew, the Canterbury Bells Mini skirt. This print is on a pencil skirt (and cardi) online and I debated which one I should get. I may still get the pencil skirt and I’ll need the will-power to stay away from shorts in this pattern if they make it. When I love a pattern I buy multiples (Cocodrillo-pencil skirt, shorts; Watercolor Pastiche – pencil skirt, shorts, heels!;  Rose Vines – perfect shirt, shorts)…see what I mean.

Size 6 – Style #26581, $69.50 – This is like most of J Crew’s mini skirts. The back zipper is exposed like the Nori Jacquard mini and I measured the length down the middle front at 15 3/4-16 inches. I love the pattern on this. It would look great in a flow-y skirt, like the Monterrey or Shirred Deco. I tried on the 8 but the length was only about a 1/4 inch difference and it bunched in the front when I walked.

Close-up of the basket-weave and pattern.

Have a great day!