Last Saturday, I attended a family wedding. I specifically picked the Scalloped Dress to wear. I originally reviewed it here and loved it this time around as opposed to the Spring. I added my Etta Printed Cap Toe and my Pave’ Link Bracelet and Necklace.

Me and my Baby Brother
This was the first time I wore my Etta’s and had not planned on standing for 2 hours straight. That put a little more strain on my feet than I had anticipated and they were off as soon as I got in the car. I was good in them, standing, walking around and sitting, for about 3 1/2 hours so I think they will handle an 8 hour work day since I don’t stand all day. 
I love my new little LBD but I do have to be careful not to bend over. It’s a bit short, or so Husband tells me. Yikes!
Do you have a favorite LBD? 

Last Saturday, I spent a foggy, drizzly day at a beautiful family wedding in Austin. There was an early ceremony and then a break until the dinner and reception. Most of us “youngins” hung out in the bar while our parents were in the father-of-the-bride’s suite.

UT Tower: Just as pretty in the fog.
Me, my Aunts and Cousins chilling in the bar.

As you can see, I wore the Jules in Botanical. I was lucky enough to find this in a size 8 when the 40% off was still going on, making it $120. I spent another $30 on alterations and I just love it. The 8 is a perfect fit in the arms and shoulders. The length is just at the knee, very non-Jules. I had the sleeves shortened to 3/4-length and the sides taken in to give it some shape with a slight curve. It came out perfect! I added just my Pave’ link bracelet and my trusty Babette heels to finish the look. 
Tons of compliments on the dress, and whole outfit, along with a great band with lots of dancing made for a fabulous wedding. I love spending time with my family! We are a crazy bunch!

The Jules Dress is one of my favorites from J Crew. I know the length on those over 5’3″ can be escandaloso or indecent but for a shorty like me, it’s perfect.

I wore this to dinner with Husband and some friends a few Fridays ago. We ate at NAO which is the student-staffed restaurant for the Culinary Institute of America – San Antonio and located at the renovating Pearl Brewery. After dinner we headed next door to the Blue Box Bar where I had a delicious Champagne Cocktail…or two.

I kept the outfit plain and simple with the Pave’ Link Bracelet and Babette Heels.

I do think this dress will look good as a tunic and wish the weather would cool off so I can add a belt, leggings and black boots. Too bad JC didn’t add the pattern to a pencil skirt. It would’ve sold like hotcakes.

Have a Great Day! And Go Vote if you haven’t done so already!

I love Central/South Texas Fall weather, when it finally arrives. It
means that it’s now cool enough to wear some light layering and BOOTS! I
have become very picky with my boots selection making sure I have the
right style, color and that, most importantly, they fit over my thick
calves. It’s so disappointing to try on a pair I’ve fallen in love with
only to find they won’t zip all the way up. Pull-on styles are the worst
for me as I eventually will split the seam. But when I do find the
right ones I’m excited to wear them as much as I can.

was an office visit day. With the weather having cooled significantly
(90 to 60 overnight!) I was happy to break out the wool and boots. Of
course, this being Texas, you have to dress for the temps to heat up by
mid-day, so light layering really is required.

My love for the JC Blythe Blouse is Polka-Dot is undying. I think the shade of white and the light gray dots are perfect. Any darker and it might not have worked. I don’t think I would have like any other colors together either. If I could get away with wearing this daily I would. It’s perfect alone or layered under every color or pattern, IMO. I added the Tippi Sweater in Navy. Not sure why I never originally owned it in this color but Gigi discussed it at one point (sorry can’t find the link) and I realized I did need it. I have the S/S Cashmere Tee in Navy but that’s a little thicker. The Tippi is thinner and great for laying or wearing alone.

I also couldn’t wait to break out my JC Wool Pencil Skirt in Viridian Green. Such a gorgeous shade of green going well with Navy. I added my new Corso Como Samual Boots in Brandy, purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. My go-to Classic Pavé Link Bracelet and Loft Link Necklace finished the look. I wear this bracelet ALL.THE.TIME. The CPW is coming down almost daily.

I did something different in dressing too. I tucked in both my blouse and sweater. I am not a “tucker-inner” type, especially with an outer layering piece. I always feel like a belt is needed when I tuck but I think this looks nice and possibly lean.

Have a Great Day!

Second day in the office and I decided to wear jeans since I rarely do when traveling to offices. I love my Lucky Brand Jeans from last year. The denim is comfortable and stretchy and a nice dark wash.

The shirt is from J Crew Factory, the Stripe Silk Double-Pocket Blouse (Sz S). For accessories I added my new Loft Necklace, the Classic Pavé Link Bracelet from JC and my Ann Taylor Leopard Booties.

Nice and simple but I still felt dressy. The shirt is not the crepe-de-chine like the Retail version but it is 100% Silk and has a nice feel to it. I am finding that I am gravitating to these Silk button-down blouses as they are easy to style, wear and layer (eventually).

J Crew heard my calls for a necklace version of the Pavé bracelet. I knew if they did one it would be around that price point too. I can’t wait to see it in person. If it’s anything like the bracelet I know I’ll love it. I am not one to wear jewelry very often but I am finding that I am reaching for this bracelet a lot. LOVE IT!!

Have a Great Weekend!