Que Bella – Dinner With Friends

The Jules Dress is one of my favorites from J Crew. I know the length on those over 5’3″ can be escandaloso or indecent but for a shorty like me, it’s perfect.

I wore this to dinner with Husband and some friends a few Fridays ago. We ate at NAO which is the student-staffed restaurant for the Culinary Institute of America – San Antonio and located at the renovating Pearl Brewery. After dinner we headed next door to the Blue Box Bar where I had a delicious Champagne Cocktail…or two.

I kept the outfit plain and simple with the Pave’ Link Bracelet and Babette Heels.

I do think this dress will look good as a tunic and wish the weather would cool off so I can add a belt, leggings and black boots. Too bad JC didn’t add the pattern to a pencil skirt. It would’ve sold like hotcakes.

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