I would have thought that being organized with my outfits would have helped me during The Boy’s Graduation Week but it was so crazy that it was easier to throw on shorts and tees to get things done. I’m back on track this week though.

This week features Tory Burch, including my London Blouse, shoes, possibly my new White Jeans and a new Tunic. I’ll review those in another post. I am in the office a few days as well so I needed to include something that I was appropriate.

~ Linen Botanical Tank, J Crew (BR Factory, BR FactoryCarven, ~
~  Brandyce Tunic, Tory Burch ~
~ London Blouse, Tory Burch ~
~ J Crew Pleated Short, J Crew (JC, Factory)
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Perfect Form Crop Pant, White House/Black Market ~
~ Sadie Metallic Slingbacks, Tory Burch ~
~ Nori Wedges, Tory Burch ~
~ Amalie Sandals, Tory Burch ~
And here’s today’s look. I missed out on the Linen Botanical Tank originally and waited patiently for the Factory offered it to no avail (not yet at least). I ended up finding this one on ebay. Comfortable, simple and chic – my kind of outfit.
Have a Great Day!

And did you hear? My San Antonio Spurs handily beat the Heat!

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The next 5 weeks are going to be super busy. To make at least getting dressed a no-brainer I’ve decided to do a mini-Remix each week. This will accomplish a few things. First, I only have 6-7 items to wear for the week. Second, I will force myself to include my new purchases from the last few weeks, bringing down the Cost-per-wear. Lastly, it will help me decide what else I need to purge from my closet.

With the help of my Stylebook App, I have created Looks for each week. In those Looks, I’ve pulled 6-7 items, not including shoes. I will try to use the same 2-3 pairs of shoes for the week. I even have a Black & White week set up with only one t-shirt included! I tend to buy Navy over Black clothing so that week will be interesting. The other thing is I’ve tried to incorporate something I’ll wear for the special event of that week. This way, I’m not deviating from my original choices.

Here are the items for this week. I would call this my Blue & White with a pop of color week.

without shoes
with the shoes
~ Puff-Sleeve Blazer, J Crew ~
~ Zora Tee, Tory Burch ~
~ Lidia Linen Polo, Tory Burch ~
~ Silk Gingham Sleeveless Top, J Crew (Velvet, Mango) ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Audra Sandals, Tory Burch ~
~ Gilda Skirt, Kate Spade (Tommy Bahama, J Crew) ~
~ Hampton Pant in Emerald Medallion, Banana Republic ~
And here is today’s look, the first day for this week. I purchased the Lidia Linen Polo during the Tory Burch Friends & Family. I just love the ruffle at the collar and button-placket! I could honestly wear these jeans every single day. I really really need to get another pair!
~ Lidia Linen Polo, Tory Burch ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Seville Wedge Espadrilles, J Crew ~
And a sneak peek for the next few weeks. Depending on how I feel this is going I may modify it some.
Mother’s Day

Black & White Week
College Grad Party
The Boy’s Grad Party
I’m excited to try this out, having been inspired recently by ABC. She just puts together outfits so well in her capsules (scroll down on the right-hand side of her page).
Have a Great Day!

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Green is my favorite color. It’s a color that always makes me smile when I see it. Kelly Green is my favorite shade but I’ll take any Green I can get. So, when I saw this Tory Burch Lidia Polo in Leaf Green I knew it had to be added to my closet.

I had on my Jello Mold Bracelet before I had to take it off. It was interfering with my typing for work, but here’s the Insta.

~ Lidia Polo Shirt, Tory Burch (here, dress, L/S, linen) ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jeans, Tory Burch ~
~ Martina Metallic Wedges, J Crew ~
~ Jello Mold Bracelet, J Crew ~

Have a Great Day!

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Wow! I haven’t done a Que Bella post since {Henny Penny} so here is a sampling of what I’ve been wearing. There have been a lot of days where I am just wearing lounge clothing due to the cold weather. So so sick of it and will welcome 100 degrees and hot sun any day!

Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity to wear my red Tory Burch Alexa Cropped Denim. I paired it with my Marc x Marc Jacobs Flirty Zebra Tee, a gift from by friend Catalina. I added the Jackie Cardigan in White and my black Cece Flats.


I love the Cleo Silk Tunic and have already worn it twice since purchasing it. The print, the feel of the dress, the length are just perfect. And, I can pig out and no one will notice. Wearing with my Lanvin Wedge Espadrilles.

I found the Banana Republic Sloan Windowpane Pants on sale in January but in a size 6. I tried them on, just-in-case, and woo hoo! they fit. I paired it with a Merino Pocket Tunic and the Factory Sylvia/Martina Wedges.

My last day in the office was pretty nice outside and I was able to wear my new Boden Great White Shirt with a Jackie Cardigan in Navy. I paired my Everly T-Straps with my Tory Burch Cropped Skinny Jeans.

This last outfit I absolutely loved! I felt very comfortable in it and it felt very me. Not necessarily the ruffles but the cool shirt with a cardigan, skinny jeans and heels. Now if I can just recreate that look with other items in my closet. Classic, simple, with awesome shoes!

Have a Great Day!

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