I was in my office for a couple of days this past week and didn’t feel like getting too dressed up. I knew I wanted to be casual but put together without wearing a dress or skirt so I decided on jeans for both days.

I love the Draped Plaid Top though, as I mentioned in the review, there is a little snap button on the inside in the back holding the drape together. Well, if you stretch or move your arms too far away from your body that snap will un-snap. It happened several times throughout the day. Though, the drape does not open enough to expose skin or bra I felt a little uncomfortable knowing my shirt was unbuttoned, at least until the 4th or 5th time it un-snapped. Then I was over it and left it alone. I still love the blouse but should have road-tested it at home before wearing it to work.

The belt is from J Crew and is Navy! You don’t know you need a navy colored belt until you see it. Originally I thought it was black, until I looked at the tag. I knew I’d wear it a lot so I bought it at FP. And these Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle jeans are amazing. The wash for Fall is Stardust and I will definitely be getting a pair. 
~ Draped Plaid Top, Anthropologie ~
~ Pilcro Stet Slim Ankle Jeans, Anthropologie ~
~ Terah Heels, Anthropologie {review} ~
End of the day Elevator Selfie
I wasn’t able to get a full shot of my next outfit by this is the Stylebook Look. The Linen Perfect Shirt is from last year, in Brilliant Blue. I thought the Cleo Loafers were perfect to finish this casual look. 

 ~ Linen Perfect Shirt in Crosshatch, J Crew ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jeans, Tory Burch ~
~ Cleo Fabric Loafers, J Crew {review} ~

Hope you have a Great Weekend!

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Here are a few outfits from my Week 6 Capsule Remix. I loved the Photo Floral Tap Shorts and the Zara Blouse. I honestly cannot stop wanting to wear this blouse. It goes with everything!

Linen Top, Zara ~ 
~ Seville Espadrille, J Crew ~
This outfit looked good in my Stylebook App but these shorts are a hot mess. They are super-neon which is fine but the fit, though the exact shape as the Photo Floral in the above pictures, was off. I think it was the material. These were a very thin cotton compared to the ones above. They rode up and rolled up on the legs and at the waist. I was adjusting them every time I got up. 

~ Puglia Espadrille in Snakeskin, Christian Louboutin ~
Linen Perfect Shirt, J Crew ~ 
Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Puglia Espadrille in Snakeskin, Christian Louboutin ~

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I’m really excited about next weeks Capsule Remix that I’m starting early. The outfits I’ve created in my Stylebook App look really good. I hope they translate well IRL. This week is another theme – Linen. All the linen in this remix are tops mixed with some new items from the J Crew sale section.

~ Striped Linen Tunic, J Crew (Old Navy) ~
~ Linen Perfect Shirt, J Crew ~ 
~ Linen Top, Zara ~ 
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Alexa Flat Sandal, Tory Burch ~
~ Puglia Espadrille in Snakeskin, Christian Louboutin ~
Have a Great Day!

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The following two outfits were from last week, both involving white bottoms. I had dinner with some friends downtown on Saturday and changed from my Delfine Pencil Skirt into this. I knew I’d be walking city streets and my feet were tired from wearing heels all day so I wore the Lucie Printed Flats. The Daisy Lace Top {pin} is from Talbots, found in the sale section. It’s a lovely shade of yellow and fits well in the size 8. There is a small button in the back and a side zip that goes down, not up. There’s a similar style in red, white and blue colors. The sleeve looks a little thinner and longer. The pants are my Tory Burch Cropped Skinny Jean in White. This was perfect and comfortable for a evening out.

This was my outfit from last Friday. I love both of these items. I felt so cool, casual and comfortable that day. I’m so glad I gave the Gabo Eyelet Tee a try-on. It’s fast becoming a favorite in my closet, as are the Linen Cargo Pants. These run generously big as I’m wearing a size 4. I bought them in both colors, Pesto and White. The sandals are also J Crew, the Malta Mirror Metallic Sandals. I think this would look better with the Burnt Sienna though.

It’s so easy to get dressed when I love my clothes. 
Have a Great Day!

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Though it’s early, I have slowly been trying to prepare for Fall and figuring out what I would like to add to my closet. Tory Burch, the new girl in my closet, has been very successful and popular this year so I’ve decided to add to that section.

I have been eyeing the Basil Skirt for a while now and I finally ordered it with the latest staggered promo. It’s currently on sale with all sizes available. I have visions of wearing this with my Cashmere Tees. Both the Henrietta and Denise Skirts have the same A-Line shape, though not the pleated front. The size 8 is a good fit and the length is just right on me. The length states 18 1/2 inches online so taller ladies may not like that. The Henrietta Skirt has a 22 1/2 inch length, which would hit just below the knee on me. There are so many beautiful colors to pull from in this skirt.

It was so hard to choose which item in the Floral Print I wanted but I settled on the Kelly Top and I am not disappointed. The background is gray and the peplum is very subtle. I ordered a size 8 and it just fits in the wool/silk blend. I would feel much more comfortable in a size 10 so I’ve sent this back for an exchange. It has a very long zipper in the back so there’s no struggling to take it off/on. 

The most wonderful detail of both the skirt and top is the lining. They are both lined in Silk! DaniBP!!! The skirt has a 100% silk lining while the top is a blend with Spandex in it. When I saw that lovely detail I knew I had some special pieces in my hands.
The Zandi Dress was not on my original wish list but it was available to try on when I was shopping a few weeks ago. I tried on a Medium and though the fit was good it seemed a little big, especially since I slipped it over my head without unzipping the side-zip. I would try a Small just to make sure it would still fit without being too tight. Of course, nothing a little Spanxing would fix. It’s also available in a Floral Print, which I love more than the dots. The jersey material is very comfortable, which is always a plus. Then length was below my knee so I’m hoping the Small will hit at or just below the knee. 
Lastly, I found my new White Jean. I LOVE my Cropped Skinny Jean in Rinse and was able to find the same pair in white. I bought a size 30 as I know they will shrink just a little. They are not as see through as some others I’ve tried and I know they’ll hold up to washing and wearing like my other pair. 

Have a Great Day!

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