It feels like I have been waiting on this dress FOR-EVAH! But it arrived today and I immediately put it on to make sure it fit. I tried on the black in the store but you never know.

Here it is with some gladiator flats, almost like the styling in the magazine, with the exception of the brown belt.

Here it it with my new ON wedges.
I love this dress!

Gigi did some recent posts (here, here and here) about items from Old Navy so I stopped by there yesterday afternoon. I found the ruffle tiered skirt she reviewed but I also found shoes! And in pretty pretty colors.

These were really cute but not what I purchased.
Women’s Burnished Strappy Wedges – $29.50 $20.00 – They come in Dark Brown and Purple, sizes 6-11M.

Faux-Leather Cross-Strap Wedges$29.50 $20.00 – They come in Black Jack, Dark Brown, Dark Blue and Yellow, sizes 6-11M. I actually like the blue and may go back and get them today.
I did purchase these (and I really wanted every color).
Women’s Braided Faux-Leather Wedges in Purple – $29.50 $25.00  – They also come in Tan and Graphite, Sizes 6-11M and have a stacked 4 inch wedge heel.
I also purchased these. I call them the Faux-Leather Gladiator Wedge. They are not on the website. They come in the Graphite, Purple and Tan and were $29.50 (my guess is they are also $20 or 25 now).
They also had these. Aren’t they the cutest ballet flats? They are not online and there was only a size 9 left in the store.
But they did have a similar-looking clutch. (not online)

And here’s my OOTD.

Top: Tabitha (from Anthropologie)
Jeans: GAP Essential
Shoes: ON Braided Faux-Leather Wedges in Purple
Bag: Bisbee Satchel in Summer Hyacinth (not shown)

I’m heading in to one of our market offices today and have the opportunity to wear my Rose Vines Perfect Shirt and use my Bisbee Satchel. My drop-in from The Plaid Purse hasn’t come in yet but it goes so well with what I’m wearing.

3.3.2010 OOTO

And Gigi reminded me that the coveting and visiting I was doing with this purse is called “faux rent”. Love it. Here’s her list of other “Crewlang“.

I’m going to “try” to do a weekly post on Tuesdays of shoes I own as well as current alternatives at different price points. Let me know your thoughts.

First up is a shoe I get compliments on EVERY time I wear them. I love these and stalked them until they came back in my size on the Neiman Marcus website. They are by Christian Louboutin (my favorite FAVORITE shoe designer). He comes out with some of the most beautiful shoes and, sometimes, sky-high heels (5+ inches).

Christian Louboutin Zipper Ballerina Flat in Cranberry

This shoe has so much going on but it makes it that much more interesting. Theres the lace, the zipper detail, the spikes at the toe and the cranberry color.
This shoe is now sold out but there is a similar style in black.
There is also a heel. I saw this first but the heel is way too high for me.
I found some styles the had one of the elements of my shoe but not with all (lace, studs, zipper detail, color).
Let’s get started.
Price Point up to $50

PP: $50-100

PP: $100-500

PP: $500+

Happy Shopping!

Darling Husband,

I want to start off by saying I love you dearly and cannot imagine myself with anyone else. I appreciate your “assistance” in the kitchen but can no longer allow you to “help” me.

You are hearby banned from cooking in the kitchen. You are relegated to grill duties only.

You have bacon to blame. You heard me…BACON.

Don’t get me wrong. I like bacon. I love a good BLT on Texas Toast with Miracle Whip, freshly sliced tomatoes and crisp lettuce. But, I don’t like the mess the grease from bacon makes. Also, how you don’t clean up after cooking bacon.

Yes, you use the splatter screen. But that screen is a circle and the pan you cook bacon in is a rectangle. I didn’t know you as a toddler but I’m sure you were smart enough to know a circle will not fit in (or fully cover) a rectangle. Yes, I remind you each time to clean up your bacon grease splatter and each time you don’t do it. Yes, I know you are waiting on the stove to cool down but after 2 days, it’s ready to be cleaned. I know your mother taught you to clean up after yourself. I’ve asked her.

You are banned from cooking in the kitchen. Bacon is now banned from our house. Get your fix somewhere else. Cook it on your grill or go to someone else’s house to cook it. I will know if you cook bacon when I am not home. Don’t get The Boy involved. He is on my side no matter what he tells you.

Also, you are no longer allowed to “stir” the spaghetti sauce, macaroni or whatever else I have cooking. I have just done it and putting your little “stir” flair on it will not help it taste any better. It only annoys me and I think you know this. I read the directions. I know how to cook. Out, Out, OUT!

Will you pick up a pizza on the way home?

Love you!

**Readers, I’d show you a picture of my stove but…YUCKY YUCKY YUCK!**