So I’ve already broken my ban (thanks ebay sellers) but I found the most wonderful shoe I had to have it! More on those in a minutes.

I’ve not been anywhere since hubby’s been home on short-term leave due to his injury. No great outfits to post. Just shorts and tees and tanks and bathing suits. BUT today he had a doctor’s appt and I got to wear real clothes! I got ready in 20 minutes, including shower and light makeup. Pretty speedy and all before coffee.

Here’s what I wore:
J Crew Slub Twisted V-Neck in Olive Green
GAP distressed jeans
J Crew Leopard flip-flops
J Crew Grasshopper necklace
Lucky Brand belt

I love this Tee. It’s so comfy and my favorite color is green. I found the grasshopper necklace on ebay after I lost it in my shopping cart on J Crew. The jeans are a recent purchase from the GAP. I have a pair of the J Crew Vintage Slim distressed that I had altered shorter but they just don’t fit right on me. None of the J Crew jeans do.

I so wanted a pair of the Toothpick but I have my father’s legs and they were built for sports not jeans. I can’t buy normal boots. My calves are almost 15 inches and I always have to try them on to make sure they zip! Zip up past my calf! I’ve broken plenty of zippers. And my thighs, well we won’t even talk about them. They look great when toned but I can’t fit into a pair of “skinny” or “straight-leg” jeans to save my life without going 2 or more sizes up.

So, unfortunately, J Crew jeans are not my thing. But these GAP jeans (size 6A) are perfect. I love them. Most GAP jeans fit well on me but their Ankle size is almost always 2 inches longer than I need for flats. These were not and look great rolled up. I bought two pair. Yippee!

Now on to my next favorite purchase that helped break my ban on shopping. Shoes of course. Christian Louboutin to be exact. Love the guy. Love the shoes the guy makes and these are gorgeous and practical!

Mary Jane Peep-Toe FLAT! In Navy Blue

Oh I love these and can’t wait to wear them out. I think they look good with the rolled up jean too! The color is hard to find as well as this particular shoe style. Mary Jane shoes are a weakness for me and combine that with Christian Louboutin, well, just take my wallet, I give.

Find a pair of shoes you love and buy two!

Since hubby was still recovering from surgery he couldn’t take me to lunch or dinner for my birthday. That didn’t stop me though. The boy and I went to Mariposa Cafe at Neiman’s and then I picked up dinner from PF Chang’s. For lunch (and a little NM shopping) I wore my Jakarta mini and my Rosette Tee with my Corso Como Espadrilles. I think the Rosette’s and the swirly Jakarta print were a good fit together. You tell me if it went together. (I really need to do Polyvore.)

I finished the Birthday off with cake and my favorite wine, Santa Margherita Pino Grigio. And I saw the new fawns. They are over a week old and have grown a lot. They were half this size last week. (Sorry for the crappy image but when I went outside the momma and friends were 5 feet from me wanting food.)

They are still cuties.

J Crew & Ebay, of course…I’m going on a shopping ban next week. I’ll only spend money on new clothes, shoes or accessories if I have been given it (birthday is tomorrow) or from sells on ebay. Otherwise, no más compras para esta chica. (Sounds better in Spanish, I think.) Self-imposed, yes…but also because hubby is on medical leave starting today and will be home for at least three weeks. Can’t have him asking “Who’s that?” when the UPS guy comes knocking, can I?

I received my latest (and LAST!) J Crew order today along with some ebay purchases (soaps from B&BW).

Silk Indigo Floral Blouse – Sz 8
I really loved the print on this the first time I saw it online. The skirt looks gorgeous too but I think I’ll get more use out of the blouse. I purchased a size up since I noticed the armholes on the model online looked a bit small and I’m glad I did. It does fit a little small in the underarm area. The print was almost like the one online. I know sometimes it “shifts” around.


Rosette Tee in Pewter – Sz M

Slub cotton twisted V-Neck Tee
I bought this in the tan color and it went well with my Delfine Pencil Skirt. I love green and this color was too pretty to pass up. IRL it looks just as pretty. 

I purchased this in-store last week.
Dual Rose Ribbon Tee in Gray
I originally saw this on JCBelleMarie in the Blue and White. I didn’t like the look or feel of the tee in those colors but the gray seems nicer, softer even.

On another note, I am on my 5th week of South Beach and have reached my goal of losing 10 pounds by my birthday (tomorrow/30th). I’m actually holding steady at 10 lbs. I still have more to lose but I have noticed all my shorts (mostly J Crew) are fitting a little looser. I purchased a pair of the tweed Bermuda’s (not listed online) in a 10 since the leg and booty made it run 2 sizes too small and it fits loose now. Today I also started taking the Bragg’s ACV, which I first heard about here. The taste, yucky; but I drank all I was supposed too. The water really should be cold like Gigi said. It does make a difference.

Tomorrow, I’m having lunch at the Mariposa cafe at Neiman’s with my son. Can’t wait! I’ll try to stay away from the Shoe Salon but it may be hard since the sale is still going on.

My son and I had a “date” night and went to see Wicked. I LOVED it! I didn’t want it to end and wanted to see it again right away. It was a great show and the boy and I had a great time. The boy looked so handsome too. He indulged me which I very much appreciate.

I Jcrew’d it out for the show.

J Crew Twisted slub V-neck Tee
J Crew Delfine Pencil Skirt (love this!)
J Crew Men’s English Leather Equestrian Belt
Banana Republic Daisy Ring
J Crew Dangling gold Disc Necklace
J Crew Crystal Chain Necklace
Christian Louboutin Wall Street Mary Jane’s (I got these for a STEAL!)

I thought I’d look too “nude” or “brown” but the skirt really does make the whole outfit. And the shoes…oh how I love Christian Louboutin. I lusted after these shoes when they came out but the price tag was way too high. Then I walked into NM last week and there they were…on the SALE rack…the last pair…IN MY SIZE. How much better could it get? How about an extra 25% off starting the next day and they’d hold the shoes for me?!?! My lust turned to love. I felt like Wilma and Betty saying “CHARGE IT!”. (Anyone remember that episode or am I aging myself?) Ha Ha…

I was so happy. It was my birthday treat. I get one every year. (Last year I bought the Coach Francesca bag in Teal. It’s so beautiful.) Save up for it and everything. But I expected to pay/spend more so I bought a great pair of chocolate ballerina C/L flats that were on sale too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME…

Life IS short…Buy the shoes (especially when they are on SALE!)

I wore some of my new J Crew stuff last week to get my haircut. I paired it with my new Christian Louboutin SKY-HIGH espadrilles. I thought for sure I’d break an ankle or worse but they were actually quite comfortable. And I got them on sale…woo hoo!

Perfect Denim Shirt, Jakarta Shorts, J Crew Men’s belt, Christian Louboutin espadrilles

Close-up of my Loubies!

They looked really good with the outfit. I didn’t really have any cute brown flat sandals (surprise!) to go with it. I’ll wait until after the summer to see if I still want/need them and then they’ll be on sale!

Side-view of haircut…I LOVE IT! My stylist is awesome and always funks it up differently each time. Although, I can’t seem to style it the EXACT same way.

It’s hot over here in Texas, so stay cool people.