I saw this blouse the other day when I was in Anthropologie and immediately knew I could re-create it with what I already had.

Gelateria Blouse – $98

Very easy to re-create don’t you think? Everyone has a button-down white shirt (even a different colored solid shirt would probably work.)

I used the J Crew Slim Stretch Shirt in White and a black sash from a dress I had. I’m partial to navy blue so I think I’ll go by the hobby store and grab some satin ribbon. I also had to double-bow the sash I had.

Bow in front

Bow on the sideI love this. Of course the J Crew Bouquet Sash Belts will work. I also found this one on Etsy.

Navy Blue Magnolia Silk Flower Belt by carolinabean $48

I think it gives the classic white shirt a little update.

I went browsing over the weekend and stopped by Anthropologie. I don’t know why I haven’t shopped there in a while (J Crew) since the clothes they sell have a more feminine cut. I saw lots of stuff I liked and tried just a few things on.

Below are the website pics, link and IRL pics.

Tie-Front Cardigan (Medium) – In the store the colors were gray, black, red/cranberry and teal. I did not like the way this looked on and certainly have better cardigans to wear in my closet.

Baraschi Seasonless Skirt – I tried on a size 6 but I think an 8 would have fit a lot better. The 6 passed the bend-over test. It’s also a knit feel (poly/spandex) so I’ll wait until it goes on sale.

Anna Sui for Anthropologie Minako Wrap Blouse – I tried on a 6 (even though the tag pic is an 8). I love the wrap, ruffles and print and looks good with the skirt.

Delancy Skirt – I really liked this pencil skirt (tried on in a 6). The top of the band was a little “wavy-like” instead of your standard straight line. I think it would go with the Deep Rose Frances Cami I have.

Boucle’ capeChloe purchased and reviewed this. It looks great on her. I tried on a Medium and was swimming in it. It was very pretty and so soft. I really liked it but I have a cute one from the Paul & Joe Target Collection from a few years ago. If it is still available when it goes on sale I’ll get it (but won’t hold my breath…it’s too cute.)

And the last item…Moth This Way, That Way Cardigan – This one had me laughing the moment I slipped it over my head. It was a mess.

This is why I was laughing. Some adjustments need to be made after putting it on.

A little better…

I didn’t find out until AFTER I took it off that it could be unbuttoned. More laughing…I’m such a goof sometimes. After looking at the website it is meant to be worn different ways. There are buttons on both sides so it can wrap different ways. There were other colors (Beige, Black Turquoise) but it’s a different name on the website – Transformations Cardi.

I liked the pattern but I don’t have time to button & un-button and figure out which way I want to wear it.

I didn’t purchase any of these since I don’t really “need” anything and none of them felt like a “have to have” item. I’m pretty proud of myself. 🙂

Purple Suede Cole Haan – These have the Nike Air Technology in the platform and heel which means soooo comfy.

Cole Haan Black Patent “Carina” Wedge

Manolo Blahnik Black Patent Campari

Manolo Blahnik Patent Leopard Campari

Pour La Victoire “Frida”

Frye (yes the one’s who make the boots)

Christian Louboutin Navy Blue Peep-Toe

Christian Louboutin “Wall Street” in Beige

And the cutest I’ve ever seen.
I saw these on my little cousin a few weeks ago and they were so precious.

I sure do love me some Mary Jane…shoes of course. 🙂

Pictures are up…!

Just a quick post…Got a “few” things at the second Fall roll-out at J Crew. I’ll post pics soon but most of them are on the web/blogosphere somewhere.

Two dogs tee in (Medium)…Saw this in an early Fall preview and loved it.

Slub cotton embroidered flowers tee (Medium)…When I first saw it, I was reminded a little of the Chiffon Rose Tee.

w/the Shirred Wool Skirt

Mohair Souffle’ Cardigan in Heather Grey (Medium)…It’s lightweight for where I live and I’m fond of mohair.

Dressy Jersey Ruffle Neck in Heather Latte (Small)…I sized down in this which I NEVER do, but after buying another jersey dress from the summer in Medium I realized it was a tad too big. Great for working at home when I want to get out of shorts & tees and I can still run around town in it.

Silk Sirrah Dress in Navy (6)…Very cute and perfect for now and “cooler” weather with a cardi or the Mohair Cardi.

w/a different belt..

Front view

Side view

So, it was our Tax Free Weekend in Texas and my store offered you to come pick out what you wanted and they would hold it until Friday. Then they’d charge your card and ship it out to you. Easy shopping without the crowds. I knew I had to go back to that mall to get a few things for the boy so I asked that they hold it for me to pick-up. Well, they didn’t have my stuff when I went to pick it up today. (so sad)…Someone had accidentally shipped it out to me. So I ended up getting a $20 GC (YAY!) for my trouble. While there, they had even more new items out that weren’t there on Wednesday (or maybe I missed them).

I found the Shirred Wool Skirt in Heather Carbon and Black. It is so cute. They also had the Felted Wool Bistro Mini. I wanted the Heather Carbon but they only had a 4 and they had a 6 in the Black. I tried on both. I haven’t been in a size 4 in YEARS! Well…it fit! IT FIT! I literally squealed in the dressing room. The 6 was comfy too but I wanted the “Grey” and the length looked the same. I was ecstatic.

The thing I like about it is that it is lightweight, which is what I need. The bistro mini was a little heavier than I wanted it to be and I like the swinginess of the Shirred Wool Skirt. I have been purchasing a lot of straight mini’s so this was a good compromise (& fit!).

I also bought the Haberdashery shirt in a Grey Dot (not sure of the exact color) and thinking of pairing it with the wool skirt & the Wool Pencil Skirt. (UPDATE:: ummm…so maybe not…too much grey, but it will look good with jeans.)

Here’s what I want but will surely have to order online.
Wool Ruffle Jacket in Rosebud-This looks like it will sell out fast. It’s really pretty.
Printed Antique Ruffle Top
Fishnet Anklets (Thinking of pairing them with my new Patent Oxfords.)
Cashmere lined leather gloves (any color really)

I’ve rambled (maybe to cover for the lack of posting). I’ll post pics soon.

I love getting new shoes. They’re like when you got a new doll or other toy as a kid. Although, as a kid, nothing excited me more than a new box of Crayons…all 64 with the sharpener on the back of the box. I would take them all out and line them up in a row. Then I’d organize them from darkest to lightest and put them back in the box that way.

I remember, I was either 4 or 5 (I know we were living in Portugal at the time), and I had them all lined up in a row and my brother came in and STOMPED. ON. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Broke them all in half. I was so sad and he got in so much trouble. Little brothers can be so annoying. Of course now, he’s an enabler and certainly has more shoes than I do (he works for a top sports shoe company).

Now my closet looks much like that organized box of crayons. Everything is sorted by item then color.

Anyway, back to my purchases. After reading jcbellemarie’s post on the Pour La Victoire Frida’s that she got for a STEAL! I ordered the same pair and love them. I feel so tall and not wobbly at all. (Because unlike Weeble-Wobbles I will fall down.)

(No one fell in the pool during the taking of this picture.)

My other pair have a story to them. When I was in high school I had a pair of flat black patent oxfords, either by Unlisted or Nine West. I wore those all the time. Loved them. Of course, eventually they wore out and I had to throw them away. A few months ago, I saw these on the Barney’s website.

Christian Louboutin Fred Flat

Needless to say, I wanted them. Needed them. Craved them. But even though I’m usually a 37 in CL I still don’t trust the sizing without trying them on.

So I scoured ebay & Zappos & Endless & Piperlime and every other shoe site I knew of to find something similar. Finally, ebay came through.

Dolce & Gabbana Black Patent Oxford with a Heel

How cool is that? An update to the shoe I loved so much in high school (and quite comfy too).
UPDATE::: And over $200 less than the CL Fred Flat.

Now, I have also purged quite a bit in the past few months. I’ve sold or “given away” 21 pairs on ebay. So the shoe purchases I’ve made (15) are far under the number of pairs I’ve purged. (O.K. maybe not that much but I’m trying.)

And I should really consider going on a BANBANBAN. (I have just one more shoe I’m eyeing on ebay.UPDATE 2:::Make that 2 I’m eyeing on ebay.)