Que Bella – Silk Scarf Layer

I purchased the Silk Tie Scarf and wanted to try and style it the way J Crew did in their Style Guides from September and October. This {pin} is kind of what I used to create this outfit, just as far as layering the scarf under my clothes.

To be honest, I wore my Calf-Hair Shearling Slippers most of the day and then added the Martina Wedges when we went to dinner with The Boy. He is on his way back to school today.
I really liked the look of the scarf at the neckline. It was peaking out enough to make you think it was another shirt layered under the sweater. I do think I should have put one end of the scarf to the side instead of both ends dangling in front. 
I bought the Midnight Green color of the Silk Tie Scarf. I like the look of the Black Cobalt and the Overcast Grey but I am not sure 1) how often I would layer the scarf under my clothes and 2) actually wear a silk scarf. 
Do you ever take a styling idea from the Style Guides? 

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