Que Bella – Epic

Do any of you find it harder to style clothes in Winter, especially when it’s freezing outside? When all you want to do is stay in warm leggings or joggers and cozy sweaters? Or in bed? As you know, I work from home and I have this problem. I can’t imagine how those of you who leave the house to go to your job in freezing weather do it. You ladies are brave, and I’m pretty sure stylish too!

I layer to stay warm and since sweatshirts are trendy, I can now grab one of those instead of a sweater. The Andie Chinos are a little thicker than jeans and help keep the cold from my legs. If I’m going out, booties and warm socks are the way to go for me. Otherwise I’m in my slippers or Chalet Boots. I have the Epic Sweatshirt layered over last year’s Crinkle Boy Shirt but the Factory Suckered Gingham is the same version.
Both the sweatshirt and Andie Chinos were still NWT in my closet. I like both of them but I was grabbing other items over these to wear. I have a few more NWT I need to pull out and style so you will hopefully see those soon!
Have a Great Day! Sending thoughts of warm sandy beaches your way!