The Boy’s Prom was over the weekend and there were plans to meet at a local hotel for pictures. He went with a very large group that rented a large bus for the night. I wasn’t quite able to stick to my outfit remix plan for Saturday as my Zora Tee was dirty. I subbed in my Ruffled Rhinestone Top and new Tory Burch Alexa Sandals I found at Nordstrom Rack.

Here are a few pictures from the evening. The Boy had a great time and I didn’t cry ;-).

Best friends
~ Gilda Skirt, Kate Spade (Tommy BahamaJ Crew) ~
~ Alexa Flat Sandal, Tory Burch (Polyvore) ~
~ Belt, J Crew (sim) ~

The Boy
~ Ludlow Suit in Worsted Wool, Jacket/Pants, J Crew ~
~ Ludlow Spread-Collar Shirt, J Crew ~

All the girls looked gorgeous, of course!
Have a Great Day!

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WooHoo! Today is Haircut Day! I have been so busy I’ve had to cancel and reschedule my appointment three times. I’m committed to today though. My hair has stayed pretty healthy but gotten really thick. It’s been almost 12 weeks since my last cut. I missed the window to get highlights so I’ll have to wait until Fall for that.

This is one of my favorite outfits I’ve ever put together. This time I changed out the shorts for jeans and sandals for wedges. I don’t know if it’s the colors or the blouse and blazer or what but I could wear a version of this every day. That’s another reason for this Capsule Remix; finding my true style and what I really love to wear. Right now, these jeans, wedges and blazer are at the top of the list.
Puff-Sleeve Blazer, J Crew ~
Zora Tee, Tory Burch ~
Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~

Have a Great Day!

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I hadn’t worn these pants yet which is why I included them in my first week of this capsule remix. Green and Navy is one of my favorite combos and the pops of bright yellow work so well with both colors. My big boy Gus was in my spot (probably more like I was in his) so he decided to stay in the picture. He is such a good dog, but getting slower each year. He gets these bursts of energy that are so fun to watch. And every day, two to three times a day, he patrols our fenceline. You never know what critter has come into the yard.

One good thing about working from home is that if I like something I wore, I can wear it again two days later. No one has seen me, and, if they have, they won’t see me the second day. Husband and The Boy are oblivious to what I wear as well.

Lidia Linen Polo, Tory Burch ~
Hampton Pant in Emerald Medallion, Banana Republic ~
~ Belt, J Crew (old) ~
Seville Wedge Espadrilles, J Crew ~

Have a Great Day!

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Laundry Confession here – I bought this blouse last year. Loved it. Wore it twice and put it in the dirty clothes. When it came time to do laundry I accidentally put this in the wash too. The silk front shrunk while the polyester lining stayed the same. Ugh! I really liked that shirt. But…Yay! for popbacks! I was able to get this in the same size on sale and a percent off. I’ll be very careful on which laundry basket I put this in next time.


The texture of the pants is very subtle but I like how it does mix with the silk of the blouse.

~ Silk Gingham Sleeveless Top, J Crew ~
Hampton Pant in Emerald Medallion, Banana Republic ~

Another laundry confession – That wasn’t the first time (or second) I ruined something that shouldn’t have been laundered. So, if you ever need anything shrunk just send it to me. I seem to have the skills for it.

Have a Great Day!

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The next 5 weeks are going to be super busy. To make at least getting dressed a no-brainer I’ve decided to do a mini-Remix each week. This will accomplish a few things. First, I only have 6-7 items to wear for the week. Second, I will force myself to include my new purchases from the last few weeks, bringing down the Cost-per-wear. Lastly, it will help me decide what else I need to purge from my closet.

With the help of my Stylebook App, I have created Looks for each week. In those Looks, I’ve pulled 6-7 items, not including shoes. I will try to use the same 2-3 pairs of shoes for the week. I even have a Black & White week set up with only one t-shirt included! I tend to buy Navy over Black clothing so that week will be interesting. The other thing is I’ve tried to incorporate something I’ll wear for the special event of that week. This way, I’m not deviating from my original choices.

Here are the items for this week. I would call this my Blue & White with a pop of color week.

without shoes
with the shoes
~ Puff-Sleeve Blazer, J Crew ~
~ Zora Tee, Tory Burch ~
~ Lidia Linen Polo, Tory Burch ~
~ Silk Gingham Sleeveless Top, J Crew (Velvet, Mango) ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Audra Sandals, Tory Burch ~
~ Gilda Skirt, Kate Spade (Tommy Bahama, J Crew) ~
~ Hampton Pant in Emerald Medallion, Banana Republic ~
And here is today’s look, the first day for this week. I purchased the Lidia Linen Polo during the Tory Burch Friends & Family. I just love the ruffle at the collar and button-placket! I could honestly wear these jeans every single day. I really really need to get another pair!
~ Lidia Linen Polo, Tory Burch ~
~ Cropped Skinny Jean, Tory Burch ~
~ Seville Wedge Espadrilles, J Crew ~
And a sneak peek for the next few weeks. Depending on how I feel this is going I may modify it some.
Mother’s Day

Black & White Week
College Grad Party
The Boy’s Grad Party
I’m excited to try this out, having been inspired recently by ABC. She just puts together outfits so well in her capsules (scroll down on the right-hand side of her page).
Have a Great Day!

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