Goodness…I should really try to keep up with my Que Bella’s. These were from last week. As I purge my closet, I am getting really happy with what I have and being quite selective on what new items I pick up…like this dress. I’m wearing a Size 8 which is slightly loose in the waist but a better fit in the chest. Any smaller and I would have had to return it. I love my Mini-Brompton in Straw but kind of wish I had bought the larger one now. Diva, in her Zaggfolio, is a little heavy so she comes alone sometimes. And these shoes, Stuart Weitzman, have gotten a lot of wear in the month or so that I’ve had them. They are one of the best neutral/natural colored shoes I’ve found. When I first saw them they had a pink undertone to them but when I put them on they blended quite nicely with my skin tone.

I wore this to dinner out last Friday. This is the Tulip Ruffle Cami paired with the Postage Stamp Mini in Confetti Tweed. Oh, how I have been wanting this skirt FOR-EVAH! I just couldn’t bring myself to pay full price for it. Then it went on sale in the store several weeks ago but was still FP online. This skirt lingered in the sale section in my store in sizes 0, 2, 4 and one size 10. I almost succombed to the 10 and asked for an opininon from the Store Manager and she said NO WAY. I need at least an 8 but probably the 6. Love that she was so honest with me. She then started looking for either size in other stores and found an 8 for me. Again, I’m wearing my versatile Stuart Weitzman’s.
See all the beautiful colors in this tweed! Anything could go with this skirt.
This was a weekend errand outfit. I am getting a lot of wear out of my Linen Cable Knit Sweaters. Yes, they are sheer but I don’t mind layering with my Limited Seamless Camis. I have almost every color and they are so comfortable. I’ve been wearing them for years. The shorts are from the Factory Store and normally I don’t go out and about in 3-inch shorts, even to the grocery store down the road, but I loved the outfit so much I took a chance. The main reason for this outfit was my Soludos for J Crew Spearmint Espadrilles. I knew I wanted to wear them but struggled for a few weeks on what to pair them with. Of course, start with something truly basic, like White and Denim.
Thursday, I head into the office again and will be wearing my new purchase, the Mint Mini Skirt. I will post pics sooner than a week later. Promise! Oh, and the other colors of that skirt at a Royal-ish Blue and Canvas/Beige. There are only 3 skirts left in the mint at my store and my PS was surprised they were not online yet. Also, I saw the Mint Jardin Maxi Skirt and LOVE IT! I completely missed it last week and I think I only love it because it’s Mint colored. I prefer my mini over the Maxi (and Husband just told me a few days ago he doesn’t like the Maxi’s on me! Huh? NOW he has an opinion on my outfits).  Any-who…the maxi is a little too full for me but I would certainly consider that color on sale and MIW!
So, what have you been wearing?

I just wanted to show you my outfit from Monday when I had to go into the office.

All J Crew
Jackie in Pearl (2010)
Factory 4-strand Pearls
Christian Louboutin Simple 70 Pumps in Navy

A true navy shoe…I’m in love.
I removed the belt from the cami since I was wearing a cardigan over it. I should have belted over both of them but I didn’t have a skinny navy belt and I didn’t want to do a skinny brown leather so I left it alone.

Also, here’s an IRL shot of my new Gold TOMS wedges.

You’ll see them soon in an Que Bella post.

Have a great day!

I love going to our neighborhood Ladies Luncheon’s. I don’t get to go every month but I made it a point to go today because I hadn’t been since the fabulous Christmas luncheon.

I wore pants today, and old ones too. These are from at least J Crew 2007. Anyone remember these? I have the same pair in a beautiful green. These fit perfectly everywhere, except the length. The sizing is a 6S, meaning S is for Short. Probably short for a person who is 6 foot but not for someone who is 5’2”. AND, I’ve never taken them to get hemmed. It’s about time I did that because I really like these pants.

Pants: J Crew Favorite Fit in White, 6S
Cami: J Crew Tulip Ruffle Cami in Dragonfly Blue, 8
Jacket: Old Navy Cropped Denim Jacket in White, M
Shoes: Vince Camuto Estera, 6 1/2 (not online anywhere yet…more info below)
The pants are so long they cover the entire shoe!

About the shoes…I found these Tuesday at Nordstrom’s. One of my other need/want items was a pair of Leopard sandals, preferably an espadrille or wedge. I saw some CL Carino Leopard Espadrilles on ebay but his espadrilles do not fit me well, probably because they are whole sizes only. So, these Vince Camuto’s just came in Monday evening and I was smitten when I saw them. I walked around the mall for a bit but kept thinking back to those lovely shoes. Since I parked by Nordstrom’s I knew I would have to walk back by them so when I did, I tried them on. The sales associate also brought out my new Black Glitter TOMS and I’m so glad she did.

Anyway, they are a sky-high, sling-back, wedge, espadrille-ish, peep-toe LEOPARD sandal. What more could a girl ask for?

These leopards are sky-high. 
1 1/2 in. platform
4 3/4 in. heel
Size 6 1/2 (The 7s were loose on me at the front of the shoe.)
Price $117.95
Similar in style to the Edon.
It does have a skinny heel, for those of you who have problems walking in that type of shoe. I wore these for about three hours today without any problems. I stumbled only once but I do that in flats. I have to say they are pretty comfortable and even though they were high, I didn’t have any altitude sickness (haha) or issues with walking in them or it affecting my stride. You know you’ve seen those ladies walking in sky-high heels taking baby steps so they don’t tip over. They came in a light gray leather and one other color. Not sure when they’ll be online at Nordstrom’s or the Vince Camuto site. 
Have a great evening!

New arrivals online and in store…Here are some IRL pics.

Maritime Dress, Medium – I could have probably sized down to a Small. The length is actually perfect but I won’t get much use out of it South Texas. I do like it belted but it’s just not me. Maybe on sale…if it makes it there.


Gingham Scout Chino, 6 – The 8 was way to big and almost fell off me. Usually it fits in the hips and is a little loose in the waist (Lolli pant). I liked this on but then I saw this picture.

In-Store “Big Daddy Lou’s” Tee, Small – #38219, $29.50 –

Summerweight Chino Bermuda Short, 8, Organic Green – I have plenty of shorts in the classic colors (Navy, White, Khaki). I like this color and will wait until a sale.

Schooner Short, 8, Indigo – Cute…They were very soft and comfortable.

E’te’ short, 8, Nightfall Blue – I really liked these of the 3 shorts I tried on. And love the color.

In-Store “Vineyard” Pencil Skirt, 6 – #38061, $128 – Fits TTS


In-Store, Rialta Tweed Pencil Skirt, 6, #38793 – Lovely colors. I brought it home to see if I could pair it with someone other than a denim shirt or a tee. Fits TTS. Here’s the jacket.


In-Store Wagon T, M, #37790, $32


Liberty Vintage Floral Mini, 6 – Cute

Collette Dress, M – I could have sized down to a Small. Very “FlashDance”. I really don’t want to re-live the 80s.

I don’t know the name of this one and I moved the tag when taking the picture. Size 4, $138 – I think this was cotton with chiffon paneling on the shoulders and sides with a racer-back and drawstring waist.

Tulip Ruffle Cami, 6, Dragonfly Blue – Cute but I think I need to size up to an 8.

There were quite a few other items in the B&M but I didn’t have a whole lot of time. I was really looking for the Plaid Bermuda shorts from the catalog but they were not in yet.