Each top I tried on was a completely different style from one another.

~ Tory Tunic, Birch Persica, size 8 ~
I love the Tory Tunics but I can’t wear them. I’m not really sure who can. At least not without layering a cami underneath. The Tory Tunic offered in the Resort Collection is so pretty with the large irises all over and the lightweight cotton voile. 
Sadly, the sleeves are way too long and the v-neck almost matches the sleeve length, escandalo. I was wearing a cami that day so you can see the difference in the with and without. I guess for my height I should be in at least one size smaller so that the v-neck wasn’t so low, but the size 8 just fit. I’ll have to find this print in something else to wear. 

~ Carmine Sweater, Navy, Medium ~
This cotton sweater has a crochet front and contrasting collar. It’s very soft but ran just a little snug in the arms for me. I wouldn’t size up though as I like how it fits everywhere else in the Medium. This would be really pretty with white bottoms (pant/skirt). It also comes in Ivory, which would also look nice with a pastel/Spring-colored bottom.

~ Nadia Top, Navy/Salsa, size 6 ~
I’m a sucker for peasant shirts but am also very picky about them too. I do not like elastic at the hem of the arms. They are always too tight and I end up not wearing the shirt because of it. This one was loose enough that I didn’t notice the elastic. The print/pattern is the same as the Olympia Tee I reviewed on Monday. The size 6 actually fit pretty well on me so I wouldn’t size to my normal 8. I think because it’s supposed to be loose and flowy. 
I really wished the Tory Tunic has worked out for me. It really is very pretty in that print. There’s a really pretty embroidered Tory Tunic I just love as well! I guess I’ll have to stick to the Tees and Lidia Polos. 
Have a Great Day!

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