Tory Burch launched a promo off all sale items this weekend. Use code NEWYEAR at checkout to get 25% off all items on sale. These are my picks.

I have the Cora Dress in the red print and not this Equestrian one. I love the style and shape of the dress itself I may get this print too. I love my Rayna Dress and have already worn my Cashmere Lizzie Tunic in Stripe a few times. There is some minor pilling under the arms but so far it’s held up to my expectations. I gave MamaBella this one in Black for Christmas and she is planning on wearing it for New Year’s with a sparkly necklace. I would LOVE the Sutton Heel but at 4 inches I would break my ankle after taking a few steps. That makes the Sutton Flat a lot more manageable for me.

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And Hooray! This sale runs through January 5th!

Happy Shopping!!

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Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend. We have some construction going on outside and it will be nice to not hear jackhammers and pounding and loud noise for a few days.

I wanted to be sure to share with you the other item I bought during the Tory Burch promo, which was the Willa Dress. The gray and black vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines all help in making this dress look like it’s bodycon dress. In fact, it’s very comfortable and not constricting at all. I bought a Medium and it does run TTS. If you are a 6/8/M then the size Medium is for you.

I have a little help from some Spanx to help smooth everything out. It worked like a charm. 

I was hoping some booties would look good with the dress, especially with a black tight. It looks ok with the J Crew Bronson Booties (similar – onetwothree) but I think I need more opaque tights than the ones I have on.  
I like the Willa Dress much better with my J Crew Harper Boots in Black (similar – one, two, three). I love that the gold zipper is on the outside of the boot, changing them from your average black flat boot.
Did you get anything from this last Tory Burch promo? There were several items from my wishlist that were on sale, before the promo, so I was really picky on what I purchased. 

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Finishing out my visit to Tory Burch, I tried on two dresses, one of which is now on sale and the other is the perfect Holiday/Special Occasion/Party Dress for me.

~ Katy Dress, size 6 ~
This is a classic silk Georgette shirt-dress updated in pink dots. The length hits me just below the knee for a lovely modest look and perfect for a more professional workplace. Alas, the size 6 was too snug in the bodice though the hips in the skirt were perfect. You can see slight pulling across the chest. I would need a size 8 for the best fit. There are buttons down the front but also a side zipper making it easy to get into. 

The blush pink contrasts nicely against the black background. I would add a little merino or cashmere cardigan for work or church.

~ Rayna Dress, size 8 ~
This dress is a wool silk blend and very fitted. I’m struggling a little in the size 8. I tried on the size 10 (forgot to take pics) and it was a much better fit. The painted blue irises on this fit-and-flare skirt are so pretty IRL. 
This dress is the perfect party dress for me this season. I already have plans to wear it to a Holiday party, New Year’s Eve and a family wedding next October. Now, I just have to buy it. I’m hoping for a promo of some kind like last year on Black Friday weekend. 

I don’t think this dress needs any jewelry but if I did it would be a collar necklace like this one from Nordstrom or a simple strand of pearls like this one from Target.

The print on this dress is peppered throughout the Holiday Collection. 

Have you thought about your party dress or outfit for this season?

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I thought the patterns and colors on both of these next two skirt from Tory Burch were really interesting.

~ Karina Skirt, Sandshell, size 8 ~

The Karina Skirt is a pretty floral print on a wrap mini skirt, sitting at 18 1/2 inches. I would wear this with a solid sweater on top pulling from the more subtle colors on the skirt, like mint, olive or the cobalt blue.
The size 8 fit true-to-size to maybe just slightly big in the hips. I’d stick with the size 8 as the waist was a little snug for me. Sizing to a 10 would make the waist a little more comfortable but add more material at the hips.

I am a little worried about only two buttons holding this skirt in place. It’s definitely not for a windy day, though the bottom layer does go all the way across both legs.

I love the little fabric button on the outside. The inside button is a plain, sturdy clear button. You can see the subtle colors I mentioned above in this picture.

~ Juliana Skirt, Douglas Fir, size 8 ~
I tried this on for the print. The material is mostly cotton with a silk blend but felt almost like a quilt material. The wrap on this is more exaggerated than the Karina Skirt. The print matches up almost exactly where the top wrap meets the bottom. 

It’s also much shorter at 17 inches. The size 8 fit snug so I would size up in this skirt. Tights would also be a requirement for this skirt. Other than the Tanya Top in Black or Ivory I had a hard time trying to style this skirt in my head.

The print, though, is a conversation starter.

I passed on both of these skirt as well as not including them in my wishlist. They are not quite my style and the prints, though unique, are not what I’m looking to add to my closet at this time. I can’t love everything, right? 

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I can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to do everything I need. And weekends are just as busy! The Holiday season will be in full swing in just a few short weeks and then things will really be crazy around here. Luckily, I have half of my Christmas shopping complete, thanks to last year’s sale at Anthropologie (more on that later)!

I was able to squeeze in a trip to Tory Burch and love the new Holiday Collection. There was quite a bit on sale, including this beautiful, perforated leather skirt.

~ Fae Skirt, size 8 ~
The sheepskin leather is very supple and the perforations throughout the skirt bring the style up from plain black leather to cool and edgy. The waist and pocket are piped in leather and the pleating is minimal. 

I failed to position the skirt for a more flattering fit but this does run TTS.

There are double pockets on both sides of the skirt, sitting right in front.

At 18 inches, this is a mini skirt but the length for me is perfect on my 5’2″ frame. The blouse is The Tanya Top in black. I am wearing a size 6 and the fit is very comfortable. Definitely size down in this top. You can also find it in solid Ivory/White, an Ivory Print and a Black Print. It’s a great work piece to layer under cardis and blazers.

I have plenty of leather in my closet for now but this skirt was really tempting. I’d probably wear all black, including a black Cashmere Tee, with tights and heels or booties. With the leather trend still going strong, I really need to wear the skirts I have.

Has anything caught your eye in the Tory Burch sale section?

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