We had a chilly but sunny Thanksgiving and I’ve been waiting to wear my Leather Pocket Mini-Dress from Madewell. I paired it with a Light Gray Tissue Turtleneck Tee from a few years ago since my Black color looked dingy. I added Black Assets Leggings and my lovely Harper Leather Boots. I was comfortable all day and had plenty of room to hide the Thanksgiving Food Baby.

The Boy and I goofing around. 
Friday evening we went out as a family to celebrate Husband’s birthday. He had been sick all week, including his birthday and even missed out on Thanksgiving. I have on my J Crew Sample Cashmere Pants, a Cashmere Tee in Olive, Martina Wedges I purchased from a JCA, and my jumping-on-the-bandwagon/better-late-than-never Lexington Blazer in Ivory. I have been slowly finding the Lexington Blazers in the solid and tipped and I think I now have every color I want. I have also been able to find two Wool Oxford Blazers that are gorgeous! I wish these two would come back. I added my Dorado Necklace at the last minute and it paired wonderfully with the outfit.

I did stop at the J Crew Factory store on my way home on Thanksgiving since it opened at 6 p.m.!! It wasn’t busy at all since everyone was at Kate Spade and Coach on that side of the mall. I didn’t venture out on Black Friday as there are just too many people out-and-about. Unfortunately, one of those people was in a little bit of a hurry and pulled out in front of The Boy. He wasn’t hurt, Thank The Lord! but the truck his grand-father gave him is a total loss. We are sad only because the truck is sentimental to us but we know dad was looking down on his Grandson that day to keep him safe.

Even though I’m one of the first in line when there’s a sale or new arrivals, in the end it’s all just stuff. Nothing is more important than the time we have here on Earth with our loved ones. And, now, because The Boy has no vehicle, I get to dust off that black Chauffeur Hat and spend a little more time during the day with him than I normally would. Woo Hoo!! Which is great for me (and him but he won’t admit it) because he’ll be off to College in 6 months and then I’ll be really sad! (J Crew better have a great Fall 2014 to cheer me up!)

Have a Great Evening!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day. We have been traveling north and south of my home the past three days seeing family for Christmas. I think everyone received what they asked for plus a little bit extra. I received some Talbots, Anthro, Philosophy and a little J Crew.

I was at my parents on Christmas Day and before leaving town I ran into my cousin, who’s in from NYC. As you can see, I have a fashionable family. It was quite amusing to everyone, seeing us in the same print. I was able to find the dress on ebay after seeing Dina in it. I quite love it too and went with grays instead of blacks. My cousin did black and brown and I think she was wearing the MacAlister Wedge Boot in either Mink or Nut, or at least something similar looking.

On Fashionable Cousin #1: Black Turtleneck, Brown Belt, Brownish Booties, J Crew Flair Skirt in Floating Rose
On Fashionable Cousin #2: All J Crew-Tissue Turtleneck, Winsome Dress in Blurry Rose (6), Super Opaque Tights, Perry Peep-Toe Booties

I quite love this dress and can’t wait to wear it again. And luckily, the next time I see my cousin she’ll be getting married so there’s no way we’ll be wearing the same thing, although she suspects I will be in J Crew.

Have a Great Day!


Sorry I’ve been MIA this week. I had jury duty Monday and was selected as a juror. Then add tons of work to catch up on and finally, our wireless router went kaput. Even though I had my phone and could check emails it was odd not being on the internet. I was able to clean my awful dirty kitchen floor and start my closet clean-out. I should be posting/hosting a Blog Sale later today/tomorrow so be on the look-out for that. I was also able to get to Anthropologie and play dress up for almost 2 hours so I’ll post that this week too.

Here are some of my outfits from last week. The first few are for Jury Duty.

Turtleneck: J Crew Tissue Turtleneck
Sweater: J Crew Cashmere Shawl Popover in Jalapeno
Pants: Banana Republic 
Boots: Steve Madden Inragee

It was really cold last week so I was able to finally wear my Italian Wool Blazecoat. A button popped off before I took it off the hanger but thankfully they are hidden when buttoned.

This is what I wanted to wear to Jury Duty one day but it was still too cold for a skirt, even with tights.

All items J Crew
Tissue Turtleneck in Blanched Orchid
Cashmere Cardigan in Bright Plum
Sunnie Pencil Skirt
Tights: Merona
Jean: J Crew FS Boot Cut
J Crew Pin

Friday – Work Catch-up Day: I found this Kimono Sleeved Turtleneck at Saks Off 5th last year. I made them take it off a mannequin.

Turtleneck: Saks Off 5th – I found this last year on a mannequin. The SA happily took it off the mannequin.
Tee: J Crew Striped Perfect Shirt
Jeans: JC Ankle Stretch Toothpick – Much like Gigi, I live in these.
Boots: Steve Madden

Turtleneck: JC Tissue Turtleneck
Wrap Cardigan: Forever 21
Skirt: JC Cypress Plaid
Leggings: J Crew
Socks: Gap
Ugg Sweater Boots – I wasn’t going anywhere and it was cold outside so I stayed cozy in my Uggs.

Tee: J Crew Drapey Bateau Tee
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: JC Ankle Toothpick
Boots (not seen): Steve Madden Inragee

I’m off to finish my closet clean-out and run errands. Have a great day!

I’m proud of myself for getting dressed today considering how cold it was this morning. I even put on shoes instead of my Wicked Good Clogs. L.L. Bean has now come out with boots too (like Uggs). They are so comfy and cozy and if I could find a way to sleep in them I would!

On to my work-from-home outfit. It’s pretty basic but very bright.

Turtleneck: J Crew Tissue Turtleneck Tee in Orange Flame
Jeans: GAP Essential
Shoes: J Crew Penelope Peep-Toes

Have a great evening!

The pieces I have from J Crew are so great for layering. Especially when it’s chilly outside and you just want to stay cozy inside.

Here’s the Polyvore.

2/9/2010 OOTD
2/9/2010 OOTD by audreybella featuring J Crew 

Shirt: J Crew Vintage Bateau
Turtleneck: J Crew Tissue Turtleneck
Pants: J Crew Toothpick Ankle Cords
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Ballerina in Camo
Vest: J Crew Sherpa
Here’s what I’m wearing.
I changed out the shoes from my Polyvore set. These are some cool Nike Blazers that are suede (brown areas) and tweed. The soles are a light purple.
I received my order yesterday (which had the Vintage Bateau top in it) and am disappointed in the Celosia Cardigan in Wild Plum. I’ll post my thoughts and IRLs later today or tomorrow.