While at The Limited for the Scandal Collection I tried on a pair of pants that caught my eye. They reminded me of some J Crew “crazy pants” in silk.

~ Patterned Ankle Trouser, size 8 ~

They just fit. I think I could Spanx them instead of sizing up. They are also not Ankle length on me. I could size up to a 10 Petite but I think the length wouldn’t be much different. I’d stick with the normal size 8 and hem them. 
I really liked these pants. The print is red with tiny purple, maybe blue, dots. I could really see wearing these to a Holiday party. 
For me, this ran just a little tight, probably enough for me to size up to a Large. This is a Poly Crepe front with a Rayon tee-like back. You can button the top collar or leave it open. It looks good both ways. 

The top went well with the pants, too. I thought I saw the top in other colors but I was mistaken. I would get the Navy but it would be nice to see this in other colors for Fall, like red, orange and maybe a green.

Though I didn’t get either of these, I really liked them. It made me ponder why I stopped shopping at The Limited and realized it was due to a few things. First, I stopped working in an office and didn’t really need “office wear”. I used to live in the Drew pants they had. Loved them! At the time, it was what I could afford. I can’t recall anything I bought from The Limited ripping, getting holes in them after the first wash-and-wear or unraveling, at any point. All my Limited clothes I either resold or gave away. So, even though the clothes I had weren’t 100% Cotton/Silk/all-natural fibers, they held up well. I can’t say that about J Crew or even Banana Republic. Something to think about. 
Have a Great weekend! I’m off to see The Boy at College! I miss him soooo much!

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Out of everything I tried on from the Scandal Collection, the Draped Open Front Cardigan was my absolute favorite.
I grabbed a Small and it was a perfect fit. The Petite Medium might have shortened the sleeves and length a little but I like the fit of the Small. This is very soft and comfortable on and I’ve been wearing it during the day when I’m a little chilly. 

Voilà Graphic Tee, Old Navy ~
~ Toothpick Jeans in Dolphin Gray, J Crew (JC Factory) ~
Faux Suede Ankle Boots, Wine, Old Navy ~

Olivia Pope is always wearing this sweater at home drinking wine. I’ve done that as well, while watching the season premiere of Scandal last week.

I have to say that The Limited did a great job with this collection. I was very surprised that, even though everything is Poly or a blend, the attention to detail and fit and seaming and embellishments was very well done. Just because something is made from Poly doesn’t necessarily exclude it from my closet. But it should have those special details to construction that allow it to fit well and look like it’s not Poly. Banana Republic and Ann Taylor do it all the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a blouse or skirt and thought it was silk and been surprised to see it was not. 
What is your favorite from the Scandal Collection?

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Continuing on with the Scandal Collection are a skirt and pant.

~ Officer’s Pencil Skirt, Off White, size 8 ~

The size 8 fit really well. I wouldn’t get a Petite in this. The length is perfect and the fit is great. The material is a Poly-blend but felt a little like a lightweight Ponte knit. Bonus that this is machine washable. I am not a fan of the sailor buttons on this 


~ Liv Flare Leg Trouser Pant, Pink, size 8 ~
The Pink color seems to be gone from online and there’s only the Sage Green. The pants fit great in the waist, hip and thigh but the length is really long. I think I would need to get a Petite 10 and then still have them hemmed. I didn’t try on the Olivia Wide Leg Trouser but I love a wide-leg and that might work better for me than the Flare Leg. 

I have one more review left, and it’s my favorite of the entire Collection. I’ve already worn it a few times. 
Have a Great Day!

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Here are some of the tops I liked. They’ll go with the bottoms I have scheduled for later today.

~ Printed Split-V Blouse, Medium ~

This was a nice blouse and draped well. I need to tone my arms so these shirts won’t be so tight in the arms. This does fit TTS. The V-Neck didn’t bother me and wasn’t too low for my tastes. I moved around a bit to see if it would open up or would tempt a downward gaze and it didn’t. 

~ Drape Neck Shell, Tan, Medium ~
I really thought this top was grey. It wasn’t until I checked the website did I realize it was tan. I loved this shell. I think it fit TTS in the Medium and the drape neck/cowl neck felt flattering to me. If I worked in an office I would have bought this to layer under cardis and blazers. 

~ Elbow Sleeve Sweater, Grey, Medium ~
Since this sweater is supposed to be form-fitting the Medium fit TTS. The Pink was also in-store but I grabbed the color I would buy. I like the neckline but I am not really feeling the elbow-length sleeves. I think it should have been extended past the elbow, almost 3/4-length. I know this didn’t feel itchy or uncomfortable on but I can’t recall how soft this was. 

~ Neck-Tie Blouse, Green, Medium ~
I liked the Green color of this blouse. The “tie” is not really “tie-able”. One side has a loop that the other side is placed through, giving the illusion of a tie. The Medium fit well and the length would work well tucked in or not. Again, not an in-office worker so I passed on this. 
The shirts all seemed to fit TTS. I haven’t bought from The Limited in a while so I don’t know if these sizes run in line with their non-Scandal Collection items. 

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I’m not in need of any coats but I had to try on THE coat. The Tweed Jacket also made me curious as well.

~ Plaid Cape, Medium ~

I just need a pipe. I felt very Sherlock Holmes-ish in this cape. I loved it but it ran really big. I would definitely size down at least one size. Gigi said she’d get a Petite Small and I think that I probably would too. 

I liked the plaid though this isn’t a heavy cape. It’s very lightweight and definitely not for cold weather. I can hear Husband now, making all kinds of jokes about this cape. I know someone will rock this cape, but it won’t be me.

~ Dolman Wrap Coat, Medium ~
THE COAT. And another version of The Coat. I loved the feel of it on, so very cozy but it ran big. I would definitely size down to a Small. I was swimming in the Medium. I like the Tulip bottom of the coat as opposed to the straight line around on the other coat. Also, the sleeves are 3/4-length so this isn’t really a good winter coat. I know it doesn’t go with the show, but I think black would have looked very nice. Though that wouldn’t have been very Gladiator/White Hat, would it? 
~ Wearing with the Liv Pant ~

The Dolman Sleeve…

I really loved this jacket. I think the Medium was a little too snug on me, but I would still say this runs TTS. I would probably go with a Petite Large to give me little more room in the arms and shoulders. Alas, I have no need for a jacket like this. I have so many blazers I already need to wear adding this to my closet would just make them jealous. 
Which of these coats from the Scandal Collection to you prefer? 

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