Hi everyone! I’m going to try to do a Shoes-day post every Tuesday. As long as I can stay ahead of myself I should have consistent posts.

I’ve been seeing a lot of slip-on loafers for Fall since mid-July from different retailers. When Nordstrom had their sale in July I purchased the Madee in Glitter. I thought they would give my jeans and pants a little pizzazz during the Fall and Winter months when things get a little gloomy. It was hard choosing from the two options at the time, Glitter and Calf-Hair Leopard. Knowing I already had a leopard flat made my decision a little easier.

The Madee is a variation of a men’s formal slipper and comes in 18 different colors and fabric. There is also the Madee-S, a colorful sequined loafer, and Melter, which has spikes at the toe. I took a size 7 and found them to be comfortable during my try-on. I have not worn them “full-time” yet but hope to soon. Currently the Madee, excluding the a few colors & styles, is on sale at SteveMadden.com for $79.95. Other retailers are also offering similar styles at different price points.

Aldo has the Pratillo, Killon, and Buschur for $60-90. The Killon in gold looks very similar to the Darby Loafer by J Crew. That price range is from $198-298. Of course, you are paying for an Italian-made shoe. I have not seen the J Crew Darby Loafer in person. I have seen the Aldo Pratillo and Black Patent Killon and would have purchased either of them if I had not already found the Madee on sale in Black Patent. During that sale I also purchased the Taupe Snakeskin. The Madee loafer has a leather sole with a heel while the Aldo loafer has a synthetic sole with a heel. The J Crew Darby has a flat rubber sole with no heel.

I think these will be my “go-to” shoes for the Fall and Winter. I’m excited to pair the Glitter with my Lolli pants, the Origami Mini in Toile and my trusty Ankle Toothpick jeans.

What do you think of the Madee? Will you be getting a slip-on loafer?

**I do want to disclose that I did exchange the above Madee in Glitter for the same pair. As you can see, the sole was coming unglued. I have not had this happen with the new pair or either of my other two pair.

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week. I had jury duty Monday and was selected as a juror. Then add tons of work to catch up on and finally, our wireless router went kaput. Even though I had my phone and could check emails it was odd not being on the internet. I was able to clean my awful dirty kitchen floor and start my closet clean-out. I should be posting/hosting a Blog Sale later today/tomorrow so be on the look-out for that. I was also able to get to Anthropologie and play dress up for almost 2 hours so I’ll post that this week too.

Here are some of my outfits from last week. The first few are for Jury Duty.

Turtleneck: J Crew Tissue Turtleneck
Sweater: J Crew Cashmere Shawl Popover in Jalapeno
Pants: Banana Republic 
Boots: Steve Madden Inragee

It was really cold last week so I was able to finally wear my Italian Wool Blazecoat. A button popped off before I took it off the hanger but thankfully they are hidden when buttoned.

This is what I wanted to wear to Jury Duty one day but it was still too cold for a skirt, even with tights.

All items J Crew
Tissue Turtleneck in Blanched Orchid
Cashmere Cardigan in Bright Plum
Sunnie Pencil Skirt
Tights: Merona
Jean: J Crew FS Boot Cut
J Crew Pin

Friday – Work Catch-up Day: I found this Kimono Sleeved Turtleneck at Saks Off 5th last year. I made them take it off a mannequin.

Turtleneck: Saks Off 5th – I found this last year on a mannequin. The SA happily took it off the mannequin.
Tee: J Crew Striped Perfect Shirt
Jeans: JC Ankle Stretch Toothpick – Much like Gigi, I live in these.
Boots: Steve Madden

Turtleneck: JC Tissue Turtleneck
Wrap Cardigan: Forever 21
Skirt: JC Cypress Plaid
Leggings: J Crew
Socks: Gap
Ugg Sweater Boots – I wasn’t going anywhere and it was cold outside so I stayed cozy in my Uggs.

Tee: J Crew Drapey Bateau Tee
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: JC Ankle Toothpick
Boots (not seen): Steve Madden Inragee

I’m off to finish my closet clean-out and run errands. Have a great day!

I’m still here and still remixing. I have had a busy week but have been trying to stay loyal to the remix. I did make a change/swap. Someone turned on the A/C in South Texas so I wasn’t well prepared with any long-sleeved casual wear (i.e.-tees).

Day 7…So I traded out the J Crew Fox Tee for a J Crew Perfect Fit Tee in Navy. We had a front blow through and it was a bit chilly.

Tee: J Crew Perfect Fit Tee
Boots: Steve Madden Inragee
Day 8…Office Visit
Sweater: JC Cashmere Cody
Jeans: GAP Curvy
Belt: JC
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Patent Pump in Porcini (similar here)
Necklace: JC

Day 9…Office Visit (I didn’t feel comfortable in this outfit. I was very self-conscious about these pants/my legs/butt.)

Shirt: JC Factory Perfect Shirt
Pants: JC Bi-stretch Wool Minnie
Shoes: Ann Taylor
Necklace: JC Factory Pearls

Day 10…I forgot to take a picture but it was nothing to write about. It was the JC Imperial Tee with my Gap Boyfriend Jeans and my Wicked Good slippers. I just wanted comfort.

Day 11…Ladies Luncheon

Sweater: JC Cashmere Cody
Boots: Steve Madden Inragee
Tights & Belt: JC

I have 6 items have I yet to wear in my remix.

Have great day!

I organized my closet so that all of my remix pieces are right in front of me when I go to pick something out. While doing this I saw all the things that would go great with some of my remix pieces. Only 25 days to go.

Here’s Day 4 & 5…My days really are super-casual.

Top: J Crew Silk Tiered Cami
Jeans: J Crew Ankle Matchstick
Shoes: Steve Madden Trouser

Check me out…getting a little brave and adding an accessory.

J Crew Necklace

I was in my workout clothes for most of the day until I finally showered (I know “ewww” and “TMI”).

Blouse: J Crew Chiffon Cecelia Cami
Jeans: GAP Destructed Boyfriend
Shoes: GAP City Flat

Coming up…A possible family date day/night tomorrow.

Fitness: I’m still doing my best to be BFF’s with Jillian. I did Level 1 on Monday and switched it up to Level 2 on Tuesday. I like that level a lot more so I’m sticking with it for a while. I think Level 1 wasn’t as challenging and those stupid jumping jacks…ugh…hate them. I now have Husband using the DVD too! He realized his workout didn’t include cardio. I had a bad food day Wednesday and last night. I had a Coke…and Chik-Fil-A. I haven’t had a Coke in 3 weeks. It tasted salty. Odd, huh? I’ll be on the scale on Sunday and we’ll see what’s happened after 2 weeks. I am feeling better and I can see a little difference in my belly.

How are you doing?

So I’m going to start with little baby steps for this remix. After posting my 30 items last night I went to bed thinking “I need more shoes!” “I don’t have any dresses.” “I have too many jeans.” But I really thought about all those items and tried to mix in some newer items I have that I’ve either not worn or rarely worn.

So here’s my first outfit. Very simple and basic.

Boots: Steve Madden Inragee (similar here – Intyce)

I like the sequin detail on the shoulders. As you can see from my picks I am a fan of Olive Green.

To be honest I was in my fabulous, comfy Wicked Good slippers most of the day until The Boy called saying he missed the bus. Then I put on my boots. But I work from home so no one saw me.

I have to show you what it’s like getting my family together for a group photo. Right when the picture is taken someone else wants to join or we see someone else to join in. So basically, they are all outtakes. These are from a family wedding this past weekend.

Whoops…looking at different cameras.

Wait! The bride wants in.

CRAZY PEOPLE! All family.
What I’m wearing…
J Crew Frances Cami
J Crew Constellation Cardigan
J Crew Marvelle Mini (LOVE THIS SKIRT! I didn’t notice but under the taffeta is a layer of tulle and then a silk lining. When I sat down the taffeta came up but then the tulle layer showed.)
Merona Tights
Christian Louboutin Wallis Mary Janes
My Dancing Shoes were the Toe-Tapping Flats (Anthropologie).
Have a great evening!