Husband had another work Christmas party this past weekend so I was excited to get dressed up again. I originally wanted to wear the Chandelier Sweatshirt but Husband was critical of it because it was a sweatshirt. “Oh no. No no no. Um…yeah…no. It’s a sweatshirt.” Ok then, you’ve made your point.

So I chose an all J Crew ensemble in light colors.
J Crew Cashmere Tee in Snow, J Crew Sterling Skirt in Sheer Mint, J Crew Collection Etta Snakeskin Cap Toe Pump, J Crew Grande Crystal Drop Necklace

I found the Etta’s on ebay for a great deal. 

I added my Tipped Gray Lexington Blazer to blend with the lighter colors I was wearing.

Waiting on Husband…tick tock, tick tock. You can’t really tell but I used my new Urban Decay Naked3 Palette. The last color reminds me of Black Cherry. I usually keep a neutral face so it’s nice to have a few more options in this little palette with some beautiful rosy neutrals. 

As it turns out, the Chandelier Sweatshirt worn with cords or jeans would have fit right in with what all the other ladies were wearing. Embellished on top and jeans or leggings on bottom. Not to say I didn’t love my outfit because I did. I didn’t feel uncomfortable being a little over-dressed either as I felt great and Husband loved it!

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here. I have not finished my shopping and will have to run around here and there all week and spend the weekend wrapping everything. I did wrap a few gifts with my new ribbon and paper from The Container Store. They come out with some beautiful wrapping every year!

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To help me with defining my style and continuous closet purging I am starting a new feature of showing how to wear one item 3 ways. I know a lot of you try to also use this idea when making/keeping purchases. These will be items I currently have or have recently purchased and am on the fence about keeping. I will show everything “IRL” so you can see the true items and colors together.

The first piece was part of an outfit I wore last week at home and then to dinner at a Pizza Garden that evening. I find that my outfits consist of three things: a top, bottom and shoes. Very basic and simple because the need for jewelry or other layers doesn’t fit my work-from-home life. I paired the Natasha Blouse in Gardenshade Floral with hemmed Matchsticks and Cece Ballet Flats in Black (but probably should have done the Navy instead). This is a blouse I was sad I missed out on last Spring but happily found it on ebay a few weeks ago.

As the weather cools, I can add a cardigan for inside the house and to run errands. This is the Jackie in Landscape Green and is a great match to the Natasha Blouse. 

I added the Navy Schoolboy for a more polished look, still keeping my three basics, and the Jackie Cardigan. 

For work, I kept the Jackie and changed to the Sterling Skirt in Crimson Maple, that I was able to purchase from a fellow JCA, and my Louboutin’s in Cranberry. A black heel will work as well. A Nude could work but I think a darker heel is best for this outfit. This green and burgundy pairing is beautiful, don’t you think? Buttoning the Jackie at the bottom helps you look more polished and leaner.

And, finally, to edge it up a bit I removed the cardigan and added my new Leather Moto Jacket in Cabernet. It’s amazingly gorgeous IRL and from Victoria’s Secret. I’ve been looking for a leather jacket for a very long time but could never find one I loved. Dark jeans like the Midrise Toothpick Jean in Carbon replace the Sterling Skirt and, again, the Louboutin’s in Cranberry finish this look. I only have gray Moto boots but short Black ones will do as well. I didn’t want to the look to be too edgy and I think the Moto Jacket in a different color suits the style without trying too hard.
So there you have it. The Natasha Blouse styled three ways (ok, maybe that was four). It’s a keeper. 
I hope you enjoyed this feature. If you have any suggestions or want to see an item styled 3 ways please leave a comment or email me. If I have the item or something similar I will be happy to feature it.
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I’m admitting to another obsession today…the color mint! I cannot seem to get enough of this color. How did I know I was obsessed with this color? I purchased a pair of Lace Crochet Shorts because they were mint-colored. Can you say “Intervention needed“? I returned them within 24 hours. I have no idea what I was thinking with that purchase.

But, I do have some mint-colored items already in my closet that I wore this week for some training at my Corporate Office.

Inspired by this look from the January 2012 issue of In Style magazine, I couldn’t wait to wear green and purple with leopard boots. I tweaked the idea a little as I just love the J Crew Sterling Skirt and wanted to wear that instead of my Viridian Green Pencil Skirt from last year.

And my take on this outfit…J Crew Tippi Sweater, J Crew Sterling Skirt, J Crew Jello Mold Bracelet, Ann Taylor Booties.
I seriously considered adding Leopard boots to my Fall Shopping list but knew I wouldn’t get much use out of them. The booties I have are way more practical and pretty comfortable too.
The next day, I had to consider the weather outside and inside the training room. Why do they keep those rooms so cold? I adore my Kate Spade Karolina Heels in Aqua which matched the little hints of mint in the Jessie Blouse. The Wool Cafe’ Capri pants might be from last year but maybe even the year before. These were one of the items I had altered and am so happy I did. I think the length is perfect now and I also had the cuff removed from the hem. A skinny mint belt keeps it all looking professional and polished.
Just a few more days left until all of our shopping efforts are appreciated, right? I have stocking-stuffers to buy and some treats to make but I’ve been done with shopping (for others) for about a week. I was even able to get a little treat for you! Yep, a Give-Away will be coming next week so be on the look-out? 
Want a hint? What do you give the girl who has all J Crew? 

Without realizing it, my Tuesday outfit was pink and green. The pink from Monday’s outfit was a little subtle but Tuesday it was more pronounced. Wednesday’s outfit of pink and green was completely on purpose.

On Tuesday, I knew I wanted to wear the Pleated Crepe Skirt in Vibrant Fuchsia and have been dying to copy Lisa’s outfit. My version includes the Perfect Shirt in Mini-Gingham in Heather Emerald, the Pleated Crepe Skirt and the Cece Suede Ballet Flats in Wild Berry.

The bracelet is an in-store only item my SA called the Jello Mold bracelet. I think it looks a little like a bowler hat too.

Wednesday’s outfit was a deliberate pick of Pink and Green. I wanted to see if I could find another Pink and Green outfit in my closet. Last year’s Thermal Striped Tee, The Sterling Skirt in Mint, the Cece’s again and the Jello Mold bracelet.  I am wearing an 8 Petite in the Sterling Skirt and it’s perfect. I originally ordered a 6 and it was too tight in the waist and past my knees in the length.

I probably had two more days of Pink and Green in my closet but I think three days is enough.

Have a Great Day!