As the weather adjusts to a normal Texas Winter, so does my wardrobe. During the Winter my house is sometimes colder inside than the temps outside. I usually layer up or wear a sweater during the day and Thursday was no different.

I also figured if I was going to bring my CPW down on the Silk Diamond Tile Skirt that I should start wearing it. I originally planned to wear my Tippi Sweater in Navy but the French Hen Sweater caught my eye. The navy sweater and pink beret matched perfectly with the pink and navy of the skirt. I slipped on my Cece Ballet Flats in Navy and was set for the day.

I had considered selling this sweater but now have the perfect skirt to wear with it. I can also pair this sweater with the Lace Skirt still NWT in my closet.

This pairing is a happy surprise and I hope to be a bit more creative with outfits this year.

Have a Great Weekend!

I added the Silk Diamond Tile Skirt in my cart for a little ride-along with some Christmas gifts. I liked the print immediately in these colors. The silhouette reminds me of the Little Skunks Skirt, which I returned. I ordered a size 8 and the fit is good to slightly big. Currently the size 8 is sitting on my hips and it’s meant to sit at the waist.

The length is perfect and there is no puffing out at the waist or in the back at the booty.

I went in to the store and found the size 6. It is a much better fit in the waist. The length is a little shorter but still perfect for my height, sitting just above the knee.

I have been taking an 8 in skirts like this so I would recommend your smaller skirt size or if you are consistent, size down one. 
Because of the pink and blue colors this will transition well into Spring. It is also great to wear with tights, boots and a cozy sweater. 
There is also a Tipped Silk Tee and a Dress but in blues with no pink. The dress looks big. Normally the shift dresses are shorter in length on the models, the Jules Dress, but this dress is long on the model. It looks sloppy. 

Have you tried the Silk Diamond Tile Skirt? 
Have a Great Day!