Husband and I usually celebrate holidays early – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. It’s a lot easier to get a table at our favorite restaurants to go a few days before the “big day”. So tonight I was taken to Maggiano’s for Mother’s Day dinner.

I was planning on wearing my Impressionist pencil skirt and new “Charms and Kitsch” tee but I did a little shopping today after I created my Polyvore and pick up the Arribada Current Dress by Moulinette Soeurs from Anthropologie. It was on sale for $69.95 in-store ($99.95 on the website). I tried a 6 and it was too loose on top so I asked for the 4. Still slightly loose but there was no way I could size down to a 2. I love the cut, style, length, PRINT! I didn’t even notice the sea turtles on it until I tried on the 4! I grabbed it because of the green color.

So here it is. (Sorry for the non-expression. I’m not mad. And I need a haircut!)

Dress: Arribada Current Dress by Moulinette Soeurs from Anthropologie
Necklace: J Crew Salon Necklace
Shoes: Nine West
Look at the turtles!
It has pockets! I pinned the neckline. I think I can have it taken up at the shoulder seams to fit a little better. Also, my shoes are old. I didn’t realize I have no cute black sandals. I originally envisioned flat sandals with this dress but I had none. I pulled these from my ebay pile. I think I need some black slingback sandals with a kitten heel for this dress. 
I’ll have a post tomorrow with my other Anthro sale buys and a new J Crew mini skirt (too cute!).

I found this blouse/tunic several years at TJ Maxx. I used to wear it ALL the time and then I stopped. I’d see it in my closet and pass it by. For two years I did this. Thursday I decided I needed to wear it one last time and decide if I really wanted to keep it or give it up for sale.

Tunic: TJ Maxx
Pants: J Crew Denim Minnie
Shoes: Toe-Tapping Flats Anthropologie
Necklace: J Crew Crystal Coletto Necklace

I should have worn heels to give myself some height with this longer tunic. I love the kimono sleeves and the material is a linen/silk blend. There is a back tie as well. And because it’s an empire waist, it hides all my bloaty-ness going on right now. This also looks great with white my white skinny jeans.

See, now I love it again and you ebayers will just have to wait.

Have a great day!

PS – I left my camera outside and it got rained on. I’m trying to open it up to dry it out but I have a feeling I may need to bust out the old Fuji for a little while until I get a new one. I even told myself, “Don’t forget it in case it rains.” Then I told myself, “Now you’ve jinxed yourself and you’ll forget it because you reminded yourself.” AND I DID!

First, don’t forget to sign up for my Giveaway in this post.

It’s SHOES-DAY and today we have Gladiator Flat Sandals. I own a pair of Miu Miu in Gold, a pair of Enzo Angiolini in Yellow and a pair of Nike Free Gladiator in Silver.

Husband HATES these!

I think the Miu Miu’s can be worn with more outfits because they are gold as opposed to the yellow Enzo’s. And the Nike’s, well, I’ve only worn them once. But they are so cool (to me).
Let’s get to it.
Price Point – up to $50

Price Point – $50-100
Price Point – $100-500

Price Point – $500 and up

Happy Shopping!

It feels like I have been waiting on this dress FOR-EVAH! But it arrived today and I immediately put it on to make sure it fit. I tried on the black in the store but you never know.

Here it is with some gladiator flats, almost like the styling in the magazine, with the exception of the brown belt.

Here it it with my new ON wedges.
I love this dress!

Gigi did some recent posts (here, here and here) about items from Old Navy so I stopped by there yesterday afternoon. I found the ruffle tiered skirt she reviewed but I also found shoes! And in pretty pretty colors.

These were really cute but not what I purchased.
Women’s Burnished Strappy Wedges – $29.50 $20.00 – They come in Dark Brown and Purple, sizes 6-11M.

Faux-Leather Cross-Strap Wedges$29.50 $20.00 – They come in Black Jack, Dark Brown, Dark Blue and Yellow, sizes 6-11M. I actually like the blue and may go back and get them today.
I did purchase these (and I really wanted every color).
Women’s Braided Faux-Leather Wedges in Purple – $29.50 $25.00  – They also come in Tan and Graphite, Sizes 6-11M and have a stacked 4 inch wedge heel.
I also purchased these. I call them the Faux-Leather Gladiator Wedge. They are not on the website. They come in the Graphite, Purple and Tan and were $29.50 (my guess is they are also $20 or 25 now).
They also had these. Aren’t they the cutest ballet flats? They are not online and there was only a size 9 left in the store.
But they did have a similar-looking clutch. (not online)

And here’s my OOTD.

Top: Tabitha (from Anthropologie)
Jeans: GAP Essential
Shoes: ON Braided Faux-Leather Wedges in Purple
Bag: Bisbee Satchel in Summer Hyacinth (not shown)