Plaid, plaid, plaid…it feels like that’s all I tried on. I did try to make outfits with everything I tried on so let’s get started.

~ Patterned Schoolboy Blazer, Navy/Red/Green, size 8 ~
~ Floral Lace Shirt, Belvedere Red, size 8 ~
~ Shadow Wash High-Rise Skinny Jeans, size 30 ~
~ Esme Jeweled Kitten Heels, size 7 ~


~ Patterned Schoolboy Blazer, Navy/Red/Green, size 8 ~

I like the colors on this blazer but can you really get away with wearing it after Christmas? I know there’s navy in this pattern but the green and red and so pronounced I think it’s only a 45-60 day use time. It does come in Tan/Maroon/Black. It does not come in Petite so I would stick with the size 8. I don’t normally button my blazers and prefer to leave them open. There are matching Skimmer Pants.



~ Floral Lace Shirt, Belvedere Red, size 8 ~

I can’t recall if there was a retail shirt like this. I know there was a dress and the ivory had contrasting lace at the shoulders. I liked this top as a great layer under a blazer or cardigan though you’ll be hiding the lace shoulders. The green is olive and this also comes in black. Red it great for the season. My normal size 8 fit best.



~ Shadow Wash High-Rise Skinny Jeans, size 30 ~

These fit fine in the size 30. There’s a lot of stretch in them so I am pretty sure I could go with my normal size 29. They are really long and had a lot of bunching at the ankles.


~ Printed Quilted Puffer Vest, Blackwatch, Small ~
~ Deer Lights Collector Tee, Medium ~
~ Skimmer Pant in Plaid, Blackwatch, size 8 ~
~ Esme Jeweled Kitten Heels, size 7 ~


~ Printed Quilted Puffer Vest, Blackwatch, Small ~

This fits like all the other puffer vests. I always take a Small. I usually prefer the solid colors as well as the Factory version of the puffer vests. I don’t like the gold buttons on the pocket of the retail puffer vest. But if you’re wanting something other than the solid I like this as well as the Polka Dot vest.


~ Deer Lights Collector Tee, Medium ~

Cute little tee that fits TTS though the deer does look a little angry to me, despite the festive lights on his rack and fair isle scarf around his neck. This was popular since my Mercantile store had just a few of these left in stock.


~ Llama Parade Collector Tee, Medium ~

These llamas are so cute! I ended up getting this tee over the Deer Lights Tee. I just couldn’t pass up these festive llamas.


~ Skimmer Pant in Plaid, Blackwatch, size 8 ~

These blackwatch plaid skimmer pants are around every year. I usually pass on them because they never fit right. I definitely need a size 10 this year but would love to see these in Petite sizing next year. Maybe then I’ll get them.


My J.Crew Mercantile store is much smaller than the Factory store I am used to but is a lot closer. On this visit I reconnected with an old J.Crew retail SA who had been gone for a few years. It was nice to have a little attention at the store this time, especially when I was in the fitting room.

Happy Shopping!

J.Crew’s latest promo is SHOPNOW/SHOPCARD. You can take 25% off your purchase with SHOPNOW or 30% off if you have a J.Crew Credit Card, code SHOPCARD. There are a few exclusions but most of the new arrivals as on promo, which is great if you are already shopping for Christmas gifts. I couldn’t resist just a couple of things that will help me transition into what we call Fall around here.

~ Striped Boatneck T-shirt with Built-in Cuffs, Ivory/Navy, Medium ~

I liked the concept of this tee, with the piqué cuffs. But I was disappointed when I saw the Ivory/Navy color in person. The cuffs are white and I don’t really like that. I know they are supposed to contrast but the ivory is really creamy. I would have preferred the ivory in the tee be a little lighter. The fit is a bit off for me. The neckline seemed loose and would probably, eventually stretch. The body was loose as well. The cuffs covered my hands if I didn’t roll them up. I like the outfit as a whole and will use another striped tee I have to recreate this look.



~ Sammie Chino Pant, British Khaki, 30 Petite ~

I cannot believe I waited so long to try these pants in a Petite. I’ve finally found a cropped pant! They are a little loose in the front. I have the Sammie in Polka Dot, which wasn’t offered in a Petite. I would like to get another pair and wish these had been offered in navy or black. I don’t see myself wearing any of the other colors offered. As far as sizing, I would normally get a size 29 so I’m really happy the 30P worked out and fit almost like the 29.


~ Leopard Bow Sandals, size 7 ~

I’ve been stalking these since they showed up online. I just couldn’t bring myself to pay full-price for them knowing I they wouldn’t be a daily or weekly shoe. But at 50% off $100, I happily ordered them in a size 7. They run TTS and the heel doesn’t feel too high that I would be uncomfortable wearing them for a full day. Doesn’t mean I will chance that though. There are still some sizes left and they are still 50% off.




And here are a few more of my picks that are an additional 50% off with SHOPNOW.

I’ll chance wearing the Leopard Bow Sandals through Fall as long as the weather allows and then put them away for Spring. I also picked up the Tipped Lightweight Wool Jackie Shell. I plan on wearing it with the Perfect Shirt in Foil Dot from last year. Since I had that I didn’t get the Ruffled Popover version.

Are you shopping the SHOPNOW sale? I hope to have some in-store reviews for you next week but the closer we get to holidays, the busier my weekend schedule is.

Do you have those times where you have returns but when you get to the store you end up finding something else to exchange it for? I know I shouldn’t expect it, but when making returns I usually go with the mind-set of “in-and-out”. That never happens though. It’s like someone says “Squirrel!” and there I go veering away from my destination, the register to process my return. I “squirreled” my whole Saturday, finding one cute thing after another. And don’t get me started with Target. I’m lucky I got out of there spending less than $100 that day.

And what did I find at Tar-jhay? A lovely faux fur vest caught my eye. I’ve passed on them over the years but this one seemed to really peak my interest for some reason. I thought the Medium looked too big but the Small was sold out so I tried it on anyway. It fit really well. I think the small would have been too tight in the armholes so the Medium was a good choice. I might wear it with this Maeve metallic midi skirt but I also have this shirtdress from Tory Burch that had popped into my head when I saw this fur vest.


Next, I headed to the mall where I found the Maeve Eclat Midi Skirt. It was styled in the window and I couldn’t resist it. You know I don’t have any midi skirts but this one just seemed so perfect for Fall and the upcoming holidays. It was styled with this sweater, which is 30% off today. I bought and Medium and it fits TTS.


I also bought these Pilcro embroidered jeans. I have been lusting over them for some time now but could never pull the trigger, since shipping is just so expensive. And the reviews have sizing all over the place. But, I was lucky on Saturday because my store had a return, in a size 29. I grabbed them and immediately went to try them on. They fit great in the hips and thighs. I have worn them already and they have stretched some in the waist and booty but the thighs are still fitting well. I can see why sizing is off on these. I think a 29 Petite might have been a good fit as well, and would shorten the length a little. I will probably have to get these hemmed a little so they lay right. They are not as heavy as I thought they would be with the embroidery and light beading. I also tried on these bejeweled jeans and the sizing was really off on those. I tried on a size 29 and they were really really loose in the waist and snug in the hips and thighs. They also felt like they will stretch out as you wear them so they were a pass for me.


As I ventured my way to Madewell, I spotted these Mod velvet booties at Steve Madden. They are definitely a color I don’t wear, but I had to see them in person and try them on. They are new arrivals in store and pre-order online. They run TTS and I ended up with a size 7. They are out of my color comfort zone but I’m excited to style and wear them!


This pretty pink velvet was also offered in sneakers and heels.

So, finally making it to Madwell, I saw this Velvet Bow-Back Top and thought it would be another great item for the holidays and evenings out. This is the Dark Metal color and it also comes in Distressed Stone and True Black. This runs really big. I considered sizing to a XS but I like the looseness of the Small. This is also a longer hem in the back. The bow is in the back, tied at the neck. I have several blazers this top can work with as well as some fancy pants. And, this top is so comfortable. I didn’t want to take it off!


So that was my whole squirreled away Saturday. I’ve added several different options for you so you can “squirrel” through this post too!

Happy Shopping!

Banana Republic is having a Flash Sale today, online only. With code BRFLASH, you can take 40% off your purchase of $200 or more. And there don’t seem to be any normal exclusions, like leather, cashmere, Monogram, etc. Of course, I would immediately get the Suede Trench, if it weren’t so impractical for me. We have no real in-between from Summer to Winter and this is more of a Fall item. It’s suede so it won’t repel the rain. And it’s still expensive, with the 40% off. But it IS gorgeous. Oh well, see more of my practical picks for this Flash Sale.

~ Waxed Canvas Jacket, Preppy Navy, Medium ~

This is similar to the Downtown Field Jacket. It differs in that you can cinch the waist and there is also a buckle at the collar. It looks a little weird on me because I cinched it too tight but you can see how that can create some shape for you. Take your true size, as the Medium was a good fit for me, even though the sleeves are really long. This jacket is lined in a soft jersey cotton.






~ Avery-Fit Windowpane Ankle Pant, size 10 ~

Size 8 seemed to be pretty popular in my store as there were few pants on the floor in that size. The store I go to also carries a limited amount of Petite items so I went up to a size 10 in the Avery Fit. From the fit of the 10, I could tell I needed either a petite 10 or a size 8. I like this windowpane with the subtle white stripes to form the windowpane print. The Avery fit is a Tailored pant that is also supposed to be cropped. I do like that Banana Republic offers different fits for their pants in various colors, prints and material.


~ Avery-Fit Denim Pant, size 8 ~

I really liked these Denim pants and they reminded me of the J.Crew Minnie Pant in Denim from 2010-ish. These are nice and tailored and fit well in the size 8. These do have both poly and spandex in them so they may stretch quite a bit after wearing them. I also worry that the darker wash denim will start fading after a few washes. Something to look out for with these.


~ Sloan-Fit Garment Dyed Slim Ankle Pant, Pacific Taupe, size 10 ~

The Sloan-Fit are a slimmer fit and ankle length. I’ve had a pair or two of these in the past and always try to get them in the short length so that they are cropped on me. The size 10 actually fit well through the hips and thighs but were a little big in the waist and the knee. I’m not sure they’d shrink all that much after washing so I would go with a petite. I did like the material as it was thicker than slacks like the Avery Windowpane but still thinner than the Avery Denim Pant. The Pacific Taupe looks gray to me and not brown like the online image.


I am sitting out this sale. Other than the Suede Trench there really isn’t anything I actually need right now. We are still in warm weather mode so it’s hard to think about Fall clothes.

Happy Shopping!

J.Crew’s latest promo, YESPLEASE, ends today. You can take 30% off a lots of styles as well as 40% off sale. I took advantage of this promo in-store and brought some full-price items home with me. Let’s take a look.

~ Pleated Cropped Wide-Leg Pant in Glen Plaid, size 10 ~

These lovely pants were included in the promo. I was going to order them but happened to stop by my store and they had them available in almost all sizes. They did not have a size 8 so I grabbed a size 6 and a size 10, just to gauge fit so I could order them. I really feel these pants run small. I know I’ve been having some sizing issues due to weight but I can still fit in my size 8 pants from years prior. And I’m still wearing size 29 pants and jeans from this year just fine. I think the sizing issue has to do with the pleats starting at the hip line. Despite sizing up to a 10, I loved these wide-leg pants. I plan on wearing these wide-leg pants not only for dressy but not formal occasions but also trying to tone them down with a tee or jean jacket or maybe even some Cons. I found this Cashmere Audrey Sweater at Talbots in Dark Nightfall that goes very well with these. I’ll be sharing my styling ideas for these pants next week.



~ Gazebo Pant, Ivory, size 8 ~

I have these in black (styled) and love them. These have had a second price cut and are now $149.99. I still ordered a size 8 though a 10 might have fit a little better. They were F/S so I’ll make them work. I love these lace pants and am going to try to winterize this Ivory color. If I can get the right combinations I’ll share those style ideas with you.



~ Short-Sleeve Popover in Chambray, size 8P ~

I usually get this popover in a size 6 but the chambray was all sold out so I ordered the 8 Petite. That fits a little more closer to the body and is not as loose as the 6. I think I’ll get quite a bit of use out of this chambray shirt.


~ Elsie Pump in Tweed, Ivory/Burgundy/Pink, size 7 ~

I can take a 6 1/2 or 7 in the Elsie Pump, depending on how long I think I’ll wear them. I think I would probably try to wear these for long periods of time so I ordered the size 7 to accommodate foot swelling. They really fit in the toe box but the length is just a little too long. I don’t walk out of the size 7 or anything like that. I love this pink tweed pattern and color and am happy I chose it over the skirt or blazer.





I bought the Club Collar Shirt in Gingham in the White Cabernet and I can’t wait to wear it with these tweed heels.


Here are a few more of my picks from this promo. I have the Factory version of the Excursion Vest in Flannel. I don’t really care for the gold buttons on the pockets of the retail Excursion Vest. I like the style of the Factory Quilted Vest a lot more.

Did you take advantage of this latest 30% off promo from J.Crew?