Ok…Here’s part two.

J Crew Textured Garden V-neck Tee  

J Crew Cotton Linen Scarf – I found this in the men’s sale section when looking for some things for The Boy.
My J Crew store got in the other two prints of the canvas totes. I preferred this over the other (two ladies sitting next to each other with one cardigan/sweater wrapped around them – I think a cat was in the pic too).
Banana Republic – Dina Gladiator Wedge
I should have never walked into Neiman’s. Christian Louboutin was having their trunk show (and no one told me!!!). I looked at and picked up EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. Of course, anyone who can wear his 5+ inches with or without a platform is brave.
I decided on these.
Hola Flat w/Pony Zebra Calf Hair
I did not stop by GAP, Anthropologie, American Eagle or White House/Black Market like I had planned too. Not sure I’ll have time today or not. But I guess I don’t really need to and I think my bank account needs to recover from the shock.
Have a great day!

Oh boy…did I break my ban and good. Like I said in my previous post, stress is a big trigger for me to go shopping. And I had a long stressful day Wednesday. So instead of waving at the outlet malls while driving by I stopped…and only at J Crew. I’m glad I did. They had just received a new shipment on Tuesday and had lots and lots of goodies.

Here we go…What I did not get…
Floral Belts

Chambray Shift Dress with Pockets – This style of dress came in several different colors (that I can’t remember) as well as the Fresco print. I had to size down to a 4 because the 6 was too big.

I’m calling this the Minimal Rosette Tee. The rosettes are not all over the shirt like the original tee (which I didn’t have a pictures of.)

The Beaded Crawfish Tee – The outlet version is on the left and the original on the right. The beads used are a little different and not as many were used compared to the original version.

Beaded Zebra Tee – Again, almost an exact match to the original. The beading is a little different. I think the white stripes were beaded on the original but they are not on the outlet version.

I did not get a picture of the Fresco print mini. The material is different from the original. It feels smoother and lighter. That print was on everything in the outlet – dress, tunic blouse, Silk Garland Cami (lots of colors), cardigan, skirt and possibly even shorts.

Here’s what I did get.
Retro Chambray City Fit Saturday Pant – I sized down to a 4 in this. Most of the things I tried on in my “normal” sizes of Medium and 6 were too big. The 4s and Smalls fit much better.
$54.50 plus $10 off

Solid Stretch 3/4 Sleeve Kelley Shirt in Navy (CNA)
These shirts were $39.50 plus 25% off. Lots of colors and stripes)

Solid Stretch 3/4 Sleeve Shirt in Fresh Plum (FPL)

Printed Silk Garland Cami in Fresco Print – I sized to a Small in this.
$64.50 plus $5 off select camis

Silk Garland Cami in Navy – The tag said CNA.
These were in a lot of colors (Light Pewter, Light Green, Ivory, another lighter blue/green).

Dressy Jersey Ruffle Dress in Olive – the tag said PAR???
$64.50 plus $10 off Lounge Dresses – Also came in black

Michelle Cardigan in Ivory – other colors were Fresh Plum (like above), olive green, black?, Light Pewter.
$59.50 plus 40% off

Hemp Pencil Skirt – I sized to a 4 in this as well and loved the fit and length (no alterations needed). They had black, ivory and Fresh Plum.

I also bought a few Perfect Fit S/S tees ($9.99) in white and olive and they had all colors. The outlet “Jackie” was there in all colors for Spring. They also had the Havona tank/cami, Broadcloth Scalloped Shell, Fan Eyelet Mini, and lots of shorts 3 in/5 in (no bermudas that I could find for women) in many colors and critter prints.

So as you can see, I did some damage. My other purchases coming up in the next post.

So the new skirt I purchased/exchanged for in this post was called the Linen Sinclair Skirt on the receipt. It’s 90% Linen, 10% Nylon with a 100% Cotton lining. We are still unsure of the exact color name but Kathy had a good guess of Faded Citron, FCI. Style # is 26135 and it is not online yet and I’m not sure if there are/will be other colors. I measured it at 16 inches but it does sit about an inch below my waist and DOESN’T have an elastic band like the Nico skirts. This is a size 6.

Here it is with the Deco Shirred Skirt and the Terra Paisley Skirt for comparison.

Here it is on. Also, I put on the Deco Shirred Skirt for additional comparison. I’m wearing the Silk/Linen Retro Cardigan in Papaya.
I really like this skirt and since Linen wrinkles so easily I like that the slight pleating/shirring allows it to look like it should be wrinkled. I have a feeling if this is in another color or two I may be buying multiples.

I really like the style of the J Crew Celosia cardigan and kick myself for not buying more in the Fall. So when I saw this cardigan available for Spring my only decision was on which color or colors to get. Out of them all I liked the Wild Plum the best. The color looked so beautiful and saturated.

I was going through my closet to see all the things I would wear it with. I was really excited about this color! And then it arrived in the mail yesterday.

See the difference. The picture is the best I could take with my camera and get the best color. It’s dull and faded, like I accidentally washed it in the machine and then dried it on Super Hot. I know companies have all the fancy lighting and cameras and make their goods appealing so you’ll buy them but this truly is not the same color. So it’s going back.

Here are my other purchases.
Perfect-Fit Cascade Tee in Sheer Lilac, size Small oops, I mean Medium.
I like this. The “ruffles” are little more tame than the Tissue Garland Tank.
Linen Cotton Overstitch Tank in Heather Stone, size Small
I bought it to go with the Scalloped Zipper Cardigan but I realize that I have other things that go with it just fine. It’s going back too.

And, of course, the Vintage Bateau Top in Dark Pewter, size Small. It’s now on back-order until 6/15 in this color and the Pale Camel. I have the navy and bright pink from a few seasons ago.

So that’s it. Two are going back. I’m still so sad about the Wild Plum. Maybe if I take a picture outside it will look better?

So what J Crew tried to do here…
Has been tweaked to this for Spring 

The receipt says Bella Scallop Zipper Cardi.

I’ll have a few more pics later but this was a great, lightweight sweater. The only bad thing about this is that if you are tall it will looked cropped on you. This hit me right at the top of my hip. My SA was so disappointed she couldn’t get it. She said it looked like a cropped sweater on her.

Also, the really pretty Tie-Dye Wednesday Skirt is not gonna happen. J Crew didn’t make the skirt according to my SA.


Here a link to my Picasa Album with what I tried on/could get in the dressing room.
Several skirts, the Minnie Pant in Denim, some ruffle-y tops.